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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


We all have short memories - more when it comes to Lennar Urban and the evil crimes they continue to perpetuate in San Francisco - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Candlestick Point, the Mission - all over San Francisco.

When Lennar a rogue developer - wanted to push for Proposition G - "G" for Goons - some of us opposed Lennar with Proposition "F" - "F" - for Fortitude.

In our great City of San Francisco - injustice has been done to those that work hard and pay their taxes.

We have a population of about 820,000 constituents of San Francisco. More than 50% are senior having a difficult time to make ends meet.

More than 80% are living from pay check to pay check - and this City and County of San Francisco - has turned its back on those that are decent, hardworking, and can no longer - live in our great City named after Saint Francis Assisi.

This is Ohlone land - stolen by the strangers - and those in power now are pathetic - and soon will be reward for all their - "evil actions". It will not be pretty - and you all have been - warned.

Most middle class folks who cannot afford - the million dollar homes - that we have in our City and County of San Francisco - is access.

When it comes to those making $80,000 or less - forget about it - none of them can own a home.

The last four Housing Elements - spell it out clear - we need "affordable housing" - more for those making under " sixty thousand dollars" - a year.

Thousands of rental units - that come under - "rent control" have been illegally converted to dormitories and Mayor Edwin Lee, Olson Lee, all those that support the Mayor - on this new ploy - to deceive the constituents of San Francisco - with false promises - know about the evil deeds of the Academy of Art University and other entities.

The SF Planning Department and John Rahaim, the Department of Building Inspection, other City Department that must step up and do right - are all look - away from the serious issues at hand - that impact - those that need help most. A decent roof over their head.

With "thugs" like the person who heads AirB&B - trying to put a ballot measure - in November, 2015 - he and others - gathering some few millions - trying to use the City and County of San Francisco - as a ploy.

More to deceive others to contribute more millions  - when in fact we need over $2 Billion to address the situation at hand - with a sound " Bond Measure" - to address - "affordable housing" for those making less than " $60,000 or less than $60,000".

For those we term - low income and no income - they already have left town. They missed the boat, the bus, the train, and the plane.

Today, we have the fat cats - preying on the others - the drab so called "techies" - with no soul - using their ill gotten wealth - acting snobbish - and thumbing their noses at those who have lived here in San Francisco - for generations.

A Bond Measure that has concrete objectives - with timelines - and homes that should be built on - "Clean Land" - not the contaminated land that is know at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee has lost his mind - and all it takes one good person - to stand against him - and bring some sensibility to the on going shenanigans, ploys, and machinations - in the next election - November, 2015.

All the developers he hangs with, the blood tainted money from Mainland China, the other ploys the Mayor Edwin M. Lee has been involved with - will splash on his face - very soon.

I ask him - how much of this nonsense can we take? How much of the vain talk? He talks like Caligula - acts like Nero - plays with fire - and when you play with fire. Guess what? You personally will experience - incineration - and all those who are now preying on others - will perish. Not latter but soon.

No one can force so many innocent, hard working people to leave San Francisco. In the last five years over 60,000 families have left San Francisco.

Today in San Francisco we have a dog population nearing 150,000 dogs - but if you tally the children in our City - they have long one.

The dynamics of this City favor Sodom and Gomorrah.

Thousands of others live pay check to pay check.

It is simply ridiculous that one has to pay $3500 for a one bed room - that cannot accommodate - a family of four.

Today, we have families living like animals - three and four families in a one bed room unit.

The Department of Building Inspection is impotent - talking the talk - but failing to walk the walk.

For heavens sake this is not a Third World country - but go to the Mission, Excelsior, parts of the Bayview, parts of the Avenues - the Tenderloin, South of Market area - and you see living conditions - that are pathetic.

Those in authority have failed the constituents of San Francisco.
With intent they have heaped adversely impacts - on the decent - constituents. 

The present San Francisco Board of Supervisors - for all their hot air - a bunch of political whores and pimps. On the front line - touting their hidden agenda - London Breed, Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, Jane Kim, Mark Farrell.

Lennar Urban continues to bombard those residents living close to Candlestick Stadium.

While some unruly, inexperienced folks are tearing down the stadium - without proper monitoring devices - the innocent are put at harms way.

Asbestos structures and other contaminated air particles are harming the residents near by constituents - who are experiencing sore throats, headaches, vomiting, blood red eyes, and so on.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District, folks like Amy Brownell who works for the City's Environmental Department - have failed us all.

The constituents working and living at Executive Park have been kept in the dark. We are watching you all - and if worse comes to worse - we will have to take action - and expose the - "sellouts".

We are in a drought and the timing to deconstruct Candlestick Stadium - could not have come at a "worse time" - little water has been used to keep the "Asbestos Particles" - down.

Again the Mayor has said nothing - and Lennar Urban continues to bribe those that they think they can buy out - and silence the voice. 

hey cannot buy me - and anyone who has taken money from Lennar Urban and I know - who they are - will suffer the consequences. Do not pretend that you are with the community - when you are a - SELL OUT.

The reason for this major crime - committed on our constituents - is simple to grasp.

Our children, seniors, those vulnerable are suffering and Jack Broadbent from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, Dennis Herrera, George Gason, Barbara Gracia, the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and others - know about the harm that Lennar Urban has done and is doing.

Lennar Urban was fined $515,000 due the efforts of many of us sincere Environmentalists - but some of these so called "fake environmentalists" - have taken money - and using my information and education - have sold us out.

Well, anyone who has taken money from Lennar Urban - does not have a role to play - in the object measures we chose to abide by - from day one.

This is a marathon - and the faint of heart - will not survive - they will fall by the way side. Those who are staunch, their heart in the right place - they will survive - the journey will long and full of hurdles and obstacles - but in the end - only those that are laser beam focused, with humility and God on their side - will WIN. 

"No one who has her or his heart in the right place - God with them - should fall prey to Lennar Urban and their blood money. If you have - you are a sell out. I do not want to have anything to do with - sell outs"

Also, with those who I informed not to work at the Shipyard - and they did - knowing full well - that they were there for some money.

They earned some money - but now - have compromised their health and lives - and are bothering us to help them.

This City and County of San Francisco has lost its MORAL COMPASS - the Legislative Branch as well as the Executive Branch. 

The City Administrator who comes under the Executive Branch since Willie L. Brown - the former "thug Mayor of San Francisco" changed the Charter linked to the City Administrator in 1996 - in now deeply entrenched with Mayor Edwin M. Lee - the salary is good - but the representation - lacking.

We few are monitoring - the situation at hand.

City Hall will rock soon - and those in power that are smiling now - will tremble but more flee - your day is coming - and God is watching all your evil ways.

You who are luke warm - and if you are luke warm - " I will spit you out of my mouth".

You who have harmed our children, our seniors, those who cannot defend themselves - using your evil ways - you will burn here on this Earth.

That hell is here - that day is here - that day of reckoning is at hand. Aho.