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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


All "LIFE" matters - so it does seems odd when you find thousands of people chanting " Black Life Matters" - and others united all over the Nation - and chanting " Black and Brown" life matters.


This realization comes home - right here in San Francisco - when Alex Nieto who shot - and the number of bullets that penetrated  his nimble  body - 57 bullets.

This one - very glaring fact - sends chills - when we realize - how so many bullets - hitting and killing one single person - unwarranted yet actions committed in broad daylight - is completely - uncalled for.

Alex Nieto was a good person - who practiced Buddhism - and as such was non-violent. He believed in spiritual values, he was a good person, and his heart was in the - "right place".

All those who knew him - were shocked - and to this day - we all have to live with this reality.

It is a nightmare - one that hits us all so hard - and right in our back yard.

When the four black young men were gunned to death in the Western Addition - once again - this killing nightmare - came to haunt us all. Why? Why? Why?

To this day with all the talking and diatribe floating around - for sure - some one knows - who the killers are.

The killers - are on the loose - and I am sure - someone reading this "blog" - is one of them.

These killers are "savvy" do not think they are just killers - they are more than that - they have been on the loose like some "wild dogs" more struck with rabies - ready to commit more crimes.

These killers  - have no conscience - and killing, maiming, stealing, and doing wrong - comes to them as a - second nature.
They must be hunted down and removed from Society.

They are a disgrace to the human race.

Today, hundreds will gather - to announce as best they can - that "Black and Brown lives matter".  They will gather in front on City Hall - and proclaim loud and clear - how hurt they are - and many will join them - me too.

It takes courage to proclaim with hurting hearts, hearts filled with sorrow, family and loved ones - all speaking with one voice - " Black and Brown lives matter".

Perhaps for the first time - cognizant of this malady that is spreading like wild fire - again and again - those in authority - training their guns - without second thoughts - killing and then thinking after the fact - will be forced to listen - and more to pay attention.

Politicians will pretend they are for the people - when truly speaking their speak with fork tongues - and have not truly represented the families and those that are hurting.

Life is precious - every life on this Earth - has a legacy to leave.

In the United States - unlike any other Nation on Earth - we treasure every life.

It hits us hard and knocks us to the ground - when little is made of Black and Brown lives.

Many of us - deep in our hearts - feel this disdain and today - many will shout out - vent and say things that they must - not because of some mundane reason - but because " today it that chosen day to proclaim and vent for a good cause - for good to come from some bad actions - committed - by some bad apples"

We have a Black President - for those that have their senses and are fully aware. Even our President Barrack Hussein Obama - has been targeted and called names.

When we forget what this Nation stands for.

When we forget about Humanity.

When we forget about compassion and love.

When we forget about sacrifice - there can be NO love without sacrifice.

When we tolerate the utters disdain of "thugs".

Those few in "authority" who legally can carry guns - to serve and protect - the constituents of this City, this Nation, and put their best foot ward - both women and men.

Some women and men - who forget - their true sense of duty to the people they serve.

Tarnished with bias, hatred, and all those feelings and emotions that hinder.

Fail to foster love, compassion, lead and exercise above the average leadership.

Have - a true sense of service and protecting - make an effort to exercise and do good - but fail - they may one or two - but these few with "intent" take bad steps, actions, create animosity - these few bad apples - let us all - down.

Today on the steps of City Hall in San Francisco - those gathered will proclaim loud and clear - all that is good and wholesome - in humanity. Even though it is difficult - even though our hearts are full of sorrow.

Even though we are not well - but we will walk in unity and shout in unity. Without fear and do what is right.

We want to preserve life - and more respect life.

One cannot respect others - when they are full of hatred - and do not believe in serving others, humanity - with humility and genuine - love.

God plays an important role - and we know what happens when folks are spiritually - bankrupt. Our politicians for sure are - or they would not be greedy, take bribes, and break the laws that should govern our Nation.

For sure our politicians - more those that say they represent and are on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - have let us down. Time will tell.

It is the same with Mayor Edwin M. Lee - he is like a REED in the wind.

A reed - blowing - any which way - and time will tell - if this man one of a kind - will leave a legacy for good.

Or be remembered - as one who was greedy, spoke from both sides of his mouth - made false promises - and failed to represent everyone - with compassion and love.

This is the City and County of San Francisco - names after Saint Francisco of Assisi.

I am calling upon our Police Chief - Gregory Suhr and our Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

Our City Attorney Dennis Herrera, and our Public Defender Jeff Adachi.

George Gascon our District Attorney - our Controller Ben Rosenfield and our City Administrator to view the protest outside SF City Hall - as the moment many gathered to express their feelings and try their best to represent - what is right.

It may not be easy to hear and bear the statements, and all that comes with it - but that is the American way - the people must be respected and heard. 

No one wants violence and believe me no one wants those that believe in destroying public property, defacing, and making a statement that is NOT what decent people accept.

There are some bad apples who may want to display their ignorance and arrogance - we the majority - do not want such actions - to tarnish our sincere sentiments - our unity that believes some concrete good must come from such - a protest.

This is the beginning of many protest to come - we are a City that know how - and we will do it in a manner that the Nation pays attention to - and admires - we will be decent and we will - represent.

We want everyone to accept us for what we have to offer in all sincerity - and towards that end - we have taken precautions - and met those in authority.

We have kept our "communications" open - and we accept the same - from those in authority to cooperate and keep all lines open.

Black and Brown lives do matter - and our time is now in San Francisco.