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Sunday, September 20, 2015


The White Missionaries -
who in the name of King and Pope - committed atrocities -
to heinous to describe.

Some of the best minds who comprehend land use, planning, economics, transportation, education, health, safety, anything that matters - are are pertinent - are not White but indigenous

The Pyramids of Egypt are there for all the
world to see and behold.

The Taj Mahal - still stands tall - and confounds Whites - who are challenged to replicate such a marvel - there is a lot of intelligence that goes - into building such a marvel - and none of it is fake.

A Native American basket that 
reveals the artistic excellence
simple - yet so profound - that the ignorant - still cannot comprehend - and life goes on.

One has to discern to understand what I am saying. And once you come to that adjudication - most, everything falls in place.

We have just to pause to find out who invented the "numerals" and improved so much in trade and other things. Two thousands plus years - ago.

Just read about the silk trade, the spice trade - any trade tat the Whites screwed up - including the present day Stock and Shares - that are about to tumble - much like Humpty Dumpty.

Who were the first "doctors" - mathematicians, who built the pyramids of Egypt, when indigenous people were truly civilized.

Whites lived in caves - with animals and chickens. Find out more about - small pox and plagues - and it might baffle your - ignorance.

All of San Francisco is Ohlone land - that 200 years was pristine. Today - the "greedy" Whites - have created a concrete jungle.

So many homeless on our streets - that the tourists and those that have visited me recently - cannot understand. The filth, the stench, the true beauty that once was San Francisco - tarnished.

The Ohlone and how they were forced to live.

These Whites do not have their roots here on Turtle Island - they immigrated here from Europe.

400 years ago - they did not "bathe" - did not have "manners" - etiquette - today in their foolishness - they are ruining - what once was - pristine. Check out the facts.

It is a paradox that today those that understand economics - have come to the conclusion  - using a model - that those who live in San Francisco - have a very wide gap - as far as their income is concerned - on par with Rwanda.

Yes - Rwanda. For those of you - who do not know where Rwanda is - pick up your atlas - that is - if you have one.

Here in San Francisco - you hear Mayor Edwin M. Lee - talk from both sides of his mouth. That San Francisco is a world renown City - I ask for what?

The congestion on our streets?

The homeless - grown by leaps and bounds?

The increase in the Carbon Foot Print - as hight as 400%

As I have pointed out above - the wide gap in income - a one bed room unit - going for $3500 a month?

Infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors on fixed income - sleeping on the streets of San Francisco?

70% of those homeless - are San Franciscans - they once had a roof over their heads - either rented or were home owners.

Our SF Planning Department has lost their mind - approving plans using " spot zoning ".

Taking their cues from - those political connections - the likes of Wille L. Brown Jr - a former "thug" mayor of San Francisco.

The dynamics of the increase Market Price Housing - are baffling - a full 40% of these units - condominiums - price range $2 million to $6 million - some as high as $10 million - belong to folks - absentee owners - from around the United States - also from Mainland China, and other countries.

So really who has created this mess - that our Mayor who original hails from China - his  roots in Oregon - does not purport to comprehend?

This is Ohlone land - and your time has come.

In proportion to the " evil deeds " - committed - you will reap your rewards - soon.

You too the evil Zionists - who are found in key positions - and think we are not monitoring you.

There are good Jews who do not aspire to the philosophy of the evil - Zionists.

Scott Wiener - the smiling
jackass - that is ruining
San Francisco.

There are the Zionist - the likes of Scott Wiener, above - who say they are Jews- but are evil. 

Again this is Ohlone Land - and I have the credentials on Land Use, Planning, Transportation, Safety, Education and so on - have proved my worth - over many years.

You politicians who are destroying - what good has been created by the Great Spirit - are put on notice. Aho.