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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Pacific Islands - the Signs of the times.

Most of us who are somebody and caring for this Earth; those that have traveled have met the indigenous people of the Pacific Islands and have been won over by their warmth, hospitality, and all round goodness.

For thousands of years the Polynesians have shared their culture and traditions among the Islands. Travelling for thousands of miles using the stars, the shade of the deep ocean water, the landmarks that they noted in their own way, and the many other lost techniques that came to be lost with conquests - local and colonial.

Indigenous people are spiritually strong, so strong that the strangers feared them and fear them today. In my travels I have encountered the shamans and I have spoken to the Elders - those that should have followed the traditions but chose to follow the ways of the strangers.

In recent years many young Polynesians, mostly students have woken up from their slumber - some willingly but most unwillingly. Their DNA tells them clearly that they can excel and given the opportunities have. The problem is that some want to keep them down, domesticate them and treat them like slaves.

In recent times we have seen belligerent attacks on innocent Pacific Islanders and one Nation comes to mind - Rapa Nui. The world has been silent and even the United States and President Barrack Hussein Obama who visited Chile could have brought out the topic - but chose to be diplomatic. Not so when, be it from another Nation but Polynesian all the same - Samoa and its constituents shed their blood and have been killed in number far out numbering that killed linked to any State in the United States.

We all know that the Pacific Islands played an important role during World War II. We Americans, those that participated and are still alive have fond memories of the Pacific Islanders. Not so the United States Government who have consciously chosen not to address the follies of Bikini Islands with the Atomic Bomb experiments. The adverse impacts on other Pacific Islands too many to enumerate.

The time has come to recognize the worthiness of the tradition and spirituality of the Polynesian people. There are Shamans today that are powerful and Elders, Mathais that have preserved the tradition and more. In yester years; there were the warriors who with their cries could make one's hair curl and and send fright into the very bones of the invaders. We get a glimpse of the Maori Warriors but know well there were others; far more capable in war and other activities linked with survival.

International meetings opine, and those that suggest far fetched plans must be checked. The indigenous people must be in the cockpit at the table - not those that suggest and take you for a ride - for reasons best known to themselves and egoistic. I have been reading the comments and listening to some that fully comprehend the issues at hand, are indigenous - the time has come to act.

World governments are at a loss for words and do not know what is in store at the corner. The economy here in the United States is faltering, Greece is bleeding, and many other countries - the so called poor countries have no one to lend them a hand.

The blessings of the Pacific Islands have been the pristine resources that those with power have stolen, reaped and paid little for it, even failed to pay the locals the right minimum wage as have the fruit canning and fish canning industries.

The many Pacific Islands have been polluted with waste and the bombardment of fast food restaurants and other mundane habits that have; continue to adversely impact the people of the islands that we generally speak so well of - but fail to respect them. Aho.