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Monday, April 13, 2015


This is Ohlone land each and every square inch - it is a paradox where once the land, the rivers, the streams, the mountains and hills, the lakes - the rolling hills over seventy of them.

Hills - small and big - this choice Ohlone land we call San Francisco - dripped with the fog - with the cool wind from the Pacific Ocean - natural air conditioning - this land - all of it - each and every square inch is - Ohlone land.

For over fifteen thousands years the Ohlone took care of the land. 

On most of the high ground - there were Shell Mounds - where the Sacred Remains of the ancestors - lay - and where those alive paid their respect to those that went before them.

With ceremonies that went on for months - and rituals one of kind - that those demonic chose with intent - to curb - by killing, looting, raping, and steal the land.

These crimes cry to heaven for justice - while the thugs, the crooks, those with BLOOD on their hand - even today in like manner - create a divide - the filthy bloody rich and the poor and those that live pay check to pay check - which is over 90% of the constituents of San Francisco, today.

Hundreds gathered at the burial spots - the Ohlone - where the most precious possessions we laid with the one that passed away.

Abolone was in abundance and other fish too - like herring - but the large Abolone Shells - heaps of them - over the years - created the Shell Mounds.

These acupuncture points all over the Bay Area - and most prominently in San Francisco and the neighboring San Bruno Mountains - the largest intact Shell Mound - in the Bay Area - their imminent desecration - are the signs of the times.

The waters were clean and the air pure - as pure as it comes.

That was until three hundred years ago.

Then came the "strangers" and within two hundred years - all that was good - was contaminated and made corrupt. Also know as "pale faces" - evil and very greed - today they are finishing up what their evil ancestors began - just a few hundred years ago.

Most of them spiritually bankrupt - leading the way the Zionists - whose one aim - is to amass as much wealth - pitting one against the other. In the Bay Area - these demons of a type - are the worst - and the sooner we deal with them the better.

This cardboard economy will pass away - and just like the spiraling of the economy in 2008 the one on the way - will be " the one" - that most will remember for years to come.

This temporary boom in San Francisco is just that.

On the door knocking loud and with pressing questions - the "drought" - that will demand - severe conservation.

Food prices will increase - and with food prices - come a whole slew of issues - some of them we can deal with - but starvation, stress, anger, angst, and a whole bunch of other - not so easy issues that this City and County of San Francisco - will have to deal with - and not have the ability to discern and more to find solutions.

The cardboard economy is pressing on - those evil to the core - looking the other way.

Pouring concrete - thousands of tons of it - and increasing the Carbon footprint. Expanding the concrete jungle and building - tons of market price units - but less of so called units for the "low and no income".

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee has NO blue print when it come to clean drinking water.

Less with solutions to deal with the dual system that generates - millions of gallons of treated sewage - all pumped into the Bay.

In many cases half-treated sewage - millions of Bond money is there - but there is No sound leadership - at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Not with corrupt individuals like Juliet Ellis and others - one worse than the other.

We have more dogs and even more cats in San Francisco. Dogs as many as 150,000 and the feral population more.

Fewer children - and in the last five years over 30,000 families - good ones - mother, father, and children - have left San Francisco for good.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee keeps talking from both sides of his mouth.

The congestion of the roads of San Francisco - is worse than any other city in the Nation.

The hundreds of homeless - do not care about hygiene - they defecate, the urinate, they throw trash in places that once were maintained and clean.

We the constituents of San Francisco - we see it all - but - none of us - know exactly what to make of it.

It stuns us - we have never, ever seen such a sad state of affairs before - when our great City - and been reduced to a - " thrash bin".

The great divide is here and the poor and more the indigent - who we should care - "being a compassionate City" - we intent our City officials - ignore the poor.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee, the City Administrator Naomi Kelly, the many other City officials - are paid in the thousands - in access of two thousand dollars plus per year - plus benefit - for doing a lousy job. All tax payers money.

There should be a cap put on the salaries - and one figure seems favorable to those that know what really is happening and what must be done - to bring awareness to that sordid segment of government - that thinks all will be well - and that these vermin get a pass - should not be the case - stop has to be put - to bring about change.

Cap their salaries to $100,000 a year.

In the weeks to come - there will be action - the clarion call has been sounded.

Those in position of doing something but ignoring the will of the people - will get their 101 in things important and mostly governance.

For too long, have too many suffered - there was the French Revolution, the was the Boston Tea Party, and now the time is ripe for a Revolution never seen before - here in San Francisco the City that knows how - on the West Coast.

Never seen before - but a reality check - made simple and effective by the digital world.

We know the corrupt and the crooked -  folks like Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Kathy Tang, Jane Kim - all have a - "hidden agenda" - and none of them are fit to represent.

The poor and the indigent have had it. A saturation point has been reached. Believe me you have not seen anything - yet.

The rich and filthy have shown too much disdain for a long, long time.

The sell outs - the mostly bankrupt Black pastors - the ones that pander - all are put on notice.

Jesus went into the temple and saw how the so called merchants conduct themselves - in the temple. He got angry and turned over the table and with it the wares that were on them.

We have done the same - "with intent" - our universities, our schools, our hospitals, our transportation system, our City Hall the City Hall of the people - in now a - "Den of Thieves" - wheeling and dealing and treating the people with disdain.

Your time has come - and it will be in your face - no amount of pressure - no amount of countering - no force on Earth can stop the people united. 

The people united will never be defeated.

You asked for it and you receive it on the platter - but with this platter - will come your timely - defeat.

The results of the November election are here - and what you see and hear - take it with a pinch of salt.

Only those that can truly represent - will get our votes - and only those that - " we the people" - select and vote for with sound, intention and deliberation - we be allowed to - represent. Aho.