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Monday, June 20, 2011

Chinese constituents pandering to Big Developers in San Francisco.


It is simply wrong for anyone that is not educated on issues to pander to Big Developers who have been working - against the better interests of the informed constituents in San Francisco.

We have seen this in the past and tried to persuade those that are adverse impacting the advocacy of educated advocates and experts - with no result. People are paid to say stuff that they do not believe in and less comprehend.

Some, I repeat some Chinese constituents are enticed with offers of money and other favors and attend meetings at City Hall and in other places - repeating that the Big Developer will build them good homes, offer Park facilities and the promise of Jobs.

While most of us see nothing wrong with Jobs, Parks, and Housing.

What we do see, as a problem, is that prior to delivering the Jobs, Homes, and Parks and land on which these facilities are planned to be built must be abated, cleaned - because they are very contaminated.

Now, if some of the constituents of San Francisco are not astute enough to comprehend that contaminants, more radioactive, dangerous particulates, methane gas and other toxic dirt - all very dangerous to any life. If they cannot understand these issues, these factors, then something is wrong with them.

Chinese leaders must step up and so must the SF Board of Supervisors and say something that will being progress and stop blatant corruption.

Missing in the discussing is the Precautionary Principle that the constituents who back the Big Developers - do not want to discuss.

For the past one year and a half - the Big Developers have recruited Chinese constituents who do not live in Alice Griffith and Hunters Point - to claim that they are interested in living at Candlestick Point and Hunters Point - in homes that Lennar, a rogue developer has promised to build. There has been no movement what so ever - and no one is talking about Lennar, and why it promises so much but is so far behind - and gives no quarterly report on its many nefarious activities.

Now, Lennar a Rogue Developer promised to do the same at Mare Island.

Lennar promised to build 10,000 homes. After 10 years Lennar has nothing to show. Lennar declared bankruptcy - cut off its losses and left - Lennar will do the same at Treasure Island and Hunters Point and Candlestick Point.

The City of Vallejo has jurisdiction over Mare Island and was looking forward to the tax increment from Lennar and the 10,000 homes. When this was not delivered after ten years - Vallejo declared bankruptcy.

Today, Vallejo cannot collect trash, has a skeleton Fire Department and Police Department, in the City of Vallejo and by its City Hall - all sorts of vandalism and rampant prostitution - all this in a City that once had pride. Once a long time ago the Capitol of California.

On another important issue - the issue of cleanup, mitigation, and abatement - the United States Navy polluted the area at Treasure Island and at Hunters Point. If the Navy did that - they are obligated to do the cleanup.

The point the advocates are making is simple - the United States Navy polluted the area - and it is the responsibility of the U.S. Navy to clean the entire area they polluted Treasure Island and Hunters Point - to residential standards.

We, the people of San Francisco - in a Ballot Measure stated this in the year 2000 by a margin of 87% - we, the people mandated that Hunters Point be mitigated, abated, cleaned to residential standards.

The Proposition P was clear and stands as proof - to the foresight and fortitude of the constituents of all of San Francisco. For sure the Chinese constituents at that time did not participate in the voting in large measure - but, now they are participating without any understanding to undermine what we all fought - to win.

Initially, the Black constituents were bused to City Hall - fed cheap, cold pizza and drab cool aid drinks, given money and told to say the same as the Chinese constituents are now repeating - " we want jobs, homes, and parks". The Blacks now realize the well is empty and most of them have turned against one another. They have also been instrumental in being about the speedy gentrification - impacting most Black - because, of lack of unity.

Well, dumb folks and those behind these machinations and ploys - folks like Angelo King, Dwayne Jones, others all dubious in nature and I have named them before - do not have a clue that Lennar is DEAD - they have no money; and more no intention of doing anything on the Shipyard.

The facts are simple; the present economy is telling on the housing industry. All over the Nation - housing prices are falling, and foreclosure in on the rise. No one will buy a home that is built on contaminated soil - and any stupid homeowner who buys such a home - if ever - will have to sign a multitudes of waivers.

You cannot plant in in your backyard. You cannot do by the beach which is polluted. The many restriction that will drive anyone crazy. Who really wants to live in the middle of Chernobyl?

Only an idiot would build homes on very toxic ground. The same holds good for the John Stewart Company that recently was given $40 million and previously got $150 million and spent it on something else - to build homes at Hunters View.

