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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


These steps lead to the offices 
of the many - who wheel and deal -
a disgrace - to the entire human race.

This is Ohlone land and I represent the Muwekma Ohlone who have "patrimonial jurisdiction" over all of San Francisco - many other areas - as declared by our Right of First Refusal in 1991.

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior - and there are many more waiting for the Green Signal - and that day is here - and we will be victorious.

Our Chairperson of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe is Rosemary Cambra - and unlike the old days - where indigenous people were treated like animals - brainwashed - deprived of speaking their language, their children removed and incarcerated in boarding schools.

Indigenous women raped and killed - the warrior women and men killed - and all this and more - atrocities that cry to Great Spirit - and the day will come - when all will be well.

Much before the uncivilized White folks - knew anything about so called "democracy" - the Six Nations - the Iroquois others practiced - democracy.

Here is California the Native Americans - all the tribes - did not need the invasion of the White folks - who speak in fork tongues to this day - to teach them - anything.

For thousands of years - most things were pristine - only for the greed White folks - to pollute, contaminate, destroy, and tarnish - what the Native Americans - had preserved for other generations to come.

Here in San Francisco after World War II - the United Nations was formed. Right here in San Francisco.

Those who say they represent talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. Our so called Representative local, State, and Federal - have failed the people.

Congressperson Nancy Pelosi

When it comes to disparity - the wide gap between the poor and the rich. San Francisco is below - Rwanda. The San Francisco Board of Supervisor - seem not to comprehend - disparity.

Of course Mayor Edwin M. Lee has lost his mind - again and again - he opens his mouth - and shoves his "dirty foot" in so deep.

Talking about building 30,000 units - begging for money - all to foster the divide - bring more disparity - and great ever greater - divisiveness.

Leading the pack - favoring the 
developers and the Zionists 
a crook - Scott Wiener - despicable.

Shallow, spineless, inept, and most of all unethical - like Supervisors Malia Cohen, London Breed, Scott Wiener, Julie Christensen, Mark Farrell, and Katy Tang - these vermin - these scum bags - have destroyed all that was good in San Francisco.

Unethical - a sell out - who
speaks from both sides of her mouth.
Shallow, inept, spineless - a disgrace
to the human race -Malia Cohen.

This is Ohlone land - in San Francisco Muwekma Ohlone land - and we have represented our position - and that is all we can do.

The Mayor - Edwin M. Lee knows our position - his advisor Steve Kawa knows our position - the Director of SF Planning John Rahaim knows our position - anyone who is some one - knows the position of the Muwekma Ohlone.

Simply put you are thieves - who stole the land - and yet you speak and act - as if the land is yours. It is not - as a "thief" - you do not have - one single legal document - before and after 1776 - to prove your claim.

No one gave - anyone - permission to destroy what the Great Spirit has mandated those that know more - to preserve for - future generations.

Brave, majestic, noble, spiritual - the Native American to this day - know what is right and what is wrong.

The world knows - that is wrong to deprive the many tribes - their right to be on the Federal Register - to be in charge of the land - belonging to their ancestors - to avoid "evil" - the the "devil" - the White man's government.

Tall buildings have ruined the
skyline and will come tumbling down.

Building tall buildings - 100 feet away from the Bay - and thinking all will be good.

We need to tear the old buildings - contaminated - the infrastructure in very bad shape - and prepare "Open Space" with recreation facilities.

Programs that change the "sordid lives" of so many - bring in spiritual programs - and cleanse the ways of those that - are a disgrace to the human race.

Our Constitution, our Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the document " A people's declaration of Human Responsibilities" - all spell in out.

You can take the horse to the edge of the water - but you cannot force it to drink.

What the hell is happening in Room 200 at City Hall where Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has been wheeling and dealing?

Why are the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - eroding our right to freedom - depriving decent people from speak the TRUTH?

It is time for the RICO ACT to be enforced.

We will shut City Hall down - without stepping a foot inside City Hall. We did it April 14, 2015 by shutting down City Hall inside.

Those that were in the Room 250 - the August Chambers - including the heifer London Breed - witnessed the power of the people.

Those spineless,shallow, inept, morally bankrupt, clueless - will see their deeds exposed.

We have the empirical data.

Supervisor Mark Farrell -
he knows the deeds that put him 
in a seat - that he stole for some 
one decent - better than him.

All this in the land of the Ohlone - who embrace those that are decent - and not those who speak from both sides of their filthy, stinking - mouth. Aho.