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Sunday, October 11, 2015


Tomorrow, October 12, 2015 - I plan to visit Alcatraz - it so happens this day is called Columbus Day.

On this day the "foolish" those not educated on issues - those who have NOT read the true history -  show  disdain and disrespect the Native Americans - by  associating with false hoods and the heinous actions of this "criminal" - Christopher Columbus.

This evil man had no compassion - and the details of his deeds are written - so that we may read and learn.

The Tainos were treated with disdain:

Never, ever to repeat the actions - so horrendous, so despicable - that even today as we review Columbus' actions and deeds - we feel like - puking. 

The man landed on islands - remarked that the people were so generous - lacked animosity, were generous, peaceful and all the good things - one could say.

So what did this man do?

He captured the women and the men - mistreated them, bullied them - and sent them as slaves to Spain.

The rest of the men, children, and women - he ordered his men to do what he wanted with them.

The horror stories are many - including using the flesh -  of those Columbus slaved - to feed the dogs.

And there is more - suffice to say - any decent human being - gets the picture.

Today after so many years - all over the Nation - here, in the United States of America - people are realizing that - we must stand united and speak up.

 Get rid of this day - that represents nothing good -  nothing holistic - nothing worth keeping - this so called day - remembering this evil man is sordid and a disgrace to anything - decent.

It must be removed from any calendar - worth the salt - where some false praise is given to a criminal - and more his nefarious actions. Celebrating Columbus Day - must be nullified.

Native Americans have suffered so much and most of us that have some heart - comprehend the deeds and actions - that to this day - adversely impacts so many innocent people.

The extent of the suffering - forcing the Native Americans to leave their tribal grounds - and forced to live on " Reservations" to this day.

On land that bears little and often the Reservation have nothing much - spreading all sorts of diseases, malnutrition, lack of sound education, lacking in short Quality of Life issues.

Wake up America - wake up Congress - wake up the President - and offer what you can offer - recognition - and restore the lands back to those that you stole it from.

Here in San Francisco - to the Muwekma Ohlone.

We men, children, and women - who make our abode in America must  have compassion - be educated on issues - shed light where there is abject - darkness.

It is the deeds that count - true actions - and we can begin - by getting rid of this day - when fake praises and untold misery is spread - by glorifying a criminal - Christopher Columbus.

There is nothing great about this man - who wanted to land in India in search of spices and what was then called "Black Gold" - and landed in the Americas - and defiled what was  called - Turtle Island.

Democracy flourished in many areas - more on the East Coast - the Six Nations - the Iroquois - who even today - the First People - will not forget what their ancestors had to endure - in terms of humiliation, distrust, and false promises.

The greed of the White men knows no bounds - he speaks with a "fork tongue" - he is greedy, he contaminates, he spreads diseases, the worst one - is "greed".

Spiritually is he is bankrupt - he has no respect for Mother Earth - and there in lies - his fall - he is a disgrace to the human race.

In less that 300 years since - the plague beset Turtle Island - a concrete jungle was created -  vast areas  contaminated, devastated, polluted - the air, the land and the waters.

We all know that but we do not have the guts -to put the "culprits" on notice.

In our jails we have more people of color than ever before. A full ten percent of this Nation - more, people of color have been to jail - many innocent - waiting for their release - that day takes many years - in the interim their suffer.

As far as education and opportunities are concerned - the hurdles brought in the way - and visited on people of color - knows no bounds.

We must stand for our rights and be educated. Stay away from the Bling - and work hard to save the little we can - by being educated on issues.

It is not easy - but it has to be done.

The White men divides and rules - to this day - and the more we fight for our rights - the more he uses money - we see that here in San Francisco - the filthy rich and the very poor.

It throws money to the sell outs - the political whores and pimps  - in San Francisco the likes of Malia Cohen and London Breed. Scott Wiener and Mark Farrell - Julie Christensen and Katy Tang.

More the many Commission that fail to represent the people.

The SF Board of Supervisors depriving us the 3 minutes during Public Comment - running their mouths - running in circles - spewing diatribe, toxicity and polluting the air.

Inept, spineless, worthless, a disgrace to anything decent. These so called Supervisors - we looked them in the eye - when we shut down City Hall - April 14, 2015.

The middle class has eroded in San Francisco - and right before our eyes - we witness disparity, divisiveness, suffering, slow death.

Our senses are numbed - we know that something has to be done - but the spirit is weak - too much talk and very little - action.

The Native Americans are dear to my heart - I represent as best I can the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco.

 This filthy rich City and County of San Francisco - that stole all the land - does not have a single " legal document" that states they have legally purchased on single square inch.

The Muwekma exercised their right of First Refusal on Alcatraz, the Presidio, other places in writing - in 1991.

Tomorrow - I will be on the island - Alcatraz - with my sisters, children, and brothers - and I will witness - the ceremony.

A spiritual awakening - " unity" - our heart in the right place - the sunrise ceremony - the first ferry boat leaves at 5 am.

To hell with Columbus Day - and those that celebrate this " sordid man ".

Those who are arrogant and ignorant - need to educate themselves.

 Rid themselves of the toxicity they spread - by riding in their parades of disgrace.

Acting as "fools" - knowing little of history - less of spirituality -  spreading falsehood - and more dishonoring the Native Americans - whose land this is. Aho.