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Sunday, September 13, 2015


Raging Fire in the Countryside

The signs of the times - this on going four year drought - has brought us - all over California - more, in the countryside to our knees - and just like that - homes and other precious possession - turned to ashes - this one of kind raging - fire.

Homes burned to the ground.

It is when such horrendous tragedies take place - that humanity must - garner the finer aspects - we have - and express our gratitude - share our blessings - more with compassion and our hearts in the right place - share our best with those we support and must come to their aid.

There can be no love without - sacrifice.

The greedy in San Francisco - have been slow to express - their concern for our fellow human beings.

In large measure - this is how - the poor and those who live pay check to pay check - are treated by this current administration - here at home. Time will tell.

The fire men and women put their lives at risk - and so far the human damage is low.

WE have not received the current reports - we pray and hope - that the human casualties stay low.

Four firemen that were rushed to hospital in the Davis area - and now doing well. Thank God.

Some reports recently state there has been one death - and 28 injuries.

We pray and hope - that the containment - comes soon - with milder climate, less stronger winds - and maybe a couple of showers to keep the fire low and take it out.

The recent hardship - has touched people all over the world - may thinking the fire is closer to San Francisco - and it might be - we pray this raging fire - be brought to a dead - halt and extinguished.

This four year drought has been one of the worst - and the damage done so immense - that again and again - the Governor of California - has declared entire areas - " an emergency area".

With the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) - the Red Cross - and others - whose heart is in the right place - offering succor to those victims - that need help.

Again the City and County of San Francisco - has been fast asleep at the cockpit - not a word about helping - those suffering as a result of the - " Valley Fire".

Right now we are safe - in San Francisco - but you never know - when some natural disaster - may visit us - maybe in a month or two.

May be in a year or two. We know - how our City and County of San Francisco - boasts of doing this and that - mostly vain talk and little action.

I was there in 1989 when the Big One struck - and saw first hand - how things worked in our City - the Marina received most of the required help - from he Army - to be exact Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco.

When others suffer - we have been slow to provide help. Even with our wheeling and dealing - and bragging about a $9 Billion dollar budget.

Ashes are already visiting the Golden Gate Bridge area - and soon tomorrow when we wake up - we may smell the smoke and be showered with ashes - much like the fire that ravaged the Oakland Hills - and did the same.

We are human - and most of us - wallow in our pride thinking that - as long as - most everything around is fine - we do not have to think and more come to the aid of our fellow human beings.

We must and if we do - God will bless us.

In our time of need - others will come to our aid - that is how karma, works. Of course - we know - hundreds of ordinary people are already - stepping up and performing extraordinary charity.

We must too - and God will bless us - that is if we are spiritually, strong and have compassion.