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Sunday, September 6, 2015


The steps leading to City Hall -
where blatant corruption
has adversely impacted -
thousands of innocent constituents
in San Francisco - known the world over.

For too long has City Hall abused its power here in San Francisco - our youth and young adults - are simply fed up.

The youth and young adults - should be the part of the deliberations - meaningful deliberations. No one can FOOL all the people - all the time.

Fed up with - all the vain talk being spewed by Mayor Edwin M. Lee, and the very corrupt San Francisco Board of Supervisors - the likes of Malia Cohen, London Breed, Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell, Katy Tang and Julie Christensen.

Willie L. Brown - the former
"thug" mayor of San Francisco - having 
a field day - making hay while the
sun shines - raking in millions of dollars.

The powers behind corrupt sordid politics - think nothing - about anointing folks like Katy Tang, Carmen Chu, Julie Christensen.

Anointing them - not to serve the people - but to do the devil's work - create - great divisiveness - and manipulate - the system.

Engineered by evil forces like Willie L. Brown and the Zionists - in San Francisco - who want it all - the devil, himself.

San Francisco - all of it - belongs
to the Ohlone - and it is shame this
land - all of which was stolen -
in now abused - and those suffering
the most are those the Ohlone respect
the decent, the poor, those that have their heart in the right place.

Carmen Chu - anointed to the
position of Assessor of San Francisco - she 
has worked with dubious entities
to pull in millions - to add to our
City's coffers - a simple audit - would
reveal the ploys and machinations -
within the Assessor's office.

Daily in our City and County of San Francisco - large properties are being assessed - and the taxes from these properties in San Francisco - bring in millions of dollars - all in the name of the properties being taxed - in the right manner - but, the opposite is 
the fact.

Carmen Chu was anointed - for this purpose - to rake in the money - to do the devil's work.

Carmen Chu smiles a lot - behind the smile - the devil itself - may appear as a shadow -but is more than - that.

Carmen Chu once received thousands to help address some traffic light issues in her District - District 4. This was when she was the Supervisor of District4.

When she was caught with her hand in the cookie jar - taking this donation - that she did not report - to the authorities.

Anyone, any check the above case - which came before the San Francisco Ethics Commission - and Carmen Chu was - charged. She has no shame - and is disgrace to anything decent - anywhere.

That was just one case - today - daily she is involved - with the corrupt, sordid, shakers and makers - bringing in millions - wheeling and dealing real estate properties.

Many - pay to play - actions - despicable.

The present Supervisor of District 4

Katy Tang was anointed - she took the place of Carmen Chu - when Carmen was anointed to the position of Assessor.

Katy Tang was caught red handed - shredding documents - documents that she should have archived.

But as is well known - she stated that she shredded the documents - failed to archive some very important - documents - because she did not know. Yes! Really?

Both Carmen Chu and Katy Tang from District 4 - are a disgrace - to anything decent - and have failed to abide by rules and laws - that govern decency.

Both are unethical, immoral, and lack standards - that are critical to sound governance.

Our youth and young adults are well informed - and will NOT tolerate - unethical acts that are linked to Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell, Malia Cohen, and London Breed.

Anyone, can access the website that is linked to the San Francisco Ethics Commission - and read the many unethical actions - that those I have mentioned above - have been charged with.

Mark Farrell has many charges
before the San Francisco Ethics
Commission - many of these charges
are very serious in nature.

Mark Farrell should be ashamed of himself - and took great pains to lie and hoodwink the constituents of his District - District 2 - in the elections that took place - when he first run for District Elections.

He hoodwinked the constituents of his District and committed many unethical actions - against his competitor - a lady well known in San Francisco - Janet Riley. He should be ashamed of himself.

All Mark's sordid actions are well documented by the San Francisco Ethics Commission - the lay person presuppose that these Supervisors - the likes of Mark Farrell - are decent - when he and the others - are pure - scum bags.

Here. you see Malia Cohen in all
her grace and splendor - now, when
you see her with all her make up
you would not recognize her.

In real life - Malia Cohen is a chameleon - she wheels and deals - some of her sordid actions have been brought before the San Francisco Ethics Commission - and she has been charged. Shameless and still - wheeling and dealing. She has done NOTHING for the constituents in District 10.

Thousands in her district - have left - and many find themselves in District 6 - sleeping on City Street - more on Sixth Street.

AIDS and other respiratory diseases are on the increase - she talks the talk but has failed to walk the walk.

When it comes to health, education, transportation, safety, in general Quality of Life issues - she is an abject failure.

Julie Christensen from District 3

Julie Christensen was anointed to help the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - those anointed by Mayor Edwin M. Lee do his bidding. Carmen Chu, Katy Tang, Julie Christensen - should all be coming before the voters the first time around - anointing them does great INJUSTICE - to our Democracy and adversely impacts thousands of innocent - people.

Our youth and young adults - now, have all the empirical data before them - and we must have a hearing on all of these "anointed candidates" - and the many recorded instances - that have come before the Ethics Commission - and charged.

Scott Wiener who supervises the
Castro District but does not 
do justice to the Queer Youth.

Yet these scum bags have no shame - and you would not know - they way they speak and spew diatribe - that they were charged. That includes Scott Wiener - the worst of them all. It is amazing when he talks - how he somehow figures out that what he thinks is valid - lacking simple logic - and so left field.

A staunch Zionist - he is all for the developers - and will do anything - to compromise the rights - of simple, hardworking, tax paying - constituents of San Francisco.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who has
created a mess with lack of 
affordable housing - the worst 
congestion on our streets -
an increase of homeless sleeping on our
streets - what a freaking shame

What has Mayor Lee done for the homeless? Really?

What has he done about SAFETY - with increase in car break ins, home break ins, and killings and shootings?

What has he really done about quality of life issues?

At Rincon Hill we have high rise buildings - many units and floor vacant - units going for rent - $10,000 a month. What has the Mayor to say about this type of nonsense - tolerated.

Developers spend $20,000 per square feet. Figure if they spend so  much - if not more - how much rent -they will have to charge. How much more - to sell condominiums - all Market Price of which we have access today.

No talk of building and renting - affordable housing for those making $80,000 and below. None for those making $40,000 and less.

Fostering divisiveness - catering to 1% that the majority of San Franciscans - do not share their values - and less do not appreciate the haughtiness.

The Mayor talks a lot - we the people - want housing for those that clean our homes. Those that work in our restaurants.

We the people united - who will never, ever be defeated.

We the people united -
will - never, ever be defeated.

Housing for students and young youth - for teachers - no one caters to their needs.

In fact students, young adults - those that have special needs - are never part of any meaningful - deliberations.

The very corrupt San Francisco Planning Department - gives the green light - to build high rise buildings - half of them are vacant. At $20,000 plus per square foot - affordable housing is ruled out. On site housing for those making $80,000 and below is ruled out. Divisiveness is encouraged - and the time has come - to challenge and charge the SF Planning in the Court of Law. The RICO Act - should be used to set the tone - and send the crooks to jail - for a long, long time.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee and most of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - should be ashamed of themselves.

More those raking in thousands to fill their campaign - coffers.

Wheeling and dealing - at City Hall - more in Room 200.