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Thursday, April 16, 2015


                                     BE DEFEATED

Make no bones about the on going  Mayor of San Francisco - utter disdain for those that need help.

Those homeless facing the inclement weather.

The many others - given a "chair" and told to rest all night long - in our many filthy, stinking, foul smelling - so called shelters.

The elders, the seniors that need help are look down with disdain.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee talks from both sides of this mouth.

The many public appearances praising his behind -  switching his moustache - when he knows well - hands on - he has done nothing worth the salt - for those that need help most.

It is pathetic to see so many homeless on the streets of San Francisco. Just the other day I counted 60 homeless at 8:15 in the morning - sleeping in the Union Square area.

More further down on Geary Street. What is happening - and what does the Mayor think - with intent - failing to address - Quality of Life issues.

No one care about the mentally and physically challenged - San Franciscans that we must care and have compassion.

The Mayor's advisors -  mostly stuck ups - will see direct action - his advisors - got a wake up call - "when we the people united shut down City Hall".

You all will be shafted - because for too long - you that can do something - have been having a "gala" time. Much like the parties thrown by the filthy rich - every second day at City Hall.

You cater to the rich - the filthy rich - but you fail to do due diligence to those that pay their taxes - you shaft them all with your corrupt policies - and all this well come to an END.

What has Steve Kawa to say about this long run - fucking with Willie L. Brown, then Dipstick - Gavin Newsom - and now Mayor Edwin M. Lee?

What has Christine Flavey have to say about the many ploys, machinations and shenanigans.

Who is the Mayor's prime advisor?

You all got shafted - by the people - who are fed up.

The world now knows that we took over - City Hall and we will soon - and repeat the action - again and again.

We are well prepared - and what what is more well trained.

Of course the many filthy rich developers who have been given access to build - "market rate condominiums" - are making hay - while the sun is shining.

Fostering the great divide - and the time has come to address this divide. This is Ohlone Land that was stolen - each and every inch. I present them - so I do not give a rat's ass to the Mayor and his entourage - of very crooked and corrupt - minions.

The Blacks the few that are left in San Francisco - are an endangered species.

London Breed and Malia Cohen the two Black sellouts - have one last opportunity to represent - or face the severe - consequences.

We have taken a lot of "shit" - and the time is now - for action.

We just do not talk - we act - much like we shut down - "City Hall" and will do it again and again.

The last time around of April 14, 2015 - the Mayor left San Francisco - much like a coward.

We wanted to see him at City Hall -  in Room 200 - where we wanted to meet him - "face to face" and have our own Press Conference. Our agenda - and he fencing the questions - that day did not come - but it will come. You are put on notice.

Do not force us to follow you - much like we did Gavin Newsom - to Santa Barbara, Santa Rosa, and even further to San Diego - listening to Gavin lie - and confronting him with his lies.

The end result he withdrew from the race - his proposed race for Governor.

Today, Gavin Newsom is a sidekick of Governor Jerry Brown - despised - and we have a name for Gavin Newsom - Mr Dipstick.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee talks a talk - but has failed the poor - including the many Chinese - that are lingering in filthy conditions in China town.

Creating make shift markets much like Third World Countries.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has his own private events - like the one he had at Alice Griffith - better known as - "Double Rock".

He invited the most despicable person - Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - who belong to a Mafiosi family back East - and has failed the Nation.

Dethroned - and these idiots - think something of this; failed politician. Lacking ethics, less morals, and even less standards.

We shut down City Hall - and this is the first of many.

This is a movement - not a singular event.

There will be sacrifices to be made - there will be blood shed - and there may be a few lives that will have to be laid on the line.

We in the trenches are NOT playing -  this clarion call is sent to the City Administrator who thinks we cannot  deliver. We can.

The Controller must know that we mean - business.

The Chief of Police is kept abreast.

We are not doing anything in secret - we are well trained - far superior to the training that some misfits get - who are arrogant and more ignorant of the facts.

The District Attorney has to deal with the nonsense he started and has chosen to wash his - "dirty linen" - now. We know better.

George Gascon inherited and nurtured when he was Chief of Police - the nonsense he is dealing with now.

The things he did and played with in Los Angeles and New Mexico - are things of the past and mundane. He will get his reality check - soon. This is San Francisco - we do our homework.

The City Attorney has failed on Parcel A - aiding and abetting the evil deeds of Lennar - a rouge developer - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and now at Candlestick Point.

The Department of Building Inspection - has money set aside to conduct its inspections - but has failed our constituents.

So has Barbara Gracia from the Health Department. Stephanie Cushing and Amy Brownell who work for Barbara Gracia.

Get on the ball and do something - or you will see us at your door. We know what we want - watch out.

It is the same with other Departments that are playing with the health of our people in the Southeast Sector - much of the land prone to severe liquefaction and flooding.

Of course the District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen - is busy playing with "her clap".

Time is running out and we will not give any "political whore" - more chances - you are put on notice.

The people united will never, ever be defeated.

We brought down Lennar - a rogue developer - who was fined over $515,000 linked with the many Notice of Violations - given to them by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - under the Director Jack Broadbent.

Today, Lennar a rogue developer and one of its spokesman Bronson Johnson - keeps spewing toxic diatribe - we will shut you down.

This one action or many actions is not a problem - change your ways - and follow the law.

The many Black sell outs Aurelious Walker, Doris Vincent, Linda Richardson, Derf Butler, Angelo King, Tiffnee Bohee - others two many to mention - please do not play with fire.

Our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults have suffered a lot.  We adults joined by the youth and young adults - are ready for action.

This is our time - and we are not afraid to die for what is right. 

Believe you me.

This is Ohlone land. I represent the Ohlone.

We favor the poor and those that need help - the immigrants others that are our partners.

Those that are filthy rich - abusing the land, polluting the air - fostering - "gentrification" - are all on our - "shit list".


We the people will gather and come again and again until the will of the people has been accomplished - we are in the trenches well prepared for anything - so you political whores and pimps be ready. This is our time - and your time is ending.