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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The poor and those in need should get HEALTH services in SF.


San Francisco is one of the richest cities in the world.

We have a budget of over $6.9 billion, yes, BILLION with a capital B.

Yet, we have the very poor that go to bed hungry, we have homeless folks increasingly sleep on the streets and under the bushes, and we have serious problems with our poor, disabled, AIDS victims, the elderly - getting health services.

Go to the San Francisco Health Hospital on any given day in the Emergency Room and witness the pathetic conditions linked to intake.

The room where the suffering patients have to wait, observe how the patients are treated - and find out for yourselves - if what I say is true or not.

Then make a trip to say Saint Mary's, Kaiser Hospital, and Saint Francis and see for yourself - the difference.

The San Francisco General Hospital - at one time had some standard no more.

I said they have a budget of 1 Billion plus - so, it is not about the money - it is about the willingness to serve and the mentality prevalent among Upper Management - who do not give a damn about the poor and those that need help - most.

One person that messed up things at SF General Hospital was Dr. Mitch Katz. He is no longer there but the consequences of his actions - live today and adverse affect - thousands.

The new Director has not got a grip on things. History is there for all to read, comment, and act - but, some one must read it. Some one must have the ability to discern and do something - now.

It does not help that we have a paper pusher, cold and calculated politician Supervisor in Carmen Chu who is the Chair of the Budget Committee.

I will appear before the Budget Committee soon - and will voice my opinion, complete with empirical data - on SFGOVTV 26 or 78 - which ever channel - carries the message.

Every single year - come budget time - hundreds must come to Room 250 at City Hall in San Francisco to testify. They have to wait for hours to speak for two or one minute. That is how the San Francisco Supervisors and the SF Clerk of the Board - treat the people the constituents.

The testimony is horrific, the service provided to those that need it most - the basic and poor, those that need help but keep suffering. Longing for the day - year after year - for services to improve.

What makes this trip to the hospital traumatic are the long lines, the long wait, the poor service and the nonchalant manner is which human beings are being - treated.

If you visit the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) - the animals are treated better in San Francisco.

The reason is simple - we are a compassionate people but now our compassion is more towards animals - and less towards poor and indigent human beings. Why?

It does not help when our San Francisco Supervisors are immune to feeling with their heart, are cold, hear but to not pay attention, talk when people are giving testimony, and thinking all will be well with their careers. To hell with those that come to testify and have to be heard. Such a prevalent attitude that we advocates have been monitoring for many years - has now reached saturation point.

We need a candidate to run for Mayor who is independent.

A Mayoral candidate that is connected to the baggage that the DEMOCRATIC MACHINE has been pushing a corrupt agenda and a crooked slate - for years.

The times are changing and we need to open the windows, clean the cobwebs, sanitize the entire place, bring in a vision with short and long time goals - and make things - happen.

Those candidates that have joined the Mayoral Race - better have an attitude to serve the people - more be educated on issues.

Judging from what I see - David Chiu and Dennis Herrera do NOT meet the standard and are there to better themselves and their pockets. The will NOT serve the people.

We need a candidate that has proven track record.

No one can initiate Gang Injunctions and think for a moment that he has done well - when the results were detrimental to thousands.

We don not want a Mayor who deprives - astute constituents - from speaking at Public Comment and giving them one or two minutes. What is this idiot going to say to us - when he does not want to hear from us, now - in the first place.

The other inept candidates - are there using Ranked Choice Voting - to divide the votes and backed by ulterior, devious consultants most of whom work for Big Developers. This time we will expose them, reveal the facts in detail, and the voters will be able to choose the right - candidate.

At this time - the purpose of this article - is to help those that need help most with health care. I know we can do better - time is running out.

In San Francisco - we can do better and do it with class.