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Thursday, October 15, 2015


San Francisco has lost it - the little that was left before - of decency - some transparency and fading accountability - and now - it is all - gone.

Wheeling and dealing - pay to play - and no one can fool - all the people all the time.

San Francisco has a $9 Billion plus budget - you would not know that - if you witnessed the Quality of Life issues - failing.

The congestion on our roads, the increase in dangerous particulates, mercury, lead - other contaminants.

The increase in " respiratory diseases ".
Heart attack - and people slow dying from - serious affects of - stress.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - still busy cutting ribbons - and spewing diatribe - at openings that are not worth the salt.

So, we know what is happening to TWITTER. We the tax payers gave TWITTER breaks - and with TWITTER - some other nefarious corporations. TWITTER is not having teething problems - and the Mayor and his hoodlums - seem not to care - how the tax payers - were taken for a wild - ride.

So, let us ponder a moment and ask ourselves - that is the City Departments - after 9/11 - how are we faring with our communication system.

We talk a lot about the impending Big One - the Earthquake - other issues - so how are we really going to address the issues - without a checklist - and missing from the equation at hand - the vulnerable communication system.

Do we really have one - that works - if we have an emergency - communication system - where is it - and who can explain - how will it bring the many agencies together - on one platform?.

 Better still how about asking Verizon - how did we fare with their help, recently - and why have we failed to have dedicated channels - to deal with the situation - at hand?

Who are the City Buffoons - who have been pandering with our lives - and exposing our weakness - to the world at large.

City wide how are we doing when it comes to our computers, our servers, and again with our failing Internet - and software that is ancient.

The heads of the City Department cannot answer the pertinent questions - because the services offered to them by our City and County of San Francisco - are Smithsonian. 

The issues often come before the SF Board of Supervisors - who are more interested in mundane issues - London Breed, Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, Scott Wiener, and Julie Christensen -lackey of the Mayor and rubber stamping - idiotic policies that do not serve the community at large.

10 years ago we still had some City and County of San Francisco Departments using Window 5.

It is not very difficult to find loopholes - in many of our systems - linked to transportation, our water system, our sewer system - they have been hacked before and they will be hacked again - if we do not rise to the occasion.

Our present Chief of Police - Greg Suhr was involved in some of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission safety issues - for some time.

Since his departure the system is much more vulnerable - with the Chinese from Mainland China - now having better access to our system - and know more about our vulnerabilities than ever before.

Today, any hacker can shut down the clean water system - because the folks that manage the system - are fast asleep at the cockpit.

Huge generators sit in place - like ducks - with trained guns - and there are no " sound safety programs - no sound firewalls - and the folks talk and thing - as they did fifty years ago".

The water system becomes all the more vulnerable - when we deal with wells that cannot be fully protected - and generators that can be destroyed by malware.

Of course our SFPUC so called "security experts" - do not have the answers - and not with idiots like Juliet Ellis - who in charge of External Affairs. Other SF Public Commission heads - who are more interested in their salaries - and less work hard and producing - results.

Now, the SFPUC wants to mess with so called Clean Power - when it has failed with the utilities it manages now.

SFPUC  gets an F- when it comes to the present system - with failing valves - salt water penetrating our sewer system, brand new valves bursting open part of the Water System Improvement Project - wasting millions of  gallons of clean drinking water.

The drought has forced millions to conserve clean drinking water - the result the SFPUC is losing revenue - and soon it will have to tweak the projects in the pipeline - more Mountain Tunnel, Calavares, and other emerging projects - given to Primes who rake in millions.

URS recently jumped shipped - fleecing the tax payers and SFPUC who aided and abetted his nefarious entity - that pays to play.

This same SFPUC that wanted to place 3 Combustion Turbines using Fossil Fuel - in the Bayview - and we the community - shot that plan down.

The only supporter we had from the SF Public Utilities Commission was Richard Sklar - who has since passed away - and knew what he was talking about.

We will remember him for his good work and excellent service: