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Sunday, October 18, 2015


At the latest Mayoral forum - where candidates running for Mayor of San Francisco - where given an opportunity - to show their true colors.

 To reveal what they all had in mind - to serve as Mayor of San Francisco - in the up coming November, 2015 - Mayoral Elections of San Francisco.

Watch the forum and hear the Mayor Edwin M. Lee speak - judge for yourselves:

These forums are held by the League of Women Voters - and among candidates 6 in all - there was Mayor Edwin M. Lee - the odd ball and tool - trying to fumble and each time he open his mouth - he shoved his dirty foot in it.

Is this what has become of San Francisco?

In the last four and half years, this - good for nothing - jack ass - has destroyed whatever little - was left good -  in San Francisco.

Created congestion on our streets, an increase in homelessness, our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors and those with compromised health - all suffering in San Francisco.

Thousands stressed out - and slowly dying - and most of the so called Representative on the local, state, and federal level  - looking the other way.

The divide among the rich and the poor is so large - that we as a City - so called rich city - has an economic disparity - below that of Rwanda - a country in Africa.

It does not bother the Mayor Edwin M. Lee to state again and again - as he spews his diatribe, lies, that he has destroyed the lives of thousands of people.

His future plans - are like those of - Caligula. The idiot would not know what I am talking about - he has BLOOD on his hands - and his advisors - keep telling him - that he is doing - great.

There are plans to build skyscrapers on some 8 acres of land a parking lot - at Mission Bay.

 More, market price - and we are told that - the "evil developers" are building so called - affordable housing. When in fact 5 skyscrapers - over and above the height limits permitted - will build more " market price" - housing. Who is fooling - whom.

We already went through this nonsense with the 8 Washington Street debacle - we voted that plans down - and with it - sent a signal - NO MORE high rises on the San Francisco - water front.

Why build skyscrapers - high density buildings - where human beings live like animals.

Engage in less socialization - even less quality inter-action - reminiscent of the  " Geneva Towers" - that were torn down.

 Why is Mayor Edwin M. Lee - pushing for Manhattan like models - that we the people  - " do not appreciate in San Francisco ? ".

The Muwekma Ohlone own all the land - and it was stolen from them. Every square of this land we call San Francisco - that legally belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone.

We exercised our Right of First Refusal - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - his cronies - know about this fact.

The Mayor's  advisors - " are full of it" - stop building tall buildings - and stop compromising - on Quality of Life issues. This is not your land - as as "strangers" you have done what you are know for - GREED and all that comes with that - "sordid" to the core.

Rightly so we do not want AirBnB to lease thousands of homes - and deprive hard working San Franciscans and others - from renting and living in San Francisco.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee is beholden to AirBnB, as he is beholden to all those "evil developers" - he has made "sordid pacts" with.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his cronies will fall - flat on their faces - sooner not later. 

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has created many avenues - " pay to play". He has fund raising events - and demands people to write him a " personal check" - to fill his already - over flowing - " campaign coffers". 

This blatant corruption is on going - with Malia Cohen, London Breed, Julie Christensen, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell, Scott Wiener among the San Francisco Supervisors - busy raking in blood money to fill their campaign coffers. Time will tell.

In the Mission - the people united - have stated that they want a moratorium on - " market price housing". The people united - will never, ever be defeated.

We do not want developers - who do not represent us San Franciscans, who DO NOT appreciate the unique characteristics of our " unique neighborhoods" - in the 11 Districts that we have in San Francisco.

Time and time again - so called " spot zoning " and other ploys and machinations are used - to fool the people, remove them from their neighborhood - and one example - is the " 5 M Project " - pushed by Forest City - a despicable - developer.

The same developers who is pushing to build Pier 70 - where very serious " contaminants " are present - and where little or no abatement, mitigation is being done.

Developers producing conceptual plans - talking about open space - but no mention of recreation facilities - buildings with rest room, recreation facilities for the infants, children, youth, youth adults and seniors.

April 14, 2015 we shut down City Hall. The Mayor escaped to Sacramento and the President of the Board - the heifer London Breed - left her post -  there was utter confusion - in Room 250.

