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Friday, June 17, 2011

The First People of the United States of America

The First People of the United States of America are called the Native Americans.

Indigenous people the world over must fully understand - that the First People of America, the United States of America are suffering and in many cases treated like second class citizens.

For example the United States government has signed treaties with many Native American Tribes, in some case they have kept the treaties but in the majority of the cases - they have not.

If the United States government recognizes a tribe -then they are put on a Federal Register and get benefits.

If the tribe in not recognized they are not put on a Federal Register - and treated worst then second class citizens.

It is only recently that the United States gave some tacit acknowledgment to the Native Americans who I will refer to as the First People - I prefer that term - at a United Nations Indigenous Treaty Convention.

The United States has NOT apologized for all the atrocities committed upon the First People for well over three hundred - years. Much as it has not apologized to the people of Hawaii and many of the Pacific Island people that it controls and ruled badly often with very adverse impacts. The Bikini Island and Guam come to mind.

The governments of Australia recently apologized to the Aboriginals and the government of Canada were first to apologize to the First Nations.

An apology is the first start - more because the First People were here for thousands of years - then came the strangers and mess all things up. We suffer the consequences to this day.

America known to First People as Turtle Island - has many resources and the Great Spirit the one that knows everything, watches everything, and is still watching - led the First People to a better place for thousands of years.

Many tribes - the HOPI tribe for example came to a place of deep understanding and knowledge. The Shamans revealed much before certain adverse happening came to pass - even today, they have wisdom and concrete knowledge what will come to pass. Much as the Mayan and other highly advanced cultures - barring the so called Western Culture that has failed.

As with other indigenous tribes all over the world the First People of the United States of America were close to Mother Earth and practiced sustainable principles for thousands of years.

Had other people done the same - there would be no need for being concerned about the Carbon foot print and other factors such as climate change.

Recent studies speak of about 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide that is going to impact the Earth and trigger Climate Change - as most of us; in the know - know about and can do little about.

The pollution of the Earth is triggered by " homo sapience" - the human kind - supposedly intelligent but foolish enough to waste, take more then he should take, and act like a fool.

Here is the United States of America blatant LIES are told, linked to the environment - these LIES are repeated so many times that people begin to state them as facts.

Here in the Bay Area and San Francisco - vast wet lands that helped the eco-system for thousands of years were filled with garbage and other fill; such as construction material from homes that were demolished and other inferior material.

Initially, much of it polluted until the Environmental Protect Agency - laid some rules in the late 1970s. It took the laws until the early 1980s to be implemented.

It is the same with the Carbon Foot Print about which much is made about.

Here in San Francisco some entities will tell you that we have rolled back our Carbon Foot Print to 1999 levels. But, that is not true - today in San Francisco in certain areas; a combined total of over 200,000 tons of Methane Gas spews into the air - annually.

These is mostly from areas that are former Department of Defense bases, other large areas that were wet lands but were filled in with inferior material - causing bio-masses to break down and release Methane Gas.

One ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide that affects our Carbon Foot Print. So, today in San Francisco we are worse off then before.

Add to that dangerous particulates, Asbestos friables, radiological elements at very high levels, and we have a mess.

It is the same in all the areas where indigenous people took care of the land. Then came the White Man and polluted everything.

Today, using fancy terms as Carbon Foot Print, Sustainable Practices, Conservation - he wants to tell us something - which means - nothing at all.

Those that polluted our Earth, killed the Buffalo in the millions, cut down the giant Redwood trees in the thousands, fished by using nets that kill young fish, strip mined, commit other atrocities that are unspeakable - such people must first change their lives - they first need a total - spiritual change - of mind, body, and spirit. That is if they comprehend what I am saying.

Mother Earth will always recover and heal.

We must not think too much about Mother Earth - when most of us human beings did not think about her - when we should have and when the indigenous people were leading us to do right.

The evil ones used their might to kill and subdue. Take what was not their by illegal wars, theft, and usurping the powers and jurisdiction of those entities and people that were in place for thousands of years.

Some adore the Magna Carta but there were civilizations much more important and much more civilized then the so called Western Civilization that was primitive. When other civilization reigned supreme most people in Europe lived like barbarians.

The first sailors that landed in Japan for example did not bathe - stunk to high heaven, and were shocked how clean, neat, well mannered, and civilized the Japanese were.

It may surprise the ignorant to know that the Chinese were powerful for the last 1800 years - only to find others calling themselves powerful in the last 300 years.

Some Nations vying for the title of Superpower in the last 100 years have caused harm to many. It is not at all relevant but what is important - is that the indigenous people kept most of our Earth pristine for thousands of years and it just 300 years - human beings of today - screwed it all up. Go figure!

The Earth has been in existence for millions of human years - we can go into the details but it will not help - what I want to state clearly in this article and the link to the First People of America - the United States of America.

Trade, Economics, the survival of people on this Earth is all about power and greed.

The United States have made a trade agreement with Mexico in the South and Canada in the North - and these trade deals have not worked.

We tried making some trade deals with China - and China keeps dumping inferior goods on the United States and more has control of billions of dollars of our U.S. Treasury Bonds. The balance is out sided.

Our Federal Reserve Bank in the United States in a private bank and has got nothing to go with the Government - the U.S. Government. The real value of the U.S. dollar is about 4 cents.

Come August 2, 2011 the U.S. Government must decide to raise the debt ceiling.

If it does; there will be some small time to recoup - we have a large deficit and it keeps growing in the trillions of dollars in the United States. The entire U.S. economy will be adversely impacted. We see daily for the last two weeks with Wall Street and the spiraling Stock Market.

The Banks that were bailed out making rules of their own - that impact innocent customers - and so on and so forth.

Greece is bankrupt and the entire European Market is worried. It will impact the U.S. Market. a

The world in shrinking and so every little place on this Earth is affected. Some, treaties are good but most are bad.

Mostly, the people in power - dictate the terms - and then those in real power control the circumstances.

The people in the majority and poor are left out.

The indigenous people all over the world - disrespected. We must stand for what is right and use cyber space, the internet, our spiritual strength, the wisdom and knowledge of our culture and tradition - to reveal the hidden agenda - of those that sign treaties to cater to their own selfish - needs and aspirations. Aho.