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Monday, June 13, 2011

Do SF Board of Supervisors truly represent San Franciscans.


There has never been a group of San Francisco Supervisors so remotely disconnected from the constituents of San Francisco then the present San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

What is more - many of them are fake - and leading the group the Representatives from District 2, 3, 4, 8, and 10.

These are the same Supervisors that have taken an oath to serve the constituents but prefer to fill their campaign coffers - raking it in from Big Developers.

It is fun to watch these inept SF Board of Supervisors -more; when we can watch them on Television at home and see how they vote.

Most of their votes are directly linked to Big Developers and how much they contribute to their campaign - kitty. There is too much pussyfooting going around. Time to call out the slackers and those that pander to the corrupt.

On another level and just to focus on one District.

District 10 has some serious problems and crime is on the increase. It will be hectic, now that Summer is here and we have not seen much from the District 10 Supervisor except that she loves to grin. Summer jobs are in short demand - and excuses are made - dime a dozen.

The Potrero Hill has a newspaper and there was an article praising Sophie Maxwell and her relationship to the Supervisor from District 10.

We, all know about these relationships and the backers of these relationship. The local folks that backed the Ranked Choice Voting and how the votes were directed to the worst - candidates. The result of course is a blend - product.

Thousands are leaving District 10 - many evicted from Public Housing and more because they have no jobs. No one can go hungry for days on end and all this in San Francisco - one of the richest cities in the world.

On Hunters Point and on Parcel A there is no movement. The daily reports that we get on Asbestos readings - show how polluted the area is. But, not a word from the District 10 Supervisor.

She, however loves posting some drab photographs of some Polynesian dancing - not even labeling it correctly - all to pander to a small group in the Visitation Valley. Dancing is good - but, what about Quality of Life issues that are lacking - where ever you go.

We, the constituents of San Francisco must get a report - as to what is happening on Parcel A.

Lennar is dead - so when is the funeral?

There are back room deals to use Parcel A as a Land Banking - ploy, is this correct? Where is the District 10 Supervisor with here grin and her coach Sophie Maxwell on this one?

Recently we had the shooting of a well known football player David Henderson - aka Doom.

His record pointed in one direction, leading to the National Foot League. This young man was shot May 26 and recently his mother chose to remove her son from life support. Tomorrow is the wake and the following day his funeral.

Not a word about this young man from our District 10 Supervisor.

Who ever is advising her as far as Public Relations is concerned better do a good job. And all that coming from a person, this Supervisor who has a degree in Public Policy. Just goes to show you - how shallow some folks that enter politics can be.

I was on Third Street on Sunday for a hour or so. The Arts Commission seems to want to put on a show - but there were not too many people from the community. A lot of folks from other Districts and a lot of political canvassing going on.

We have a slew of candidates for Mayor and one is Dennis Herrera. He lives at Dog Patch which is in District 10.

This is the same guy who chose to take on the community and declare the 33,000 null and void. The ballot were certified by the Director of Election - but when it came to put the measure on the Ballot - Dennis Herrera deemed it fit to play his famous card. Today, this man is backed by Sophie Maxwell - he will never be Mayor.

That Ballot would have called out SF Redevelopment and all its ploys and machinations. But, SF Redevelopment is DEAD - its funding soon will come to a dead - halt.

Dennis Herrera who with the blessing of Sophie Maxwell and Gavin Newsom initiated the Gang Injunction that has divided the community.

Grandmothers wait to see their grand sons and sometimes other relatives and cannot. The gang injunction -brought about by drab polices that do not work - adversely impacted thousands. No good Mayor would side with Gang Injunctions that have NOT worked anywhere.

The demographics of District 10 have changed drastically - with Asians in the majority, followed by Latinos, the Whites, Blacks and folks like Native Americans adding to the diversity of District 10.

Do all of them get heard? Not by the reporting done to me - who is this District 10 Supervisor many ask ? Does she have a open door policy? No one knows where she lives - some say Executive Park but others say some where else!

Sophie Maxwell is on the America's Cup committee - she has a report in the Potrero Hill newspaper article; that she loves sailing. Wow! That hull better is strong and intact - some bottoms up could cause a catastrophe of monumental - proportions. Some sailor she!

District 10 is wide and big and has some serious problems need attention.

It is easy to make promises but difficult to keep them - and I do not pander to anyone - especially to those who are supported by devious characters - among them the usual suspects who have made their abode in Room 250 at City Hall.