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Friday, June 17, 2011

Film, Music, Song, the Spoken Word and Action.


I have lived long enough to have participated and witnessed the powerful talents prevailing among the Polynesian Community when it comes to film, music, song, dancing, the spoken word and action.

In the Polynesian tradition the best comes out when there is a dialog, unique to the indigenous Polynesian - the talking Matia and the Singing Matia comes to mind - the talent in the field of singing, the spoken word, music, dancing, fruit and flower arrangement, costumes - have impressed many audiences the world over.

Here is the Bay Area and San Francisco is particular - many attempts have been made to give opportunities to our youth and with success.

Many years ago I was instrumental to plant the seed linked to the Aloha Festival at the Presidio of San Francisco. I was also instrumental in forming All Islanders Gather As One (AIGA1) in San Francisco. And there is more.

The talent we have in the Bay Area - is something we all are proud of.

I remember once I had this thought of introducing our Haka Dance to a United Nation's Conference held at the University of San Francisco. The delegates were impressed by the dance and a tone was set. Throughout the day the delegates could not get over the intensity of the Hake Dance.

Now, true the Maori dance it best at home, danced by the Maori warriors well renowned; with much intensity and valor - but, our youth given opportunity can use the Haka as a rallying call and set the tone at many occasions - and they do.

It is the same with the Spoken Word and I am proud of one young man Andrew Vai that I admire. He makes it a point to speak on topics that embrace the world and reveals injustices and other pertinent topics - to make a difference.

We all know about Polynesian dancing - second to none among the many indigenous dances. The grace, the harmony, the calmness can take anyone to a better - place.

I have incorporated dancing, music, the spoken word to set the tone at many meetings with great success.

Here is the Bay Area we have a big enough Polynesian population to figure out what is best.

At Balboa High School - once we performed dances from all the Islands - complete with costumes and the unique mode of dancing. Each and every time we held these dances - it was a pleasure to watch but also to see first hand the richness of the entire Pacific Region. From New Zealand to Cook Islands all the way to Hawaii.

In recent times we have had Polynesian artists come and display their paintings and contemporary art - including film at the De Young Museum here in San Francisco. The De Young Museum is proud to have a big Polynesian Exhibit - good enough to be visited and admired by many who love art, the artifacts, tradition, cultures and the many values connected to the Polynesian way of living.

We have also witnessed talent in the film industry from many Polynesian Film Makers.

We look forward to many documentaries more in the region of adverse impacts on the many islands, atrocities that have been committed on human beings by dictatorial regimes.

Blatant disregard of Mother Earth when it comes to raping the land of its natural resources - linked to greed and money.

There is nothing more revealing, unfolding, impressive then a good film, a documentary that show it all with pictures, sound, a great story, short and to the point may be - that affects the senses and spurs one to action.

Trade can be good but it also can have adverse impacts.

So, can tourism - if one is not careful to take care of the pristine and stop pollution, wear and tear, and other mundane stuff to interfere with Mother Nature for the worst.

A gathering can bring the best of any indigenous people - at any upcoming Summit - and other meetings this Summer - must challenge especially Polynesian Youth - to come forward and share the love.


Francisco Da Costa