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Sunday, September 20, 2015


In San Francisco the homeless situation has reached saturation point.

Today, it is common to find the homeless living on the streets of San Francisco - we now are used to the homeless.

Used to the filth - the strong stench of urine - and the blatant defecation - that tarnishes the image of our City and County of San Francisco.

Senator Diane Feinstein, Congress person Nancy Pelosi, other who say they represent - are political pimps and whores - are pandering - amassing wealth - for ulterior motives.

It has been an on going saga - that has baffled us - but folks like Mayor Edwin M. Lee - thinks nothing of it.

The Zionists continue to harm our City and our Nation. The will bring down our Nation -just like they did in the year 2008 - with our Nation facing the worst spiraling of our economy. Time will tell.

All over the city of San Francisco - for the last 5 years - the homeless population grows bigger and bigger.

Yet, our City and County of San Francisco - with a $9 Billion plus budget - cannot - come out with a viable and sustainable - plan - to address homelessness.

For the last ten years -  every single year over $100 million have been wasted - on programs that defy - logic.  Think about it. 

From the year 1996 to today - from Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr, to the metrosexual Mayor Gavin Newsom - to the "clown" Mayor - Edwin M. Lee - the situation - now has reached - desperate levels.

All we here are excuses - we have not housing, we have no services - we have no money - yet those who utter these words - make in access of $250,000 with benefits. Check it out for yourselves.

At City Hall we have mostly Whites - who are paid to creates - statistics - that defy logic - make no sense - and a disgrace to the human race.

These White lack cultural competency. Many of them have no real sense of what it means to have a real woman - as a wife - children - family life - and think about concept - in a convoluted manner.

It is a business - corralling the homeless - in shelters - treating them with disdain - the poor cry for help - but, all they get - is more stress.

Today hundreds are suffering from stress - as deep stress - that leads to - " D E A T H ".

We have thousands of homeless - living on the streets, under bushes, under bridges, anywhere they can rest their head.

Among them hundreds of youth and young adults. Young girls and women - thrown to the streets - to live and let live.

Others the "living dead" - on drugs - stealing, ripping off anyone they can - we see them - but the City does not have a viable plan - they do have a plan to fill their pocket - with tax payers - money.

Filthy, failing to take a bathe - we now see such persons - boarding the MUNI bus - and forcing others to vacate the bus - holding their noses - the stench is so unbearable.

In certain parts of Mid-Market - in the Tenderloin, on Sixth Street, in front of City Hall - by the Costco on 11th and Bryant, by 16th and Potrero - in other places - all over the City -  tents are now a permanent fixture - with the homeless conducting their mundane, business.

The Single Residency Occupancy (RSOs) are filthy - infested with rats, mice, bugs, roaches, and other vermin.

Filthy is an understatement - the Mayor should go and visit the SROs in cognito. Live there for a week - and he will be a changed man.

San Francisco is NO - first class City - and cannot be under leaders - like Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who listens to those that know little - and he himself has no spine, no ethics, and " stupid" to the core.

Go to the shelters - and see things for yourself - that offer the indigent a " chair " to sleep.

If, you fall off your chair - the orderlies drag the people out - and there is always - some one to occupy the chair.

Animals in San Francisco get better care - at 16th of Potrero - at the SPCA.

Such inhumane behavior is being meted out to those that are ill, mentally ill, physically ill, sick to the core - and no one really cares.

Single mothers with babies.Senior on fixed income. Others who have fallen on bad times - the filthy rich - spending over $5000 on lunches and dinners - here in San Francisco. Fine wine and gourmet dishes - half of which are left to be discard in the trash.

Barbara Gracia - from the San Francisco General Hospital - who is the Director of Health - has a $2 billion plus budget.

No one really - has addressed the " growing homeless situation " - with their heart in the right  - place.

The presentations given at the SF Health Commission - are shallow, clueless people gather fake statistics - and promises made that will never, ever be fulfilled. 

Health services are becoming expensive - and Obama Care is a JOKE.

Yet, you have folks - speaking from both sides of their mouth - when the truth be told - Obama Care - is destroying many - when it comes to spending large sums of money - for poor   health care.

Sutter Health Care Services has destroyed our hospitals - Saint Luke's one took care of thousands - no more.

The California Pacific Medical Center - a brand new facility - will only care for the - "filthy rich".

Sutter Hospitals are being taken to Court - for charging people an arm and a leg. Has been for many years.

Sutter Hospitals - wants to settle out of court - but Sutter Hospitals - needs to learn a lesson - once an for all.

Sutter hospitals has failed to serve the clients - and has embraced "greed" and its "god".
Mayor Edwin M. Lee - simply does not get it - he and those that surround him - will fall flat on their faces.

The greatest Master of all time said:
"Blessed are the poor for theirs in the kingdom of heaven". Aho.