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Monday, June 13, 2011

Nefarious activities by evil forces in and around the Pacific Islands

Nefarious activities by evil forces in and around the Pacific Islands

It has been some years now that some countries have used the Pacific Islands to conduct their nefarious activities. Terrorists.

The layperson is slow to comprehend the ploys and machinations by these "cells" well known by the Intelligence Community. These "cells" are seeking safe havens where they can blend with the community and work for those that pay their keep.

We saw this clearly with Timor and the bully Nation that again and again killed, maimed, and tried to destroy what was good. Nefarious activities impact a larger area.

Today, Timor is independent but not after having suffered the consequences and now we see the same happening on other Islands where the people cannot defend themselves and are at the mercy of countries such as Indonesia. This time seasoned terrorist are being sheltered and conducting raids and hurting innocent people that have nothing to do with the "terrorists" per se - but, are used by a rogue Nation - to harm Christians.

There are many ways to check this out; and if one can gather the information - it should be sent to an International body such as the United Nations. Instructions could be given to send the information to other entities that can check out and inform others of such nefarious activities.

The better the documentation the faster the results. Social networking can work miracles and no one entity should assume that they cannot bring about change. I have tried it again and again and have won - big time.

We must not be silent while "terrorists" - more fanatics; who are NOT accepted by any civilized nation - try to make in roads and settle " in cognito " in countries and are used to adversely innocent people in some of the Islands - innocent people who cannot defend themselves.

No where in Islam the religion of the Muslims - does it call to kill innocent people, take money to create disorder, or hide like cowards to bomb, kill, and create havoc.

Those who think and act as terrorist and use the Koran - the holy book of the Muslims - to purport that they can carry out such deadly and nefarious activities are far from the TRUTH - they are liars and cowards.

If Christians were commanded to do the same using the Bible that too would be demeaning and uncalled for. Most of the civilized world gets it - but not Iran, Syria, Indonesia, and a very few countries that have despots and think that some god is talking to them -daily.

This serious issue is now becoming a common thread - terrorist are seeking refuge in places where as I said they can blend. Some Nations are permitting them to carry out such activities - because the Nations themselves have a hidden agenda.

The Islands have many Christians - and if a Nation wants to stand for being Muslim - they have no right to kill, rape, maim, and destroy what the Christians have by their own right. What is abhorring is kidnapping children who are Christians and selling them as slaves. All this in the year 2011.

Seen is another light the United States and President George W. Bush Jr. entered a war in Iraq and Afghanistan for all the wrong reasons.

When light was shed - many intelligent folks saw the folly. However, since then - the United States and its allies are too deep in this mess. Now this mess and the connection to fanatics has spread all over the world.

We saw what happened to India in the city of Bombai. We read and see what is happening all over the world. However, for this mess to spread to the Islands is something that must be nipped in the bud. That is why - without wasting time any Nation that supports "terrorists" must be called out.

Again no sound religion be it Christian, Muslim, Jainism, Hinduism and so on - calls for the killing, raping, bombing, maiming, and so on of innocent people.

Worse using "terrorists" and demeaning polys to undermine another religion and its people in the name of God. This is utter nonsense that the terrorists must be called out.

Most terrorist are cowards - that is why when they encounter the "drones" and get a dose of their own medication they are at a loss of words.

Well, fire must be fought with fire - and this is true where the terrorist - germinate - in their own countries. This virus must not spread to decent countries.

And there is also another form of invasion, subtle but all the same an invasion. China is flexing its muscle, power has gone to its head, it thinks it is a Super Power but does not - it is not respected in the International World - not as long as it has NOT won any respect.

China is well know for producing inferior products and dumping them all over the world. Using terrorism in "cyber space" and denying the attacks - every time they are got with their hand in the cookie jar. Invading countries by building "soccer stadiums" then raping the resources as they have done all over Africa.

In the Pacific Rim - China is flexing its muscle - prying into the affair of those Nations that must stand at bay. Japan and South Korea can stand up to China and so can the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization - allies. Time will tell.

Any International Meet that addresses the concerns of the Pacific Islands and the areas around it - must have on its agenda the consequences of War - at every level - the sacrifices of Island people and the consequences of the impeding - terrorist and invasion.