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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Moana Nui Summit and input from around the Earth


One excellent way to get input to any Summit is to have unofficial groups in every country - who are allied to the Moana Nui Summit to meet and focus on a couple of main issues or factors that they feel will contribute to the Moana Nui Summit.

There are many topics to choose from Trade, the Economy, Jobs, Health, Transportation, Health, Environmental Issue, Culture, Tradition, Spirituality, Sports, Contribution of Polynesians worldwide in other areas and so on.

The topics can be chosen by some facilitators or left to the local or national group to discuss, formulate and submit.

Normally, people meet at the Summits and however well it is organized - there is no time to have in dept discussion on any topic.

However, it is possible for the various groups to meet - contribute in detail on one or two topics - and also prepare a "gist" of what they have to announce - a one page clarion call to all Polynesians and be proud that they have contributed to any Summit - in this case the Moana Nui Summit - that is if this method is used.

Trade for example means different things to different Polynesian Islands.

One may not get to comprehend these issues if one Key Note Speaker or even two speak on the topic. But, if you give an opportunity to all the Polynesians from - all the Pacific Islands, that can be reached - some comprehensive document can be sent to the organizers.

An easy way is to contact the Universities for example - in California; we could try University of California Los Angeles in the South and U.C. Berkeley in Northern California - allowing these Universities to reach out to other Polynesians experts and supporters.

If this method is used in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, other countries, other States in the United States - we can delve into the issues facing the Polynesians when it comes to Trade, Jobs, Health, Education, Immigration, Business Opportunities, and so on and so forth.

Health is an important factor facing many Polynesians.

It is linked to many factors - fast food, change in life style, climate, lack of exercise, lack of access to hospitals and clinics, preventive care measures -and so on and so forth. This topic is one that most would love to give their input.

Housing is another - the difference between living in State and Public Housing and making it into the general public - has always been one discussion that no one wants to discuss - and if it discussed - it is discussed superficially.

With education; participating and contributing to the various Nations where immigrants have migrated - but, also at home where one can languish in poverty or rise up and seek upward mobility to make a difference. Education has its place but do we have to offer or suggest in this realm?

The role of the Churches - and if the Churches have moved with the time and understand the plight of the poor? Is it all about money or is it about a better understanding be it spirituality and good living? Contributing as good Christians or any other faith - with sound principles, a good understanding of the faith, theology, ethics, morality, and so on.

If we know a way to help our people, if we know a method that works and addresses Quality of Life issues, if we are caring and compassionate - this Moana Nui Summit should contribute something in whatever small or greater measure; to bring solace, understanding, unity to all those that love anything - Polynesian and the loving people and compassionate people that they are.

We are still in June and the reports can begin now and be completed by end of September, 2011.

October 15, 2011 the latest. They have to be complied; some University can lend a helping hand, but this has to be done quickly.

There is only so much that can be done online and in cyber space.

Conference calls within an area can speed things up - some.

It should not be difficult to try something that has worked before.

I say this because I have observed and see time and again - those that really should contribute their thoughts, their experiences, are left out. Women and youth play an important role - but, if we really do not hear their voices and experiences there is a void.

Mothers at home with children have much to say - but, no one contact them. Even, if a few mothers contribute from every Nation or place of interest - a huge difference will have been made. Empirical data collected - and referenced - for a long, long, time.

Blue collar workers, our Polynesian women men in the Armed Forces, our workers in government all over the world who are Polynesian - have a voice.

You will be surprised if for example some contact in made and the Polynesian Marines in the United States Army are contacted.

The information they provide - will be invaluable. Most Marines in the U.S. Army - keep in contact with one another - active and retired and are an immense source of pertinent - information to the islands - be it safety and security operations, trade, transportation and logistics, health and emergency operations and services, communication and media and so on.

There is nothing like trying - it has to begin somewhere - and here is my clarion call - my observation and working for the Polynesian Community for over thirty five years.