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Wednesday, October 14, 2015


There is nothing new - when lack of transparency and more accountability is demanded - from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - (SFPUC).

More, the staff that works for SFPUC - and little is forthcoming - representing the tax payers who pay so much and get so little in return.

The drought has forced the SFPUC to learn first hand that people have been conserving clean drinking water. Close to fifty percent - and with this new change - SFPUC revenues have hit rock bottom.

Added to this SFPUC has wasted millions of gallons of clean drinking water - broken pipes, brand new valves that have failed - in short tardiness on the part - of those SFPUC workers who were contracted to do a standard sound job and failed.

Who talk the talk and cannot and will not walk the walk.

You would think that SFPUC would have at least one " public meeting" - when inferior water from wells - more from the South Bay - is being mixed with pristine Hetch Hetchy water - that comes all the way from Yosemite - most of it - using - gravity.

People are leery when it comes to drinking water - but, the SFPUC does not seem to mind - and more NOT to care. 

With Juliet Ellis in charge of SFPUC Public Affairs - this sordid woman - is busy - concocting all sorts of ploys and machinations - in the name of being Environmentally Friendly. Never mind if she has no morals and lacks standards.

There has NOT been a single meeting about Clean Energy and placing such resources in the Bayview.

SFPUC cannot manage it affair now - imagine competing with Pacific Gas and Electric and other entities - who are far ahead of the game - when it comes to so called Clean Energy.

When it come to maintenance and repair - the SFPUC is some organization that lacks with prompt service - the will take your call - give you excuses - and if that is what those client who want to deal with SFPUC - more power to them.

Sellouts in the Bayview - mostly Blacks are selling out the community - they are offered " stale bread crumbs " - and they are more for themselves - and less for the community that is hurting. Acting as middle persons - trying to foster - divisiveness.

The Southeast Community Facility Commission - is a joke - rubber stamping - what those at SFPUC - wants them to act on. Remember there is the "community" - 1800 Oakdale belongs to the community. And at all times the community - must be informed and educated on issues - no one gave SFPUC carte blanc permission to do as they please.

Any type of project on the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - need to be evaluated - only one part of the entire Shipyard has been transferred - that is Parcel A. There are other parcels - B, C, D, E, F, UC1, UC2 and more being carved out - all belonging to the United States Navy - all contaminated - more with high levels of radioactive elements.

Parcel A is contaminated and right now has very high levels of Asbestos Reading. Who is fooling whom. Any one who lives on Parcel A - anyone who works in and around Parcel A - is prone to get and suffer from Mesothelioma. Asbestosis for those that are NOT familiar with Mesothelioma.

This disease kills you slowly - fibers stick in one's lungs - and each time you breathe - the pain is horrible - many wish to cut themselves - and bleed to death - and there have been such cases.

The land at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard has naturally occurring Serpentinite Rock - hard and when crushed - releases Asbestos Structures - once one breathes - these particles - you suffer - not in the short run but int he long run.

Why would any one want to farm Clean Energy at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - prone to all sorts of chronic diseases.

Heart problems, all sorts of respiratory diseases, tumors not seen any where else, women giving brith to " still born babies".

Barbara Gracia, Tomas Aragon, others know about this - but, look the other way - pandering to Mayor Edwin M. Lee and Lennar a Rouge Developer.

The SFPUC and those who favor Clean Energy on Parcel A - and panderers - at the right time - I will name them - but that does not mean right now - make a big difference - for sure they have BLOOD not their hands.

The SFPUC has failed - with the Water System Improvement Project (WSIP) on Mountain Tunnel, Calavares Damn, Irvington Tunnel - and all over the region - where brand new valves, brand new pipe - welded poorly - have burst open - and millions of clean treated drinking water - spilled and wasted.

We are watching the half-baked projects initiated by SFPUC - the outreach that stinks to high heaven - initiated by Juliet Ellis - who should be fired. She was charged by the SF Ethics Commission - and the Fair Political Action Committee - is shameless - paid the fine imposed - and still hangs around - despicable.