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Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Mayor Edwin M. Lee

It is amazing - simply amazing to watch Mayor Edwin M. Lee and Congressperson Nancy Pelosi - lie - when they talk from talking points - look you in the eye and lie.

Nancy Pelosi's family on the East Coast has close ties to the Mafia - and those who know her family - know what I speak off.

It is not as if Congressperson Nancy Pelosi has not been challenged by law enforcement - she has been taken to task - not only her but her husband Paul Pelosi and others in her close circle.

Congressperson Nancy Pelosi

Using - "insider information" - to make profits - buying and selling stocks and shares - profiting from - "insider information". In this case VISA.

We need women who are strong and speak to the truth - women who stand tall - and women who are remembered - and leave a legacy - much like our mothers and grandmothers - have.

This may be the 50th anniversary of Medi-Cal and Medi-Care - and this City may brag that they offer health assistance - we all fought for many years - much before - Mayor Edwin M. Lee had any say. And for that matter the Health Director - Barbara Gracia.

Seniors still suffer, so do those that are physically challenged - the mentally challenged - the increasing number of AIDS in segments of the population that the Health Department is aware of - but is doing nothing.

There is more that I cannot reveal - but the rosy picture the Mayor paints - is a fantasy -in reality slowly - our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our Seniors - those who compromised health - are dying.

We do have a $9 billion budget - and much kudos has been given to many among them - Supervisor Mark Farrell. He makes more money on the side as a consultant - plus his $120,000 salary as a Supervisor.

Mark Farrell - a Supervisor in the Marina District - and a full time consultant - raking in millions.

The Mayor Edwin M.Lee - has several court cases pending - and has been involved in many - bribe taking episodes - using UNIONS, taking bribes from "developers" - knowing fully well - what is right and what is wrong - and with intent - doing and acting - wrong.

God sees it all.

Recently even Rose Pak - who helped put Mayor Edwin M. Lee in the position he now holds - said openly - " that was her worst decision and the Mayor has not been helping the poor and those that need - help most."

Rose Pak according to reliable sources -is very ill - she did what she could - when she was perky and gusty - taking a fight- where others - were afraid to say and fight for a good cause.

Good advocates and fighters - a few and rare - and even as Rose Pak - rubbed shoulders wit the might and the powerful - she raked in some money - but, she also fought a good fight for those that others left to defend for themselves.

The poor Chinese - the recently arrived immigrants - the many Chinese who today - have no clue what is happening to Rose Park - I hope someone announces - that she needs our prayers.

I last saw Rose Pak at the funeral mass of John Legnieto - Big John - I turned around to offer my peace hand shake - and there was Rose Pak sitting behind me - our eyes met - and I placed my hands in her hands - and gave her my - "peace handshake".

My friend who accompanied me - asked me do you know who that was sitting behind you - of course I knew who she was - the indomitable Rose Pak. We San Franciscans at this time - wish you the strength, the fortitude, and most important the peace of mind - to endure the illness - that you have decided to fight - with any intervention - that does not meet your wishes - God Bless you and thank you.   

There is freedom and there is license - and the abuse of freedom is license.

One may be educated - must common sense is a rare sense - also, the ability to discern - is a gift given to few - our City leaders, our SF politicians - think they can hoodwink - all the people all the time.

The constituents from San Francisco - choose to represent San Franciscans - when elected and when they take an "oath" to do right and represent - they get their "senior moment" and fail to follow up - now more and more - all the time.

Fail to do so because - more - "with intent" they take bribes, lie, steal, and harm the constituents of San Francisco - who pay the salaries of these crooked and corrupt - politicians.

Scott Wiener - District 8

These politicians, scumbags of a kind - do injustice - to all things - fair and decent.
They are a disgrace to the human race.

Today, the politicians are aided by the Supreme Court that has declared that Corporation are people too.

You have representatives - candidates for office - who can garner millions - from Political Action Committees (PACs).

Such actions - where those who once - entered politics - supposedly, to serve others - once elected - and more sworn - fail and commit actions - that are despicable.

Malia Cohen - District 10 Supervisor

Here - in San Francisco Malia Cohen, London Breed, Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell, Julie Christensen, and Katy Tang.

Three of them anointed to do the bidding - of Mayor Edwin M. Lee - Julie Christensen, Carmen Chu, and Katy Tang.

Others given high positions - more to do the bidding of Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

If these person are made to take an "oath" - others too - all things being equal - most of them will not talk much.

District 5 - Supervisor London Breed

The long speeches these corrupt folks routinely make - will be reduced to minutes - three minutes are the most.

Now, they do as they please - because the law is there - but it has no teeth.

District 4 Supervisor - Katy Tang

Again and again - when speeches are recorded - and the speeches studied - we see the number of lies told - and the facts twisted and - sugar coated.

In the Court of Law - these corrupt folks - would not be able to utter the lies, and spew the diatribe. They would go to jail - for a long, long time.

When folks are anointed - they do as they please - they have to pander to the one " who put them on the throne.

Anointed to the Assessor's Office
for District 4 Supervisor

Few know about Katy Tang shredding notes and documents that she knew had to be archived - she knew what she was doing - and the Ethics Commission - should have taken her to task.

Julie Christensen - District 3 Supervisor

We pay these scumbags over $120,000 plus benefits - and most of them do a lousy job.

Few* stand up for those that cannot defend themselves - our poor, single mothers, children who are sleeping on the streets of San Francisco.

We must speak up - we must stand for what is right.

We must fight for women's right - but, also find out - why some women - who must represent do not - fill their campaign coffers - raking in thousands if not millions. Spend more time with "developers" ask for favors - a condominium or two for their sordid, vote.