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Friday, April 17, 2015


Up the stairs into Room 250 where those supposed to represent - pussyfoot around - wasting tax payers money - and fostering policies - that bring about injustice. We the people united will never, ever be defeated. Now is your time time to represent - for forever remember - you will be removed from office.

Folks like London Breed and others like Scott Wiener and Malia Cohen who think they did have a good run without being checked and confronted - at City Hall - now must represent - or face the ire of the public at large.

Malia Cohen for sure is a Joke.

At every single meeting she presides and more at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors meetings - she makes a fool of herself.

Inept, shallow, without a spine - she loves to talk from sides of her mouth. She cannot read the notes provide her by her inept aides.

San Franciscans are fed up with the on going deliberations held at Room 250 - the once august chamber.

Room 250 has been contaminated by drab, shallow, immoral, unethical, and without standards - so called Representatives - that are NOT worth the salt.

On housing, transportation, health, education - in short quality of life issues - the SF Board of Supervisors - are lagging behind all major cities in this Nation.

We once - led other cities by making good policies - no more.

The reason is simple - the current San Francisco Board of Supervisors are not educated on issues. Less they do not have the ability to discern. Many of them transplants - who are devoid of sound education and less etiquette.

Half the San Francisco Board of Supervisors lack morals, ethics, and standards - they think it is politically correct to talk from both sides of their mouth - while they endorse being immoral, unethical behavior - cohorts of that which has no standards.

Promising the constituents to do something and then failing to deliver - time and time again.

Too many young men of color have died - and these jerks - think that we will take their word - and endorse their evil - mentality.

Their cozy job offers them over $120,000 salary - plus health, pension, and other benefits. Most of them do not deserve this salary - paid by the tax payers.

Once we had three minutes at Public Comment - no more.

Anyone who is afraid of Public Comment - is a crook.

Afraid to be exposed - as is London Breed who is in bed with crooks and the corrupt.

You have just to study the list and the contribution made to her campaign. The many Zionists who support her.

It is the same with Scott Wiener and Malia Cohen - all they think is about their campaign coffers.

Preparing their asses - trying to move up the ladder - in this " pay to play " political arena - political whores and pimps - of the highest order.

April 14, 2015 -  City Hall was shut down - the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee has not said a word.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee thought something would happen - but not what happened on his watch. The total "lock down" of City Hall or no one worth the salt - could come out - and face the constituents of San Francisco. Not one of them - cowards.

Again the Mayor Edwin M. Lee was missing in action - and as usual he will - deny that anything - happened.

We are waiting for the Mayors of the Nation to gather in San Francisco.

Before that sending a clarion call - and a dozier that will inform all of the Mayors from the major cities - the places to go and what to pay attention to.

The Mayors of the Nation think we are a boom City - but at whose expense?

The many high rise buildings contribute high Carbon recordings in our City and County of San Francisco.

Compromise health - there is a increase of chronic respiratory diseases. Noise levels that have forced people to move from their homes - and no one - gives a damn.

It is always the innocent and the decent who suffer.

While all the while - market price condominiums - many sold for over $2 million are built. More for the Chinese who pay $1 million plus for an EB-5 Visa - and then turn around and rent the condominiums.

The prefer to buy homes in Napa, Hillsbrough, Santa Barbara elsewhere - where the filthy live and they have the millions to dole out.

The City's Department of Environment - know about the high Asbestos readings posting on some website.

They would not do that - nor would those supporting the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - pretending to know something about Climate Change - but failing to pay attention to the empirical - data - dangerous particulates, high reading linked to Asbestos fribables, other toxic dust that contribute to chronic illnesses.

More affecting our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults and our seniors. In short those that we must care for - but these evil folks - do not give a damn - they talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

The Academy of Art University has removed and got rid off - thousands of " rent controlled units' in San Francisco.

For years the Academy of Art University has bought rent controlled buildings - and done renovations without permits - depriving innocent San Franciscans - renting - rent control units - and could have saved many - and offered them a roof under their head - not forcing them to pay the high rents - $3500 for a one bedroom unit - today - in San Francisco.

Often converting these buildings into dormitories for foreign students - never mind that the Academy of Art University has been cited - for failing to provide the necessary units and classes - at meet any accreditation - worth the salt. 

This is Ohlone land and every square inch was stolen - by the thieves who today - call themselves Natives - when far from it - they must admit they are - "thieves".

The corruption is San Francisco when it come to AirB&B, the many private taxi companies that fail have insurance - putting innocent people - in harm way.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee has made his bed with corrupt developers like Lennar Urban.

Lennar Urban - " a rogue developer" - building homes on very contaminated grounds. Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point. Time will tell.

Lennar Urban was fined $515,000 by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - and has not learned anything yet.

I am requesting Jack Broadbent from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to do due diligence.

Barbara Gracia - the Director of the SF Health Department - to do the right thing.

Stephanie Cushing and Amy Brownell who are siding with the crooks and against the innocent people who have been adversely - impacted. All the contaminated dust flying in and around Candlestick Stadium - and adversely impacting those who already - compromised, health.

Our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors other with compromised health - should not be exposed to toxic dust - more laden with dangerous particulates and asbestos structures.

This is happening daily at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - more on Parcel A. The readings we get reveal the facts - we have the empirical data.

It is the same at Candlestick Point - that should have far more more monitors - recording the Asbestos Structures flying around - with high winds in access of 50 miles - in the Candlestick Point area.

The Department of Building Inspection has been asleep at the cockpit. I am requesting the Department of Building Inspection not to side with Lennar Urban - and to the SF City's  political pressure - while allow innocent people to die - a slow death.

Mr Angus McCarthy do can and should step up and do something. Do not force me to come to one of your meetings - and reveal the truth. 

Do not cow down to folks that do not care about the public at large - and especially those that cannot fight City Hall.

There is more to come - San Franciscans be vigilant and do not take City Hall for granted - as things stand today - City Hall does not have your best - interests.

The doors that lead to Room 250 and Room 200 - where corruption abounds - and crooks behind close doors - make deals, policies, and other ploys and machinations - that adversely impact innocent people, our immigrants, and those that cannot defend themselves. You all are put on notice - the people united can never, ever be defeated. This is San Francisco and we know, how to bring about change. Mayor Edwin M. Lee you are put on notice - change your evil ways - and stop talking from both sides of your mouth.

We are watching you like a hawk - much as you do not know all those that hear and watch your "evil ways" report to me. 

This is a high "dome" at San Francisco City Hall - which transmits to us - what you folks have no idea - what I am talking about - stay still and behave - when that day come - your dirty deeds - will be revealed.