 The few SF Board of Supervisors - who stayed  - witnessed first hand the frustration of the people.

In the last 5 years thousands of decent San Franciscans have left San Francisco.

They will never, ever come back - to live in San Francisco.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee is trying to hoodwink the people - by offering Single Residency Occupancy (SROs) to the homeless - and those stupid enough - listen to him and his cronies.

The SROs stink, full of bed bugs, pest - not fit for normal human beings to live.

As this late date - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his Homeless Czar  - Bevan Dufty - who is on his way out - are drowning and clinging to anything - to stay afloat.

None of their plans are worth the salt - they have raked in millions - and they know - they will have to pay - for all their misdeeds. No one can fool all the people - all the time.

For too many years - has this City and County of San Francisco - shunned those that needed sound housing.

Defying normalcy and pushing for Market Rate Housing and condominiums - in the price range of $1 million to $10 million - for the filthy rich.

At this late hour - 100 square foot spaces, and some 150 square foot spaces - and being built for human beings - and our SF Planning is going ahead with such conceptual plans.

Human beings in San Francisco should not be treated like animals. More when this land was stolen - every square inch - and this City and County of San Francisco does not have - one single legal document that they acquired this land - legally.

Land that belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone.

Conceptual plans - are like a dream - you wake up and it is your worst nightmare.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has no ground to stand up and be a leader - good leaders show the way, know the way, and go the way. 

Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his thugs have screwed things so bad - that it will take this City and County of San Francisco - down the drain.

More with a $9 Billion budget - one of the biggest budgets in the world - years to put things back on track - years to regain any normalcy - on many fronts that have seen - havoc.

I heard this jack ass - this tool - at the recent Mayoral forum try to say something - and make no sense - he is delusional - and he has single handedly destroyed - the little good - we had going for us in San Francisco.

No one can fool all the people - all the time.

We now have 39,122 city employees - we were told we had 29,000 - we have a population of 820,000.

For every 8 San Franciscans - we have one City employee - millions spent on salaries - and the poor, the small businesses, those that need help our infants, children, youth, young adults, and seniors - are left to defend - themselves.

We have thousands of homeless - filthy street, people defecating on our streets, and the Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his advisors - see no wrong with this picture.

Still other facing the inclement weather - many dying - and no one keeps count of them. We have a nonchalant Health Department - they talk the talk and fail to walk the walk.

The SF Health Department has a budget of $ 2 Billion.

Union Square is a mess - in and around City Hall - all sorts of congestion - and more to come with huge skyscrapers planned at Van Ness and Market - who is fooling whom.

We have experienced the inferno - more in the country side - we will experience flooding - as has never been seen in recent history.

Revealing once and for all - what future episodes "sea level" - will create - the imminent taste  of " el nino " - will be brunt, precise, and bewilder - those " idiots like Mayor Edwin M. Lee ".

He will quickly learn first hand - right here in his back yard - about Mother Nature - and how buildings close to huge expanse of water - "climate change" - can bring this City and County of San Francisco - to its knees.

All that talk about being " resilient " and have " task forces that can handle resiliency a joke ".

 In the recent past - each time we have had an emergency - no one has been able to address the situation at hand - in a professional manner.

I played an important role in 1989 with the Earthquake - and was awarded the Commander Award at the Presidio of San Francisco. I know a lot about the "clowns" and one of them is Mayor Edwin M. Lee - none of those talking today - have ever been on the front line - when we need them.

Not the present Mayor, the City Administrator, none of the SF Board of Supervisors - they pretend they did something - when all they have done - is fleece the tax payers - and we give hand them - their sordid salaries.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee went to have a look at New Orleans - and at the after affects of "Katrina". He and his buddies - with lawn mowers and other such equipment" - he says - that makes no sense.

I know for a fact - the last several times we had an emergency - I never saw the "clown " around.

Tons of Bullshit - and no action - worthy the salt - coming from the present administration. Time to enforce the " RICO ACT" - and send these bastards to jail - for a long, long, long, time.