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Thursday, April 9, 2015


Few will remember April 8, 2015 - the day the most despicable woman - Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - planted the seeds of EVIL at Alice Griffith -  better known as Double Rock.

She was joined by the mostly Black sell outs - sell outs who are a disgrace to the human race.

More damage has been done by these mostly Black sell outs - and they will all get their rewards - here on Earth.

Some 267 housing units - all high density - and planned to be built on land that is prone to liquefaction and flooding - by Lennar Urbab a rogue developer.

Most importantly - Alice Griffith - better known as 'Double Rock" is land that is very contaminated. In close proximity to a another site - that emit very high levels of radioactive elements.

To be clear - the land has NOT been abated, mitigated - and so that Mayor Edwin M. Lee may comprehend - cleaned up - to cater to decent human beings.

Over 20 women in the last 10 years have given birth to still babies. All recorded by the SF General Hospital, Saint Luke's, and other hospitals where the women have been rushed - in an emergency, condition.

Anyone living on that land - will be adversely impacted. More the workers who will be working - without safety gear - and the basic breathing gear. 

In other places Lennar Urban and its minions do not offer the worker - a simple mouth mask - this is the case on Parcel A - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has reached his peak of "corruption". A recent poll has revealed over 65% of the decent constituents in San Francisco - will NOT vote  for Mayor Edwin M. Lee who lies, and has FAILED to represent the people.

Wheeling and dealing - using tax payers money, bond money - to allow very corrupt developers - the likes of Lennar Urban - to tease the community - make promises and does nothing - much.

The constituent of San Francisco -once again hoodwinked - the community at large - taken for a wild, ride.

Parcel A at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - a Superfund Site - is now touted - to the Mainland Chinese as - waterfront property.

Elsewhere the Mainland Chinese pay $1,000,000 for an EB-5 visa.

In San Francisco - with the former "thug" Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr - the Mainland Chinese - can get an EB-5 visa for $500,000.

There in lies the "crux" of the problem. Platinum Consultants.

City Hall as anyone in the know will tell you - is the hub of "corruption". Joining the Mayor - some of the SF Supervisors - who have no morals, less ethics, and for sure NO standards - worth the salt.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has lost his mind - and it does not matter - who opposes Mayor Edwin M. Lee - the people are fed up - any opponent will win.

Whoever is the opponent she or he will give Mayor Edwin M. Lee - a run for his tainted blood - money.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is reeking with corruption - if you have the money - he will work with you.

Today the City is well known for corruption and more known for " you pay you play".

To change a topic a bit -  the California Senate seat where Scott Wiener a loser has decided to compete with Tom Ammiano.

Both are homosexuals - with Tom Ammiano having more experience. Not only as a well know and loved Queen in the Castro - but being honest and transparent.

Tom created the "rainy day fund" - and has worked hard to serve the constituents of San Francisco.

The competition is on - and the Queen who has termed out - as a California Assembly member - has set his eyes on the California Senate seat - and should win it - leaving Scott Wiener - a loser - licking his chops.

Scott Wiener can now stop introducing meaningless legislation - the drab speeches he makes - no one can fool all the people - all the time.

This is not the Bronx - nor will it be right - to permit a Zionist like Scott Wiener - freely roaming the Halls of the California State. He cannot be trusted at all.

On yet another note - but in keeping with the music - Nancy Pelosi was on that famous raid which took place at a Hayward Warehouse in the year 2000.

People should note the fact and read the article which I will post at the end of this article.

The warehouse was busted - and over $1 Billion (yes one billion) seized. On the manifest was found the name of Nancy Pelosi and John Stewart. 

The same John Stewart who was fired from the Board of Fanny Mae - the same John Stewart who treats poor and indigent people with disdain. The same John Stewart who is in bed with Mayor Edwin M. Lee. 

Wake up San Francisco - time to - call for the RICO Act and get rid of the rubbish - once and for  all.

Where is the District on this one, where is the Controller on this one, where is the Federal Bureau of Investigation on this one?

The people of San Francisco, law abiding, paying their taxes, want to know?

Today, these corrupt folks are given free rein - and continue to steal, plunder, pillage, rob - and adversely impact the lives of mostly poor people.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee now proposes to introduce a Bond Measure to build thousands of so called "affordable housing" - a ploy to deceive the middle class that has written him off - for sure.

Can he collect at least $3 billion to build the 3000 homes - and what is his time line? I hope it does not build units - that are 100 square feet - where you cannot put a Queen bed - less a King bed.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has done everything in his power to put poor people down. He does it with a smile - his shafts them - and pretends that he is compassionate.

Watch out a few weeks before the Nation's Mayors have their Summit in San Francisco. The Mayor - Edwin M. Lee will showcase a few site and facilities.

Just like that - swoops will be made - and people and anything undesirable will be removed - out of the way - and out of sight.

Nancy Pelosi is a loser - who as the Speaker of the House - took this Nation down the drain and into the cesspool - of her own creation.

Using her wicked power - and bringing in the Tea Party - and those Republicans that we have to deal with - today.

There is no way anyone respects this "hag" - who speak from both sides of her "clap" - despicable to say the least.

Nancy Pelosi will intent has planted some evil seeds at Alice Griffith - better know as "Double Rock".

Watch out what happens - once the units are built.

Only those that have good credit - which as the case is - is no one who lives there now - will be rooted out - and only those with good credit - will be permitted to live in the units.

Right now everyone is excited - and no one has anything in writing.

Double Rock is now considered a very dangerous place - people have been enticed to come into the area - and murdered. Just reading the incident reports - can make anyone - swoon.

Recently over 30 families from Alice Griffith - were removed and given shelter at Treasure Island.

Alice Griffith is a gated community - not in the good sense but a very bad sense. One way in and one way out.

The San Francisco Police Department for years received over a $1 million to monitor and police Alice Griffith - a very small area two blocks in lenghth and three block wide.

Even today if you go East of Alice Griffith - on Carrol Street - raw sewage flows freely.

Where is the Main Media on this one? How fucked up can things get - where we allow these corrupt cockroaches to do as they please?

For over 15 years the raw sewage has been covered with Eucaluptus  chips - that have the ability - to absorb the stench.
Treating those living and working in the area - with disdain.

Never mind the public at large - is exposed to diseases.

All this on the watch of Mayor Edwin M. Lee - before and after he was anointed as the Mayor of San Francisco.

Nancy Pelosi the former Speaker of the House - brought down and disgrace in Washington DC.

The harbinger of all things EVIL - on April 8, 2015 - took her ass to Alice Griffith - and planted some very EVIL seeds at Alice Griffith.

That entire area called Candlestick Point - is contaminated - more prone to liquefaction and severe - flooding. 

Anyone living in that area - is making a big mistake - learn the facts - and do not be hoodwinked.

Of course the local Chinese who follow the local leaders - will take anything and listen to - some unformed local Chinese leader will utter.

The local Chinese are all lined up - and will fork up the money - to move in. Such are the ploys and machinations - of today's world - under Olson Lee.

Beware - you have been informed. 

The corrupt Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and the Billion Dollar Bust at a Hayward warehouse: