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Monday, October 5, 2015


Nefarious Activities at 
San Francisco's City Hall

In recent years with intent - the Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin M. Lee has decided to rake in millions - working with dubious and nefarious developers - the likes of  Lennar Urban and Forest City.

The on going debacle linked to the " 5 M Project " - is a case in point.

Communities that have long established themselves - immigrant  communities - are now pitied by City Hall - one against the other.

 Leading City Officials, the SF Board of Supervisors, SF Planning Department, SF City Attorney, SF Assessor, SF City Administrator, others that matter - looking away - and none of them taking a stand for what is - right - no one - worth the salt - backing the immigrant communities that have offered so much to San Francisco.

There is nothing new about Forest City - saying one thing and doing another.

We all remember that Forest City - promised to restore the " dome " at the old Emporium - then, failed to abide by the Secretary of Interior standards - governing - "Land Mark" - buildings.

To this day Forest City has not resolved the issues related to the dome. The site once served as a Church and a University run by the Jesuits - now situated on Fulton Street - the well known and respected - the University of San Francisco.

Forest Hill pushed for all the development at Pier 70 - led by nefarious folks the likes of Joe Boss.

 Implicit permission given by the San Francisco Port Authority - that has failed the constituents of California - on standards linked with land that are " Public Trust Land " - and more on Port Property -  which should be used for Maritime Uses.

Pier 70 is contaminated - with a million tons of coal tar - seeping into the Bay.

At Pier 70 the old Mirant Power Plant and before that operated by Pacific Gas and Electricity - polluting Pier 70 and the adjoining areas.

High levels of particulates, lead, mercury, and two large sites - linked to Ammonia spills - from the activities - during World War II - and the building of war ships and related activities.

Again and again Forest City which is a broker - will enter into agreements - buy City Officials, by renegade entities - divide the community - and think that they can fool all the people - all the time.

Foster City  - wheel and deal - using the ploys like " Land Banking" - to sell land and assets to the highest bidder - after leasing or acquiring land for pennies - with " fake agreements "- so called Disposition and Development Agreements (DDAs).

The people of Philippines are dear to the United States of America - some 4 million plus - residing all over this Nation - and a huge population from the Philippines - now making their home in the United States - residing in California.

We seem to forget easily the role of brave soldiers from the Philippines who helped the United States - and were promised United States citizenship - and were shafted.

Few have read history - and those that have read the facts remember well the very  brave soldiers from the Philippines and the  "Bataan March".

 The death march ordered by the Imperial Japanese army - United States soldiers and the soldiers - our allies - from the Philippines - and the horrendous deaths from this " death march". 

We, the United States owe the people of the Philippines much - and more those citizens - who have contributed so much - to our Nation.

Closer to home - in San Francisco - the evictions of many Americans from the Philippines - from the erstwhile International Hotel.

 It  took the City and County of San Francisco 23 years to apologize to the victims - and even that was half-hearted.

Today, I see ignorant and arrogant folks who have no sense of history, less spirituality, and even less fortitude - divide the community - by accepting some stale bread crumbs - and forgetting history - history and a legacy that counts - on important issues and matters.

Indigenous people do not sell out their fellow country women, men, infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors, and all those connected and need help. We see the contrary - and we are alert and monitoring the situation at hand.

I know the players - and I know how deep they are - more how they can be charming when they need some "green" - and how despicable when it comes to be united - creating hurdles - and failing to stand for the  " true community" - that count and matter.

I represent the First People of the City and County of San Francisco - and the lands around San Francisco - I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - and I am watching the shenanigans on the television.

The people united will never, ever be divided.

 Those dividing the people - are not to be trusted - Forest City and those that order mandates - that are detrimental to unity and the welfare and good - of the people - the tax payers - the constituents of San Francisco.

Forest City should put its plan in writing. Forest City should not foster - breaking of existing zoning laws in place - no " spot zoning". Do not change the skyline - do not encourage ' high density housing" - we want " open space" with facilities - where infants and children and their parents can take their children and are afford clean drinking water, restrooms, other amenities - most open space today - are ravaged by animals and some who conveniently forget to pick up after their animals.

The clowns who spoke at the San Francisco Planning Commission - and loudly proclaim they want all the housing and do not care about shadows - adversely impacting the projects - are out of their mind.

This is Ohlone land - and the Muwekma Ohlone - do not encourage nor endorse - skyscrapers and other "spot zoning" - that adversely impacts those that now made their abode in the South of Market Area.

Those that lived there for over 60 and 70 years - must have a say. The newbies can say what they want - but there must be validity to what they say - some just open their mouth and spew diatribe.

Those from the Philippines have been move out of the International Hotel, then from he area now know as Yerba Buena Gardens, and now this area - in the South of Market - which was promised to declared " a historical area for those who immigrated from the Philippines - and have done their utmost - to preserve their culture".

On many front be it in the service to our Nation - laying their lives - as witnessed in the very famous and documented " Bataan March" .

Time is running out - and we can still - proclaim and announce - rally and join - like minded - human beings - and WIN. Aho.