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Saturday, April 18, 2015


Wheeling and dealing and not caring.

It is not easy to witness families sleeping on the streets of San Francisco.

The mentally challenged and the physically challenged - forced to live wherever they can get some shelter - and face the inclement - weather.

Our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors, those suffering and chronically ill - toyed with. Enough is enough - and your time has come.

When we go to San Francisco City Hall to attend the drab meetings - we have to sit down and listen to Malia Cohen, London Breed, Scott Wiener - others pathetic to the core - spew hot air - fail to represent the constituents of San Francisco - and waste our time.

These political whores and pimps have had a run for a long time - no more can we take this "shit" - you are now put on notice.

When it comes to Public Comment the political whores and pimps - will taunt the public at large and give them a measly - two minutes.

Truly speaking we are permitted three minutes.

We have had Peter Warfield, Chaffee, Ray Hartz, others take a stand on this issue - but, those in power - continue to do - what they want. At times call the Sheriff to remove - those that are doing right - and know their rights.

City Hall and more Room 250 is now a den of thieves - they make not see them as thieves - but as each second spent in that chamber - is wasted - these political whores and pimps - are robbing us of our precious time - putting impediments in our way.

The paradox is that we pay the salaries  of these politicians -  these " so called representatives" if they politicians do not deliver - we have - every right - to boot them off.

This is the digital world - and we must learn - not to take everything we hear for granted.

We can do our own research - and for those that find it difficult - I do not mind - to teach you how to do it - and for those astute - I can offer you the facilities.

Having the empirical data is critical in this world - especially when " political interested groups" use money to buy power and push their hidden agenda.

We must use the digital world to expose these charlatans and leading the pack - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who will surround himself with lackeys - and spew out platitudes.

I have had a lot of patience with him - knowing well his past - from the days he was a lawyer, than a fake advocate, then the Director of Human Rights Commission.

Then working at the Department of Public Works, the City's Contracting Office and finally the getting the position of City Administrator - before being anointed the Mayor of San Francisco - while he was abroad in China - where someone had to call him and ask him if he was interested in the position - being the Mayor of San Francisco.

What most people do not fully understand is the MACHINE - a kind of Mafioso - working in San Francisco - who behind the scenes - manipulate a lot of what we take for granted.

Behind the scene Willie L. Brown Jr the former Black - "thug Mayor of San Francisco".

Diane Feinstein, her husband Richard Blum, Nancy Pelosi and Paul Pelosi, others too many to name - all belong to the MACHINE.

All of the above have been involved with crimes - and have raked in millions - those that look at the above as decent people - better start wearing glasses - and check into their past - but more their present. All of them have ties to the Mafia.

The San Francisco County Democratic Committee - is another place who take their dictation from the MACHINE.

Any way you look at it - the political whores and pimps - most of those now representing San Francisco as Supervisors - all got their blessing from the MACHINE.

Now and then we have some independent Representatives - one of them Quentin Kopp.

Of course the corrupt and the crooks - hated him - but, up until today - as a Supervisor, as a Judge - Quentin Kopp backing any Proposition - Quentin Kopp has fought for what is right and stood out - as one who stands for the people.

The people united will never, ever be defeated.

We did have a chance when Matt Gonzalez threw his hat - and ran for Mayor of San Francisco - against Gavin Newsom. He did that at the last moment - allowing Gavin Newsom to have lead time - where Gavin conducted his nefarious activities - as a crook that he is - and is purported to be. 

Gavin Newsom - we call him Mr Dipstick - played his corrupt cards well - but history will reveal - the details - TRUTH always - prevails.

We fought hard to put Matt Gonzalez in - and in the end of that great fight - Matt Gonzalez - lost by 4 points.

Gavin Newsom flew in President Bill Clinton - and spent millions - for Bill Clinton to canvass for him - using the MACHINE to further his dubious cause.

Before that Gavin Newsom made sure months before the Elections - to canvass and get in as many "mail-in votes" - giving him the opportunity - to have a handicap and using this ploy - though legal - to win by a measly 4 points.

That election for Mayor was our last concrete chance - until now - where Mayor Edwin M. Lee continues to spew diatribe - and use folks from AirB&B, Twitter, other large corporations to commit the many crimes.

Few understand the implication of the Supreme Court decision - when the Supreme Court took a great leap and declared: " Corporations are people too".

Allowing the corporation to give large sums of money - to dubious and nefarious individuals - without a conscience - who work for the rich - and have utter disdain for the poor and the working class.

San Francisco is a UNION city - but you would NOT know that from the many underhand dealing this Mayor - Edwin M. Lee has had with UNIONS.

For sure taking money from the Laborers Union Local 261.

The world know this - but this Mayor has done nothing for the working class - accept show blatant - disdain.

The Great Master uttered this words: " Blessed are the poor for their is the kingdom of heaven".

You would not know this listening to the deliberations of Malia Cohen, London Breed, Mark Farrell, Scott Wiener, and some others - pathetic souls - who have been hoodwinking - the public at large.

Recently we had the opportunity to "shut down City Hall and the minions who ply their trade" - deceiving the public at large - the hard working constituents of San Francisco.

We did this - without any major incident - and sent City Hall - both the Legislative and Executive Branch a clear message:

" For the longest time we have heard you all - make promises - promises that you have not kept.

Taunt the poor and those that need help most.

Today, we are telling you to your face - we will not accept business as usual.

You will pay the consequences - and you better comprehend your options. 

You have little time to repent - we will not tolerate the on going ploys, shenanigans, and machinations ".

We, the constituents of San Francisco - must learn to discern.

There is a lot of information out there in cyber space. The ability to filter the best information is - "education".

Some of us are trained and we also understand the deeper history of San Francisco.

For example the role played by the Zionists. We just cannot give them a free pass.

"Every Zionist is a Jew. But not every Jew is a Zionists"

If you study this sentence - you can weed the chaff from the wheat. 

For sure our local politicians who purport to represent us in Congress and the Senate - do not have the best interests of San Franciscans.

We also fully comprehend the role of Law Enforcement - and have so far kept our communication open - for the good of those we serve. 

Some of us lay our lives daily on the line - serving San Franciscans - not the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his SF Board of Supervisors - who makes deals behind close doors. 

Shred documents that must be archived.

Make policies that adversely impact the tax payers - and those true San Franciscans that truly love our City and County of San Francisco.

We must use the digital tools - to find out the many contributions made to the political whores and pimps - all found on - under the Ethics Commission.

We must participate - in all deliberations worth the salt - being educated on issues.

Tune our moral compass and only then can we confront and have a vision with others - like minded and strong - and arrive at a better place. Aho.

Raking in millions while looking you in the eye and lying