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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


      The chambers at City Hall controlled by the people. 
      Total shut down of the chamber - Room 250.
      President London Breed flees - leaving the Chamber.
          Total and precise victory for the people united
                                    against injustice.

The people united shut down City Hall - total lock-down - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - noticed - knowing about the protest - left City Hall and fled to Sacramento. Today he is licking his chops.

London Breed the President of the Board of Supervisor lost control of the chamber - fled - to lick her chops and massage her wounded ego - on some dirty, commode. Pathetic to say the least.
She talks a good talk - but when it comes to action - she is a known sell out - panders to the developers - with her inherent ghetto mentality.

The many Supervisors - the sell outs - got their first reality check - and there will be many more to come.

We will track you down and attend your local meetings - and shame you until - "thy kingdom come".

Watch out you morons - you have failed to represent - and the time has come to track you folks - with -" in your face action " - you asked for it and you will get it.

For too long - have too many suffered - you have had it good - but now live with the shame of your deeds - hung around your necks - you who purport to represent - but are a disgrace to the human race.

All lives matter. Quality of life issues matter. Respect matters - you do not respect the people - so why should we respect you morons?

The Mayor Edwim M. Lee no where to be seen even                        though he was fully aware that the people would
                              be visiting him.

                Those gathered were united in their mission.

The speakers and they were many - eloquent

Community leaders saw fit much like the sun shines

                                  This brother had the crowd all riled up for all the good reasons - we need more astute speakers - take control of City Hall and stop the current on going madness in Room 250 and more in the Mayor's Office - Room 200.

    The public stuck around; then went into the Chambers where the "constituents at large" - took full control of the Chambers - Room 250.  As mentioned before London Breed fled - leaving the rest of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - on their own - revealing very poor leadership - once again proving that London Breed is a sell out of the first order.

   The message was clear - do not mess with people - enough is enough! 
This is a clarion call to Malia Cohen and the other corrupt Supervisors - Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell - hood winking the public at large - the tax paying constituents of San Francisco. Time to boot these so called corrupt Representatives - let us unite this November - and prove who truly is in charge of San Francisco.

This is a clarion call - and there is more to come.                 

The young and the not so young - supported the cause. We must respect our elders who are treated with disdain - this was shown by the many ill and hurting elders who showed up at the protest in front of City Hall - April 14, 2015 - to share their pain and tell their story. We have heard them - others have heard their pleas - but this City just talks the talk - and has failed to walk the walk.

This singer inspired the crowd and spread the joy. Our youth, young adults, and adults were there is great numbers. The person below was video taping the constituents - more to use the video tape to use it for - "nefarious" activities - much as many do today - doing injustice to many who are innocent but treated like criminals. All this in this City and County of San Francisco.

The Spy from hell that I made mention above - we have money to pay such folks - but - we do not have ability to find out who the killers are - even though the roam the streets of San Francisco - the authorities that be are looking for evidence - clear evidence - and that is like looking for a needle in a hay stack - we can do better - and I am calling those in charge - to do better and serve the community at large in San Francisco - who have lost - "trust" . Leading the charge our Mayor Edwin M. Lee who loves to talk the talk - spewing hot air - but has failed to serve the decent constituents of San Francisco - a City named after Saint Francis of Assisi - know the world over for its compassion and hospitality.