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Friday, September 11, 2015


Over 2000 Ohlone remains have been marked and documented - in and around Yerba Buena Island - also known - as Yerba Buena Island.

Muwekma Warrior
many more alive 
and the Great Spirit 
sees it all
10,000 Ohlone Remains
lie at U.C. Berkeley University
and most of those that talk the talk
cannot possibly walk the walk.

Caltrans, the City of Oakland, the City of Emeryville, other East Bay cities - the City and County of San Francisco, Brisbane, Burlingame, South San Francisco - other cities South of San Francisco - have been complicit - when it comes to the remains of the Ohlone.

The largest intact Shellmound stands tall - on San Bruno Mountain. Daily I stare at this mountain - sometimes fully covered with the fog - and at times - bathing in the sun. On occasion recently - moistened by the rain from the heavens. 

The Ohlone ancestors lie - and speak to those - about everything - that must be known - about living, dying, and more.

We know who desecrate. We know who are greed. We know who are compassionate. We know who respect the indigenous people. We know and we know what will happen - in the course of time. Time is running out - and there is more.

In plain language - we who know - call the actions of the corrupt and crooked, immoral and greedy - those that desecrate the remains of the Ohlone.

More, blatant desecration - in your face mentality - that defies - comprehension and human understanding and more compassion.

We take this opportunity to thank those that support us - and you know - who you are. Often times - when I could take the time - and afford - I contributed as best I could - in recent years - I have to slow down - but I watch and mostly importantly - pray and fight for the indigenous people - and more the Muwekma Ohlone - that I represent.

In happened on Crissy Field when I brought it to the attention of the National Park Service - the Superintendent - Brian O'Neill - the General Manager B.J. Griffin - they denied the existence - on any Native American remain - and then had to eat their words.

The Ohlone in a rendering
that says too much.

Today, at Crissy Field by the fake Lagoon - is a "mound" - and some discrete mention made of a Shellmound.

No mention of other Shellmounds found all over the Presidio of San Francisco. The Muwekma Ohlone as part of the " Right of First Refusal" on the Presidio of San Francisco and other Muwwekma territory - make detail mention - but those who speak with a " fork tongue" - seem to ignore the petition and facts - delirious and greedy - and mostly importantly - ignorant and very arrogant.

The remains of the Ohlone - were recently found at Yerba Buena - and more before - all carbon dated for the nay sayers - those that just arrived and seem to think they own the land - the land that was stolen - all of it.

Monitors - so called Native American monitors - were called in - paid "blood money" - much as they did at Crissy Field - we know - who they are - and they are playing with - fire.

Those that are "greedy" use money - money that is worthless - more when you compare it to "spirituality" and " sound morality and ethics". I have dealt with such persons - and have made know my personal - feelings.

The Native American Graves Protection and Rehabilitation Act - has been on the books for many years. Yet, often times not a single inch has been survey - when proof has been shown - and often times Native American remains - found.

The Ohlone is all their majesty -
lived in the Bay Area and 
beyond for over 12,000 years
all carbon dated and recorded.

Much as the mockery made by the University of California Berkeley - storing over 10,000 Ohlone remains - in a gym - and the authorities - think nothing much of this on going - desecration.

The world knows about this - more being some renowned University - to this day - the U.C. Berkeley authorities - avoid the subject. 10,000 human remain - why would anyone want - to trap - so many "spirits" in one place - and yet - not think - anything, much.

Shellmound are like acupuncture points - that we in Bay Area - know the deep importance and acknowledge.

Every now and then - those that respect the ancestors - will gather and walk from Shellmound to Shellmound - and pay their respects.

Today some are visiting the Mission from Napa in the North - to San Francisco - Mission Dolores where they are making a stop. Then proceed all the way South - to the many Missions that have been rehabilitated.

Many of the Native tribes were converted for all the wrong reasons - that is for the Great Spirit to decide. Some one has to point this fact - and more permit those that doubt - to adjudicate. Force conversions is something - that no decent folks should be engaged in - but it was done - and condoned by the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis has his thoughts - and I hope he apologizes for all the adverse impacts - the over zealous Franciscans and others - who participated in forced - conversions.

Calling the local Natives pagans - and bring them some fake solace - from a source and god - that has nothing to do with the true teachings of Jesus Christ.

The many cities, town, City and County of San Francisco, the City of Emeryville, the city of Oakland, other cities - are fully aware of Shellmounds and the Ohlone.

Often the walls of their cities - depicting - murals of the Ohlone - some in true fashion - and others - reminiscent, bearing some delusion - that is more fantasy of the strange - mind - that cannot understand the "spiritual" and appreciate the lives of those that respected Mother Earth - and left this Earth - pristine.

Lennar Urbran a rouge developer. Kenwood Investments, Wilson Meany, Stockbridge Investments, Willie L. Brown Jr., Edwin M. Lee, Treasure Island Development Authority, the San Francisco Planning Department - all those that purport to know and authorize - are pandering to the - devil.

No good will come at Hunters Point. Also, at Treasure Island. No good on land that has been desecrated - and those with petty minds - have no clue - and continue - in their evil ways. We can say so much - but we cannot force the horse to drink but take it to the edge of the water.

All sorts of conceptual plans are in the works.

A conceptual plan can best be described - in simple words - as a " wild dream" - you wake up and it could be your - worst, nightmare.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone of matters linked to Land Use, Planning, Base Closure, Housing,Transportation, the many Disposition and Development Agreements (DDAs) - and have attended - countless meetings - where hot air is spewed - and  evil models like " Land Banking" - used to - rake in billions.

The Great Spirit sees it all.

Those of us that have our heart - in the right place - - understand the serious consequences - of mundane and misguided - actions. Time will tell.

No one entity can play with fire - more the desecration - of Ohone remains - and that of other tribes too.

The Miwok and other local tribes that have been documented -  and interred with rituals under the Patrimonial Jurisdiction - that the White Man - and his Greed - will never, ever - comprehend.

On this day - we remember and we speak as best we can - to inform - the rest is left to you - we cannot force the "evil" to embrace that which they fail to - understand.

The ancestors in death reign supreme - I know what I speak of and I am not afraid - of those that speak with " fork tongues" - promise you something - and stab you in the back. Such are the deeds - of the lost - and those that lack - spirituality.

They are best described - " as the living dead". Aho