No one is their right mind; will live anywhere near Hunters Point and Candlestick Point - that is polluted and more radioactive. Depleted uranium was first tested at Hunters Point. Other experiments took place too:

Also, there is no sound Public Transportation going to Hunters Views. No Super Market, and basically there are no amenities.

The area, in and around Hunters View is like any Third World Country - if not worse - because it is situated in one of the richest cities in America but has nothing that the other District enjoy and have. One has to physically go distances to go one's shopping, to a good restaurant, to the hospital, to fix your car.

Add to that crime and other adverse impacts like the environment.

No sound Environmental Impact Report (EIR) has been done in and around Hunters Point and Candlestick Point.

The EIR that was done was pushed in haste and has many loopholes - on Hunters Point and Candlestick Point - resulting that it is in court and will be in court for some time. The same with Treasure Island.

The SF Planning Department is becoming like a cookie factory - churning out EIR's like fortune cookies.

This fact has been stated to the SF Board of Supervisors - but again and again, the very corrupt SF Board of Supervisors - whose campaign coffers have been filled by Big Developers - vote for these bogus - EIRs.

If it were not for the present economy - the development would have gone faster.

If the SF Redevelopment Agency were not stopped in their evil tracks by Governor Jerry Brown - it too would have been worse.

The SF Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) gave Lennar millions of dollars and today using corrupt fiscal measures - SFRA is making financial deals with banks - continues to adversely impact - all of San Francisco and the hard working, tax paying, decent San Franciscans.

Never mind; that those making these decision do not live in San Francisco were brought in and hired by former Mayor Gavin Newsom and are now embracing by Ed Lee.

Ed Lee - who talks the talk but cannot walk the walk.

SF Redevelopment is history and that quasi-State agency - must go - be shut down.

It is the SF Redevelopment Agency and the many corrupt folks like Veronica Hunnicutt, Angelo King, Doris Vincent, Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Aurelious Walker, Lola Whittle - all Black, that continue to harm the constituents of San Francisco.

All of the above parties have got money from SF Redevelopment Agency to foster corruption - bringing in the Chinese constituents to say something; that they do not comprehend - promising them the world - and in the end - they get NOTHING. This nonsense must stop.

It does not help that we now have some Chinese Supervisors entering the fray and openly supporting the Big Developers. Other trying to become the Mayor of San Francisco for all the wrong - reasons.

Most of them; have no clear understanding of the Precautionary Principle that is law and on the books of San Francisco.

Others, work for consultants like the Platinum Consultants, and cater to corrupt forces - those that put Ed Lee in place as Interim Mayor.

Nothing much has changed from the days of Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Except, that the seeds of corruption have been planted. The base laid down during these interim period to carry out - further adverse impacts.

Many think it is wrong to speak the Truth - but, the matter of fact is that most Chinese constituents try to play it safe - they sit on the fence and see which side is green - than opt to jump on that side.

Just numbers do not count - the value of each constituent counts - the more educated on issues the better the government - this is not some dictatorial government or some drab government from a region far across the ocean blue. No way, this is America, we are a Republic and we have genuine democratic - rights.

If have just a handful Chinese Constituents - that have joined our cause - even though there has been an invasion in say the Portola Distict, Visitation Valley, and Bayview in the last ten years.

In the Portola District for example; the Chinese constituents - now form over sixty percent of the home owner population - but the consequences have been - that the standard of living has been lowered.

On campaigns - you knock at their door and request them to take the material or sign something and all you get is a "NO".

No one, can tolerate this when in a row of say forty houses - one could tolerate - three or four saying - No.

But, when all say No - all the time - something is wrong with this segment of the population.

In past years at least sixty percent cooperated - when we had Maltese, Italian, French, Latino, Blacks and so on. It was a pleasure to do any campaign - we even had the San Bruno Fair, all decked up and a real parade - not the recent mickey mouse one put up by City Hall - that is spiraling year after year.

The Chinese constituents even after living here for years - love to take their orders from the higher ups - much like what is done in China Town.

They only want your support when they are in trouble or when they are being targeted.

It is time the Chinese constituents join the main stream and fight for what is right.

It is time the Main Chinese newspapers - make the readers understand that the Chinese constituents must understand the issues and stand united with what is right.

It is wrong to take money from Big Developers and say things that they do not believe in and less understand.