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Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Mayor increasingly becoming delusional.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is still delusional - thousands of innocent San Franciscans are suffering from Hyper Stress Presence Syndrome  (HSPS).

Slowly this illness - slows you down - makes you mentally challenged - weak -disturbed - and innocent people slowly die in their units - mostly rental units - others on the streets of San Francisco.

Many more - just leave San Francisco - in the last 5 years - over 50,000 families - they fade away into oblivion - never, to be seen - again.

The blessings of have a roof over your head - a home - as opposed to a house - is a big difference.

We once had sound neighborhoods with vibrant people - be it in District 5 - District 10 - all over the City and County of San Francisco.

No more - now it is common to hear -three and four families - living in a one or two bed room house.

No one can leave in such conditions - and believe it or not - many prefer to lie and live on the streets - away from the turmoil of overcrowding - the filthy, the noise, and all the hurdles  that make - living - impossible.

Barbara Gracia who heads our health department must step up - and call for a hearing.

It is a shame to see so many homeless on the streets of San Francisco. It hits home - and shocks one - when some one you knew - dies on the streets on San Francisco.

Indigents - now could be our neighbor - who once lived in a home - then lived in some "shelter" - then moved to the streets of San Francisco -  before finally - some one found him or her - DEAD.

Scott Winer want to revamp and build
the underground Light rail - costing
billions - but where will the 
funding come from?

Our San Francisco Board of Supervisor the likes of Scott Wiener - want to spend millions - to build up the underground light rail system - that should have been built a long time ago.

The policy makers chose to support the car industry - fossil fuel - and the madness to get to places faster - spewing particulates.

Mercury, lead and more - all leading to all sorts of respiratory diseases, heart problems - bring death closer - and send thousands to their eternal - resting place.

Add to that the rigs - and you have a mess that - some of the environmentalists - predicted - but, no one thought - they made sense.

Today our roads in San Francisco are a mess - the congestions - stall cars for 30 minutes and more - try to cross four City blocks - and this is unacceptable.

Malia Cohen - the District 10 Supervisor -
stupid - spineless - and each time she opens her mouth - shoves her dirty foot in.

Yesterday, September 8, 2015 Malia Cohen pretending to know something - spewed some silly questions - not knowing that some of us were present and listening - to her - know and on going - foolishness.

Lennar Urban is moving thousands of trucks with "dirt" - many of them uncovered - and adversely impacting - large areas.

The same areas where children suffer from chronic and severe respiratory diseases.

When women deliver " still born babies" in District 10 - no one seems to care.

With increased - contamination and toxicity in the air, water, and on the land - has been compromised  - and with it the health of thousands of innocent people.

The State of California - and Governor Jerry Brown is looking for leadership from Supervisor Malia Cohen - and others like her.

Malia is busy - pussyfooting around - as many of the politicians do - more " political whores " who talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

Malia Cohen is going somewhere - she is heading to the "cesspool" of her own creation. She better read more about the RICO ACT - she should be jailed for a long, long time. No second thoughts about this adjudication.

Her District 10 is suffering - while Malia Cohen - brags about silly things.

Blacks are moving out of District 10 - and now Citywide - where once Blacks constituted 25% of the population - many say Blacks constitute - less than 3% - and dwindling.

Homelessness is a romping disease - that is overbearing and overwhelming.

More, when you witness - entire families - trying to irk out a living - on the streets of San Francisco. Under bridges, under bushes, anywhere - where they can find some little respite. 

These are very serious issues - that we have to deal with.

Come on San Franciscans - let us - deal with the issues - in our own back yards.

Good leaders show the way, know the way - and go the way. Aho.