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Friday, October 23, 2015


San Francisco took the BOLD step in 1989 - to come to the rescue of fleeing immigrants.

 When the City and County of San Francisco -  declared itself - in right measure - and for the best reasons - to be a stellar - Sanctuary City - our hearts were in the right - place.

At that time many Latin American countries - were experiencing war - and innocent people were hunted down - " by killing squads " - and our Nation could not be on the sidelines - and watch the on going - cold bloody - murders - in the thousands.

The innocent traumatized walked hundreds of miles - endured all types of atrocities - to find refuge in our great City of San Francisco - and in other cities bordering our long border.

Other cities close to our long border more along New Mexico, Texas, and of course California - did what they could.

San Francisco stood out - as we always do - our hearts in the right place - as our constituents rallied to the cause of our suffering immigrants - more with compassion.

The Churches opened their doors - the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - at that time - felt something had to be done - quickly - more to come to the rescue of women and children.

We advocates fought for a "Sanctuary City" - I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco - and was directly in touch with ' Federal Agents" and used by influence - at various levels to bring about some understanding.

More as Sixth Army and Presidio of San Francisco - last Congressional Liaison - and with good reason - and there were many Congressperson and Senators - who had their heart - in the right place - and helped us.

One early morning in 1991 - I saw people hiding in the bushes - at the Presidio of San Francisco - at first I was puzzled by this fact - human beings under bushes - here and there - in the forest - their clothes all wet - dripping.

When some of us approached them - we found they were " Chinese citizens " - who fled China - took refuge in some container ship - that threw them off Crizzy Field.

We saw their plight - and some of us - provided them refuge - warm clothes and food. We had many who spoke Madarin and Cantonese - who made things - easier - so that we could speak to the Military Police - and do the right thing.

From this experience we learned much - and we - die hard  - " compassionate advocates " - were proud of our City.

 Some of us - were bold enough to attend hearings - with Custom Agents - before  the Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) was created - and speak on behalf of those that needed help most.

When we visited the jails we saw innocent people from all over the world - but more from Latin American countries.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1989 - were sensible - compassionate - unlike the "weasels" we have today - sitting in the chambers - playing the - immigration issue.

The present SF Supervisor 26 years ago - were young - many of them - in their diapers - when it came to " sound politics " - more London Breed, Malia Cohen, and Katy Tang.

We understand what a Resolution stands for - more verbosity - that is non-binding.

 An Ordinance - that has teeth -  is law binding.

So, for Mark Farrell to initiate some " drab language " and play the plight of the immigrants - trying to initiate language to - contact Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) -  is pathetic.

More tell us the his mother is of German origin - and this fact - makes him comprehend the issues the immigrants face today - which is plain - " hog wash".

Mark Farrell should be ashamed of himself - and the his Jesuit education - has not taught him to discern - and be compassionate.

Mark Farrell's amendments play into the Priority Enforcement Program (PEP) - some Executive Order - from the White House - that has sent millions back across the borders - under President Barack Hussein Obama.

Before that thousands lingering in facilities - housed like animals - and among them many stressed out and traumatized women and children from South of our border.

More immigrants have been sent back to their former countries under President Barack Hussein Obama - who failed immigration polices - cry to heaven for justice.

So for Malia Cohen - a political whore - reading some prepared statement - and on a whim - influencing Supervisors  John Avalos, Jane Kim, David Campos and Eric Mar - may win the support of the "whimsical" and those that cannot discern.

 Those of us - that know better - can discern and sniff out  a " political whore".

For starters we have an Ordinance in place that has strong language. We can work on the modalities - " the Standard Operating Procedures" from the Sheriff's Office - Ross Mirkarimi.

Ross Mirkarimi was elected nor anointed - in that same election - for those who understand facts - empirical data - Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi received more votes - than Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who is a loser.

I supported Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - as I was on the frontline doing what I do best - addressing injustice - and I am on afraid of the MACHINE - that has failed "democracy" - and those that need help most in San Francisco.

Witness the increase in homelessness, congestion on our streets - our disparity gap is below Rwanda - a small country in Central Africa.

If that does not say something - I do not know what will.

What will truly  awaken those SF Board of Supervisors - who are famous for running their mouth - spewing diatribe - more toxic in nature.

I do not support Mark Farrell, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Scott Wiener, Julie Christensen and Katy Tang. They all let down our City - and we must boot its - vermin - as soon as possible - good riddance of bad rubbish.

I was in the chambers that day - October 20, 2015 - and witnessed all of the shenanigans - the picture taking with Malia Cohen joined by David Campos - giving the " immigrants " - some false hope - now that the immigrants think falsely they have  a supporter in Malia Cohen.

Malia Cohen is a " political whore " - time will tell.

As for the " immigrants " - they are from all over the world. The plight of the " immigrants " must not be associated only with the " latin immigrants".

As I have stated above - we must be holistic - and not put our hope, our aspirations, our faith,  and our fortitude - on some cases.

Some segment of the population - and think we are doing right - when we are convoluted in our thinking.

We have shut City Hall before - we did that on April 14, 2015 - London Breed and Malia Cohen fleeing the Chambers. Mayor Edwin M. Lee - escaping to Sacramento - no one can fool all the people - all the time.

It is just a matter of time - we will shut down City Hall - without stepping in City Hall - the logistics and detail planning - are in place - and will be executed with precision.

As for on going discussion and fake deliberation on the " Sanctuary Issue" - nothing good will come from Mark Farrell.

 Besides, his salary - Mark Farrell makes thousands on the side - working as a consultant - we call them " money mongers" they are the scum bags that catered to the machinations and ploys - on Wall Street.

Few remember when the SF Board of Supervisors - were paid $38,000 now it is more than $150,000 with benefits.

Some wheel and deal - more those that I have mentioned - in this article.

Most of these SF Board of Supervisors are shallow, inept, have no standards and those I have named in this article - unethical and immoral.

Stay away from the " Sanctuary Issue" - if you touch it again - all hell will break - loose.  Aho.