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Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Malia Cohen heads the Land Use and Transportation Committee - now, truly speaking this inept, spineless and very corrupt woman - knows very little of Land Use issues - more technical - and still less about Transportation - issues.

She represents District 10 - which is suffering - and as Chair takes bribes and rubber stamps. As was clearly seen by her actions - at the Land Use and Transportation Committee meeting - October 19, 2015 - in Room 250.

The Willie L. Brown Middle School has spent millions - over $5 million to build a brand new school and it is rife with problems - serious problems - that even the Principal brought in from Chicago - with much fun fare - jumped ship.

Today pandemonium reigns at the Willie L. Brown Jr, Middle School - and those beholden to this former "thug" Mayor of San Francisco - keeps disgracing - San Franciscans - having a bridge name after him, a school, and now perhaps the commodes on Market Street - which most appropriately - should serve to please his - " sordid ego ".

An item came before the Land Use and Transportation Committee - linked to widening roads on Revere Street - a street that has not seen any meaningful repairs - any upgrade in ages.

Some months ago the Willie L. Brown Jr, Middle School had its grand opening. The front door was still under repairs - no ramp - and an eye shore - the entrance to the front door - still holding things together - with two by fours.

This is what happens when we San Franciscans - give the San Francisco Unified School District too much power.

Now it is becoming more about money, SalesForce, folks like Willie L. Brown Jr, using his undue influence - and less about stellar education.

We have too many truants that the SF Unified School District cannot address. The Land Use and Transportation Committee - has not held one meaningful hearing on - homelessness - nor on congestion. Pathetic.

When our City and County of San Francisco - fails to serve the residents and tax payers - in San Francisco - and makes special arrangements to help the Willie L. Brown Middle School - not for the right reasons - but sordid reasons - something thinks.

On Silver Avenue, on San Bruno Avenue, on other streets close to the school - nothing much has been done - I have had to contact my friends working at the Department of Public Works to address - serious safety issues.

I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco - have certifications linked to every aspect of the Americans of Disabilities Act.

 The courses I took and passed with honors - were through the Department of Interior - the highest body that deals with such matters. Every technical issues - address - is a holistic manner - with those that should be served in mind.

At the opening - of the Willie L. Brown Jr, Middle School - there was no ramp to accommodate those that were physically challenged.

 The building is brand new - but already - has some issues - that have to be addressed. Parents deceived by promises - classes announced and cancelled - programs announced with great fun fare - suddenly vanished into thin air.

Apartments are planned for teachers - and there have been many " change orders " made - linked to the entire project - that has been touted - as state of the art - when the opposite is true.

Malia Cohen is a " house negro " that thinks she knows some - when she know little.

Malia Cohen  - has no idea about protocols - less etiquette - wears make up - that resembles a  whore - more, political whore.

There is nothing honest about Malia Cohen - from the time she won her first District 10 election - some 200 votes - and did not live in her District she won - District 10 - but, lived with her parents in District 9 - for over 9 months or so.

She now lives with the White folks - on Potrero Hill - and looks down on the poor and those that have fallen on bad times. Time will tell.

The Land Use and Transportation Committee has no clue what truly is happening - with all the congestion - all over San Francisco.

Pays no attention to the increase in respiratory diseases - heart problems - and other chronic diseases - adversely affecting our infants, children, youth, young adults, senior and others with compromised - health.

Seriously,  pays no absolutely NO attention to the California Environmental Quality Act - more -  serious " cumulative issues " - that adversely impacts the majority of decent, hardworking - tax paying - San Franciscans.

"Spot Zoning" has been rubber stamped by the Land Use and Transportation Committee - and turned this great City and County of San Francisco - into a congested, contaminated, polluted - concrete jungle.

On Treasure Island that is contaminated - no one in their right mind - should live there.

More with high levels of radioactive elements - and people who have lived there - coming down - with all sorts of complicated - health issues.

 We know that - but grand plans are made to build - high density homes - small floor print - 150 square feet - and our City and County thinks everything is fine - on land prone to liquefaction and flooding.

Yerba Buena is land that the Muwekma Ohlone laid their claim on - " Right of First Refusal " -  way back in 1991.

Of course Jane Kim who is the District 6 Supervisor - is addressing the current issues - in a nonchalant manner - now, more interested in the Senate race - aiming to be in Sacramento - which more suits her taste and demeanor. 

The issue about Transportation taxes and hospitals and giving tax breaks - to all hospitals in San Francisco a " carte blanc " exemption is something that must be visited again.

The Sutter Hospitals owe San Francisco - Billions of dollars - a case in being prepared to take the matter to court. 

Sutter Hospitals should be paying this amount - as soon as possible - and then we can address money to be spent wisely on Transportation and other issues.

The Jewish Home is doing good work - and we must support them - another items on the agenda that I addressed.

More to provide succor to the seniors - across the board - the Jewish community, the near by residents, and those the Jewish Home for the Aged - deem suitable and viable.

Bottom line it is becoming fashionable to notice some important issues - with a 30 day notice - a at the Land Use and Transportation Committee to serve - those that do not believe in accountability and transparency - like Forest City and the sordid - 5M Project - fast tracked with all sorts of illegalities.

Then having done that - take important matters - to the Full Board for adjudication without any critical and pertinent dialog and discussion at the Committee - level. 

This nonsense must STOP - one can comprehend if it is for important matters - that needs some expediency - but not for matters that should be heard fully at the  Committee level - in this case - the Land Use and Transportation Committee that is useless and has created - very serious problems.

Again the Land Use and Transportation Committee with Malia Cohen as Chair - is a JOKE.

 This woman has been taking bribes, bold enough to ask for a condominium and other such favors - and it is time to charge her and send her to jail - for a long time - the RICO ACT - is one instrument.

For too long have San Franciscans been taken for a wild ride.

These corrupt and very sordid Supervisors - including Malia Cohen - must respect and represent the constituents of San Francisco - who work hard, pay their taxes - and have contributed a lot to our City and County of San Francisco.

This land all of it belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone.

 I represent all aspects - linked to Land Use, Transportation, Economic Development, Base Closure, related issues, in short Quality of Life issues. Aho.