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Sunday, September 27, 2015


Mayor Edwin M. Lee - 
Mayor of San Francisco -
take a good look at this clown!
More here the interview he gave the
San Francisco Chronicle:

The Mayor, Edwin M. Lee was trained a lawyer - his interview with the San Francisco Chronicle the Editorial Board - reveals he is a - liar. I repeat a LIAR.

A deficit in housing for those that need it most, health facilities, homelessness on our streets, congestion on our streets - and there are other priorities - when asked to address the questions posed - the Mayor beats around the bush.

The Mayor wants to rehabilitate 10,000 units - now known as Public Housing - when in fact they have to be torn down - demolished - having more than served their purpose - built by the Department of Defense.

Laden with Asbestos, most Public Housing in bad for health - the infrastructure so bad - leaking sewer and clean drink pipes - all due to deferred maintenance.

Supervisor Malia Cohen -
from District 10 -
has no compassion for the poor -
she has forgotten her roots -
and where her people came from -
a professional - sell out.

The Public Housing at Potrero Hill, Hunterview, Visitation Valley has been turned over to Bridge Developers.

The John Stewart Company, and Mercy Housing. These three entities have been slow - to tear down the Public Housing. Build new housing - the process started in 2002 - and we are in the year 2015.

The Mayor and others are pressing the entities - to rehab Public Housing - using some fake band aid method - that would NOT be used in a White neighborhood - ever.

Suffice the say - right now the recently - brand new units built by the John Stewart Company - at Huntersview - are shoddy, leaking, and poorly built.

None of the units can accommodate a King Bed - with room to move.

It is the same at Parcel A on Hunters Point - Lennar Urban - has built some homes on toxic ground - and the Mayor and his clowns - think, everything is fine.

We have a population of about 820,000. We have about 370,000 housing units in San Francisco.

We have 30,000 units that are vacant - the owners - do not want to rent them. Workers from San Francisco - deprived of this housing. Much of it rental - housing.

The Academy of Art University, AirB&B, other dubious entities - have taken rental units - all coming under Rent Control - and use them for other purposes. Dormitories, short term rental for tourists, and a host of other purposes.

We have so many homeless on our streets - that we who have been here in San Francisco - for years - find it repulsive to visit many areas -  downtown, San Francisco - feces laying all over the place, the stench of urine, garbage lying all over the place.

The one "Navigator Center" is doing a good job - trying to address the chronic problem - with the homeless.

This "Navigator Center" does not scratch the surface. It is a band aid.

The homeless that we have in the majority - have serious mental issues, those physically challenged - the other indigent - and slowly dying on our streets.

This is the City named after Saint Francis of Assisi. A saint know for his deep - compassion.

Those of us advocates who have been around - have witnessed - the "compassion" - this City was famous for - vanish before our eyes - in its place blatant corrupt and disdain for the poor.

Entire families sleeping on the streets - where they say they find more peace and do not have to deal with mice.

Bed bugs, and a host of vermin - found in the Single Residency Hotels (SROs), the shelters some give you a chair - and you are told to sleep on that chair - all night long - here in the City and County of San Francisco.

Large Corporations are given tax breaks Twitter is one of them. The Mayor does not feel much - giving AirB&B a break on the taxes they owe - it is Okay by him - that they pay 20% of the taxes owed - the City. This is plain - illegal.

Our hospitals now demand higher rates of payment - and one chain of hospital - Sutter Hospitals has been fleecing - the constituents of San Francisco. The Mayor knows this - but not a sound from him.

The Mayor favors those that fill his campaign coffers - and he thinks he can fool all the people - all the time.

The Mayor is well backed by crooks, the corrupt, and lying comes naturally to Mayor Edwin M.Lee.

Watch the interview below - it speaks for itself: