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Saturday, April 25, 2015


We here in the United States are probing the field - candidates vying to seek nomination - to enter the next - Presidential Race.

More and more we witness a circus - and more and more the ordinary hardworking tax payer - is perplexed and confounded.

Can the Democrats do better than permit and allow one solo candidate - who has failed to win the trust of the people at large - again and again - in the past - more as the former Secretary of State - now run as a candidate for President of the United States?

We all have to do our home work - and in this digital world - we can delve into the records - and adjudicate for yourselves - the information - will shock those of you - that can discern.

The Clinton Foundation gives one a "peep" into the sordid connections - where dictators and those that do not share our democratic values - have contributed millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton's are greedy and that greed knows no bounds. Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea.

Now those heading the Bill Clinton Foundation - are saying they will only take money from those countries that they purport to have clean hands - countries like United Kingdom - but is that the truth? Time will tell.

So, what happens to the Clinton's Foundation the millions earning thousands of dollars in interest - given by those that have - " blood on their hands"?

Often killing those that speak up - keeping women in bondage - chopping necks and hands - for what these - "fanatical dictators" think is right - according the their subjective - opinion and sordid, mentality.

Mandating laws and rules - that are primitive - so primitive that those that understand these issues - are confounded and shocked. Dictators that can make or break anyone - without justification.

The Democrats have screwed up one more time - and today stand at a unique - "cross road" where the only shabby,inept,spineless,immoral - candidate they have - silently endorsed is - Hillary Clinton.

The Republicans are having a fieled day - too.

They luckily - have some younger candidates - who are more favorable to those that have - a vision. live in the digital world - and look forward to - "forward thinking" - ideas.

Rubio is one of them - and as you all know - there are others - too many to name.

The Nation, the United States of America - at last had an opportunity to witness the swearing in of our first Black President.

May be not fully Black - as the President's mother was White - but Black enough to call himself Black - and try to do his best.

His father from Kenya,East Africa - an economist - an alcoholic - who came all the way from Kenya - fighting to many hurdles and fathered - our President Barrack Hussein Obama.

His White mother - who live in Indonesia - in the the United States - died young - the President brought up - by his White grandfather and grandmother - who did a good job - God bless them - both have passed away.

The paradox in that last race for President - in which President's closest opponent - was Hillary Clinton - vying for the Democratic position for President.

President Barrack Hussein Obama has tried his best - those of us that monitor performances - agree with him - some - given the situation at hand - the economic woes - the many wars - the Nation facing bail outs - and a trillions of dollars in debt - has survived - and is now at the end of the race - some two years left of his historic - Presidential term.

Here is the United States - they deem the President last years - the end of his second term of four years. Call him " lame duck President" whatever that means. 

Surrounded by advisers in the White House - connected to very powerful world forces - that influence our Nation.

One particular Nation who proclaim to be the only working Democracy - in the Middle East. This one Nation and those that follow the policies to harm others more - have been a pain in our ass - our Nations is worse off.

Our Nation continues to dole out billions to this so called Democratic Nation - billions that we can use at home.

So, can we at this juncture trust Hillary Clinton - to address the on going issues with Nations - Iran,Syria,Yemen,Libya,Iraq,Turkey, - other Nations too many to name?

I doubt - subjectively speaking - our Nation needs someone better, more trust worthy - to shed light and represent. More bring peace to the world - and have the ability to speak with authority - and have a track record - and is impeccable.

Our Nation - the United States of America - must stop building "fake dynasties".

We permitted the Bushes to do so - and see what they left as a legacy.

The Senior Bush and George W. Bush - put our Nation in harm way - messed our world - and most of us thinking nothing - of the - " Bushes ".

The Clinton's must fade away - for God's sake both Bill and Hillary - cannot be trusted - not with the scandals - their immoral ways - looking one in the eye and lying - in the White House and out of the White House.

Having a server that solely served Hillary's own interests. Sending texts and  maintain them - as her own personal property - while purporting to be the Secretary of States - of this great Nation - the United States of America.

The "lies" about Libya and Tripoli.

Bill blatant disregard when he could have done a lot and curtailed - the "genocide" in Rwanda.

Both Hillary and Bill Clinton - husband and wife - in and out of bed - had intimate discussions - the end result - they both failed - miserably. The failed to serve that that most need help. This they did - again and again - and again.

The Democrats have failed by the House Leadership of Congressperson Nancy Pelosi - she represents San Francisco - and is a known - panderer.

Right now every single poll taken - gives the Democrats in particular - very poor marks. In the single digits.

This one fact - projects to the world and to the Nation - here at home - people, hard working tax payers - are fed up with the politicians - more the likes of Hillary Clinton.

The Republicans too - but as things stand today - more the Democrats.

So can we trust Hillary Clinton - a Scorpio - born October 26 - the answer is - NO.

Of course what do I know - mostly, when I take a stand - my projections come true - and have come true - time will tell.