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Saturday, October 3, 2015


Mayor Lee and the SF Board of Supervisors
have with intent compromised too many
innocent people - it is simply wrong
for decent human beings to sleep 
on the dirty, filthy streets
 of San Francisco - facing inclement
 weather - many slowly dying.

San Francisco has always embraced our infants,children, youth, young adults, others who showed good faith to live in our great City and County of San Francisco.

In recent years - a concerted attempt has been made to abuse the Constitutional Rights of the tax payers, the constituents of San Francisco.

San Francisco has over $9 Billion budget - but has failed to provide succor to those that need it most. Too much talk - and very little action.

Our politicians - now have all earned a new name - " scumbags".

These vermin - are out to rake in millions. When given an opportunity to speak - they speak - from both sides of their mouth.

Most of them wheeling and dealing - making deals - and raking in thousands - if not millions. Some begging for condominiums from developers - in return for favors.

Time to enforce the RICO ACT - we have the empirical data.

Not once - have anyone from these scumbags - apologized for the harm - they have done - slowly killing those adversely impacted in the thousands - our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors -those who need help most - those with compromised immune systems - those mentally and physically - challenged.

The people united - will never - ever - be defeated - more, when they are educated on issues - now the very homes we live in - are targeted by corrupt, greed, crooks.

They want it all - never mind over 30,000 families have left San Francisco - in the last 10 years. All of them contributed so much to make our City and County of San Francisco - great.

A new group VISION SF is moving in the right direction - focusing on those Propositions that will adversely impact the constituents of San Francisco.

Rallying volunteers much like we did in 2002 - to fight the SF Redevelopment Agency - and again to fight LENNAR a rogue developer - in the Bayview.

There is no way - the promises made by Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who brags about 30,000 units - for those who need housing most - who still thinks - he can fool all the people all the time.

10 years from now - they will be still talking about entitlements - with law suits - and other hurdles - that those who talk now - will say - they never, ever expected - the hurdles - but right now - the crooks want our money - SFHOPE is a JOKE.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - wants to rehabilitate Public Housing - Public Housing at Potrero Hill, Hunterview, Oakdale, Sunnydale - should all be demolished.

The reason is simple - these units built by the Department of Defense - were never built to last so long. They all should have been demolished 30 years ago.

The City and County of San Francisco has empirical data - about these Public Housing - laden with lead, Asbestos, and other very dangerous contaminants.

Many of these units - have fungi - from leaking pipes - many sewer pipes and also clean water drinking pipes.

The pipes are old - and the San Francisco Housing Authority - with intent - carried out deferred maintenance. With intent - creating adverse impacts - to remove - hundreds of innocent, poor people.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee thinks - he can make general statements about housing - and fool - all the people - all the time.

Malia Cohen - District 10 Supervisor

The crooked Assessor of San Francisco
Carmen Chu - has given large breaks -
in the millions - to those that are corrupt 
and must pay their taxes - many of them 
are conducting business - illegally.

The heifer from District 5
London Breed - talks a good talk - 
has failed the constituents of
San Francisco.

The SF Board of Supervisors - the majority of them scumbags - for sure Malia Cohen, London Breed, Mark Farrell, Katy Tang, Scott Wiener, and Julie Christensen.

The above all talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. When it comes to public comment - the above - Supervisors - all believe - in failing to give the constituents - the opportunity - to speak their 3 minutes. Now reduced to 2 minutes.

Again our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors, those needing most helping - the mentally and physically challenged - have protections - but the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has done nothing at all - to provide succor - to those that need help most. Shame on you Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

A Muwekma Ohlone Warrior
the First People of San Francisco.

The Muwekma Ohlone were here for
over 15 thousands years - and 
preserved the land, the air, the
water pristine - than came the
stranges and destroyed it all.

This is Ohlone land - and the City and County of San Francisco - is hard pressed to produce - on single legal document - proving that the land was handed over to the City and County of San Francisco.

300 years ago - this land we call the Bay Area, including San Francisco and more - was all Ohlone land.

All the land was stolen - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his henchmen and women comprehend this - but do not have the conscience - the decency - the fortitude - to speak the TRUTH.

Their time will come - and the state of affairs - will not be pretty. No one can harm the innocent - and have peace of mind and soul. Believe me - you will suffer the consequences - in proportion to the harm done to the innocent - looking the other way with disdain.

This land we call San Francisco was once pristine. It is now a concrete jungle. Every single open space - however small is targeted by developers - and building mostly Market Price Housing - for those making $150,000 and above.

We have condominium selling from $3 million to $5 million - and some as high as $10 million.

We have gathered in numbers -
we have spoken about the issues -
in the past we "shut down" City Hall.
In the future - we need not enter 
City Hall - you are put on notice.

Those hard working tax payers - San Franciscans - who created San Francisco - our various neighborhoods have so much to offer - now, the character of neighborhood are being compromised.

Thousands are leaving San Francisco - and the Mayor Edwin M. Lee is throwing arrows in the air.

Drastically changed - so much so forcing housing advocates to put a Proposition to put a STOP - a moratorium - on "Market Pricing Housing".

We protested a long time ago -
we exercised our constitution rights -
we represented well - but the scumbags
had ulterior motives - and have failed
us all - the people united will never,
ever be defeated.

Blatant lies are spewed to building so called "affordable housing" on land prone to liquefaction and flooding. Failing to pay attention to "climate change" and sea level rise.

It is amazing how Mayor Edwin M. Lee has failed to take the Academy of Art University to task - for converting hundreds of " rental units" - all under "rent control".

Now converted to "dormitories" - with the full knowledge of the SF Planning Department, the former SF Planning Zoning Czar - Larry Badner. Stuff foreign student one small beds - forcing them to share toilets and one kitchen - charging them an arm and a leg.

Thousands of units - used as short and long term leasing - more to "tourists" - depriving - locals having access to "rental units" by entities like AirB&B - who has spent over $10 million dollars - money that could be given to help the homeless and those that need help most.

The Assessor and the Treasurer could collect $5 million a year - but has chosen to collect $1 million - given permission to conduct their business - short and long term leasing - with paying their due taxes. This City and County of San Francisco is condoning - illegal businesses - to adversely impact - hard working, tax paying - San Franciscans. This nonsense must STOP.

Skyscapers that tarnish our skyline in SF.

It is simply wrong - to pay $3500 for a one bed room unit - over $4800 for a two bed room unit. The City and those in charge the City Administrator, the SF Planning Director John Rahaim, others in the know - have failed to address the issue at hand - with short term solutions - that matter and are holistic.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee
talks from both sides of his dirty mouth

In the interim our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our senior, our mentally and physically challenged, those with compromised immune system, foster children, queer youth - are Left to fend for themselves.

Many sleeping on the dirty, filthy streets of San Francisco - shame on our City and County of San Francisco - officials that have failed us - despicable. These jerks talk from both sides of their mouth.

With intent - the constitution rights of the people are compromised. Aho.