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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Health, Safety, Education - in SF and Quality of Life Issues.


The San Francisco Budget and Finance is headed by Carmen Chu who represents District 4 and is a paper pusher and one that is deeply tied to corrupt forces and especially Big Developers.

Anointed by Mayor Gavin Newsom, to replace Ed Jew; who was removed from office - Carmen Chu is an opportunist and does NOT serve the better interest of San Francisco and it diligent and astute constituents.

Today, at the Budget Hearing I was present and did not stay for a prolong period - because I saw the tone of the deliberation early on.

I knew that if I stayed longer - I would have to call a spade a spade and what I would have said would be emotionally challenging to an inept, drab, shallow person - Carmen Chu - who is the Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee.

In the last two years health, safety, education, transportation, and a host of other factors and elements linked to Quality of Life issues in San Francisco have long gone - down the drain; and into the cesspool that has been created by some inept so called Representatives - who deem themselves - Supervisors and represent the Eleven districts that we have in San Francisco.

The present deficit to hit San Francisco is not as large as was predicted about $350 million.

Our hospitality industry, very large conventions, our small businesses that pay a hefty tax, our property tax payers - all have contributed to a stalling a rampant deficit and and severe adverse impacts.

But, all the same - we do have a deficit and we have to be very careful about the future of our great City of San Francisco.

We have fast training heading in our direction that deals with unfunded expenses - tied to benefits such as pensions - and this drain could crash and adversely impact many of of so called well planned projects and goals.

In the last five years our Safety in all our District without exception has gone up with crime.

Most of the crimes are theft, assaults, home and car break ins, the elderly and the disabled are being preyed upon. The authorities in charge - say they are doing some - but, what we really see happening on the streets is another.

At today's Budget and Finance plans are adrift not to have new classes or recruits linked to the San Francisco Police Department and its Police Academy.

Many of the present SF Police Department - the higher ranking ones make good money. They will make more money when they retire especially those that have years of service.

Doubling dipping and other ploys and machinations that were know but the authorities that be permitted to go on - now, will come to haunt the City. These mostly favor the SF Fire Department and the SF Police Department.

The large pensions and the benefits must be doled out - the numbers are staggering and this money will curtail critical services to the constituents of San Francisco.

I have written some about Education before and about truancy - linked to our students. In the past the City and County of San Francisco has dipped into the General Fund and the Rainy Day Fund set aside for Education and helped our San Francisco Unified School District.

Some legal language is afoot that states if the City and County of San Francisco, itself - has a deficit of $100 million - then our City can longer dip into the Rainy Fund and carry out the process that we have done before. Saving the jobs of hundreds of teachers, helping thousands of students - and making do less; on the City's side and that includes critical services.

For years our City spent money that was set aside for the maintenance and upkeep of our roads.

Now, if have so many potholes and the infrastructure is so bad - that they is only one way out - issue Bonds - and if that measure goes on the ballot this November - the likely hood of the Bond Measure passing - is remote.

The constituents of San Francisco are simply fed up - with our SF Board of Supervisors - who always choose the easy way out and have no clue about deferred expenses.

The SF Supervisors, did this with SF General Hospital, they did this will our sewer and clean water infrastructure, and now they are doing it with the deferred maintenance linked with the actions of the Department of Public Works and our roads.

At today hearing there were some Health Workers - trying to convince the SF Board of Supervisors that people, mostly poor people are hurting. They pleaded as best they could but it all fell on deaf years.

It all depends on the Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee - and as I said Carmen Chu is inept but more has no compassion.

San Francisco has a budget greater then many countries of the world. We have a budget of over $6.8 billion - yes Billion. Some say $6.9 billion - whatever it is - it is in the billions.

We in the past did not have abject poverty in San Francisco.

However, in the last five years we have abject poverty and too many homeless on the streets adversely impacting our tourist industry, our tourist for sure, cannot comprehend this factor.

One factor that permits homelessness is the weather.

Many can survive of the streets because of the mild weather - sometimes it is cold but we get NO snow.

Chicago, New York, and many other cities on the East Coast would not permit the homeless - to survive on the streets for a prolonged period of time. The elements are severe and most of them would die as a consequence.

November 2011 - our Mayoral Elections will be held in San Francisco and there are many candidates vying for the seat of Mayor.

Among them the City Attorney Dennis Herrera and David Chu who is no relative of Carmen Chu - but, just like her is a paper pusher and egoistic. Time will tell.

The Mayoral Elections will be held for sure - but this time - no one will be able to fool the constituents. No one can fool - all the people - all the time.

We the people know who really listens and serves the people and who does not.