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Sunday, October 11, 2015


Can City Hall truly be "trusted" ?

Our San Francisco " come u in unity " - our true " community " is "hurting" and here we have Mayor Edwin M. Lee - still spewing diatribe, lies, made up tales - that do not add up.

For sure we need housing - but do not tell us that Public Housing that should be totally demolished, the land cleaned up - and brand new housing built - that should be the order of the day - should not.

No one can fool - all the people - all the time!

No one gave the Mayor Edwin M. Lee permission to rehabilitate very old housing, that is contaminated - the infrastructure that is totally broken - the result of deferred, maintenance.

Housing that was built by the military - for the military - and never intended for the purposes - that the Mayor purports - now - more without empirical data - and no sound Blue Print that has been vetted by those that now - about sound housing.

Most Public Housing - the walls contaminated with Asbestos and other contaminants like mercury, lead, and dangerous particulates - in high levels - deferred maintenance - making living unbearable.

HOUSING is an issue - and those that need it most - especially families - are being driven out of San Francisco - and no one seems to care.

Now after so much damage - has been done - someone are throwing arrows in the air.

The Mayor's Office of Housing is broke - anyone wanting anything - has to have a good "credit rating" - sufficient money to put down as down payment to make decent mortgage payments - and other credits - that most do not have.

There are others - who have connections - that can get what they want on a platter - when it comes to "housing" - we know that - but enough said.

Our infants, children, youth, young adults, the growing number of seniors - are all having serious issues to deal with - when it comes to HEALTH - services.

We are in a crisis - and Obama Care is not working - more when it comes to paying huge premiums - and getting, less in services. Those that have chosen some Health Management Organizations - are caught in a bind.

Our City and County of San Francisco know this but chooses to circumvent the issue. The increase in Asthma, other serious respiratory diseases, heart problems, issues originating from stress - are here - but no one seems to care.

The band-aid solutions found to aid our homeless - are there - but look at our streets - more down town - and we all must ask ourselves - why so many homeless are still found our streets - trying to stay alive - and pitted by so many.

 We shall NOT be moved

The congestion on our roads - is unbearable - and many have spoken about the dangerous particulates - filtering into their homes - more those leaving closer to the roads and freeways - adversely impacting the innocent - more our infants, children, youth, and young adults. Our seniors with compromised - health issues.

In general Mayor Edwin M. Lee has not address Quality of Life issues - failing to provided sound Recreation Facilities - and doling out small "open spaces" - most of them having - " shadow issues" and contaminated with dangerous, particulates.

The " 5 M Project" is one of these ploys - hoodwinking the public at large - and dividing the - community. No one can fool - all the people - all the time.

This is "Ohlone Land" - 
every square inch was stolen
the "crooks" know about this -
and more - they lies - because
the do not know - better
the "Great Spirit" sees it all
that day is coming - and when it comes
" it will be too late ".