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Wednesday, April 29, 2015


It is amazing to find out the various ploys, shenanigans, and machinations employed by devious and "evil" folks - trying to grab our community colleges.

Invade and destroy our San Francisco Unified School system - and deprive those that are poor and need the required education - from making any progress in life.

Are we going back to the times where the royals and other such despots - controlled everything?

Are we going to the times when the despots and others greedy and full of avarice - kept the COMMONS down?

We are have read and studied the evil feudal system of yore - that led to revolutions  - the chopping of "heads" and toppling of the kings and queens who lost their mind - drowning themselves in their self-righteous power - thinking that the were - gods.

We have not got over with all the trials and tribulation linked to the City College; where some "thugs" from Texas are out to control our Public Colleges, our Community Colleges - that offer opportunities - for upward, mobility - sound career, jobs.

We had to hear it directly from the Courts that the Accrediting Committee - that should have stood for fair play and justice - lied, faked the documents - to destroy City College of San Francisco.

Further, brought disgrace to the entire Public Educational System linked to our Colleges and higher learning in California.

Such devious and sordid folks should be charged and sent to jail for a long, long, time. They are still around sheltered by the filthy rich.

These folks must be charged by the Rico Act - so where is the justice - and why are we allowing - such crooks go scot free?

We the people - won this fight because we had the vetted empirical data - and the Courts clearly saw that something - "stank in Denmark". 

Caught the Accrediting Committee - with their hand in the cookie jar!

City College has played an important role in the lives of thousands of decent, hard working, middle class, the poor class - and brought changes in many a home. I personally know this to be a fact.

The woes that befell City College is still going on - some ugly misdeeds, shenanigans, propping their head - here, there, and everywhere.

The City College counsel and others that must uphold the law - targeting those that represent the students.

Failing to address protocol - and depriving notice agenda - for ever making it to the AGENDA - for meaningful - discussion - before the Public at Large. 

We the people united will never, ever be defeated.

We the people are not spiritually bankrupt - and with God on our side - we will never, ever be denied justice. We may have to shed our blood, may be die - but TRUTH will - previal.

Our constituents - more the immigrants, the poor, those that have the ability to learn and discern - need all the superior information and education - in today's - fast changing - world.

We know Walmart, more the Koch Brothers, the Bush family from Texas, Richard Blum - we know all these crooks - and can deal with them.

So, take this kind notice and stay way from your sordid ploys to destroy our Public Colleges - and stop prying into our affairs.

No one gave you permission to come into our - "living rooms" and arrange our furniture - without permission.

At the San Francisco Unified School Board meeting - April 28, 2015 - held at 6 pm - among the many "drab" agenda items - the SFUS Board - has been favoring the entity - Teachers For America - funded by Walmart and other interested but devious entities.

These devils want it all - much as they stole the land - all the land in San Francisco belongs to the Ohlone. Now the devils - want to deprive us of what is available - depriving those that cannot defend themselves - with money, a power grab, and slick moves - when we know - what they are about.

It is happening in Baltimore, it happened elsewhere - and we have the "perfect storm" for it to happen here in San Francisco.

The Ohlone favor sound education by teachers who want to commit years to teach and educate our children - more those children that need help - most.

Not the two or three years - like the Teachers for America - do - and move away - to other green, pastures.

Much like those that move cattle from - one large tract of grass to another.

This has been happening with the contract - signed in pervious years - by Ricard Garranza and the entity known - as Teachers For America - creating divisiveness at Everette Middle School and other public schools in San Francisco.

The SF Unified Schools District that has been bailed out with our "Rainy Day Funds" - initiated by Tom Ammiano - today, it is in bed with large corporations - who have a hidden agenda.

The same crooks that support Teachers For America - and are on the SF Unified School Board - are standing on the dais at the City College Press Conference.

While the speakers - spewing diatribe - and then go behind close doors - working hard to deprive our immigrants, poorer students, the COMMONS - from availing of sound information and education.

We see what is happening with the Charter Schools, the other institutions like HEALD COLLEGE, the Academy of Art University

We are watching you crooks like a hawk - and we swoop down - and deal with you - lawfully, in our courts.

We can with our clout and masses - "shut you down" - as it our right - in these the United States of America. We have our "pro-bono" attorneys on call.

Do not play with fire - that is what happening in San Francisco. Wake up folks - and speak up and do not say - you all were not informed.