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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Fall of Powers Throughout History


History is not kind to many Powers that thought they reigned supreme only to realize that is thinking so and wallowing in their false pride - they were sinking and in sinking brought about their down fall - we see this throughout history - with the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, Alexander the Great, and even with Genghis Khan and his vast empire.

For the last sixty years or so the United States of America thinks it has reigned Supreme and it is this folly, this false pride, this fake empirical data of sorts - that has recently made it realize - that it is at a cross roads of losing all and its title as a Super Power - be it fake.

The United States is vast and has a small population compared to say China, India, Indonesia, and many other small countries.

The United States has a little over 300 million constituents and among them many are here in the United States without legal documentation.

We have a vast expanse and our land and its resources are many - all belonged to the Native American, was stolen from them by force - misused and we still think as a Nation all is well - not so. Aho.

The United States is a young country and the influence of the European or White has been engraved in some form for the last three hundred years or so.

Prior to that for thousands of years; the First People the Native American and the various tribes - lived, worked, procreated and took care of what is known today, as the United States of America.

Today, the United States still calls itself a Super Power.

It also bears the shame of having its indigenous people - the many noble tribes of the United States in the hundreds - segregated and kept on so called Reservations.

Most of them living in very poor conditions and on land that is difficult to cultivate, polluted by outsiders; practicing strip mining, polluting the watershed by adverse impacts - uranium mines, coal mining, and so on and so forth.

Before and after World War II - which was not too long ago - the United States of America was poised to lead.

It did so because it went to the aid of Great Britain and joined forces with Russian, France, and other like minded nations to fight Hitler and Germany and Hitler's allies.

Two atomic bombs fell over Hiroshima and Nagasaki - many forget to remember the consequences of this "dirty deed" - but, those in power, say it had to be done to curtail the Germany forces and send a strong signal to the Emperor of Japan and his fighting forces.

The two bombs leveled the ground, killed millions, and further left millions to suffer for years.

Some of us know about this sordid history and others pretend that our contemporary materialism, good way of living in the richer countries - just happened like that.

The human being is funny like that - she or he; like to remember what is nice and cozy and shun from that - that is bad and ugly.

Perhaps a design element in our way of thinking and behaving that has made us survive - all throughout history, the many phases, the long journey from the land of "being" Africa to where we are today - this Earth of ours; and the many - so many diverse and great human beings, their culture, tradition, wisdom and destiny.

We really do not need Super Powers and we really do not need wars.

Every war is initiated carefully in recent times. Do not think for a moment a Super Power goes into any country just to make war. There are evil forces that will bring about war; so that certain entities can make money - using war and the many components of warring to enrich the coffers and pockets - of those that have no conscience. Money and Greed is their god.

We really did not have to go and fight Iraq.

Prior to that the United States helped Iraq and gave it all it wanted to fight Iran. After the Iraq-Iran ended - with millions losing their lives on both sides - we in the United States - a Super Power did not give a hoot. We despised Iran as we do today and at that time went to bed with Iraq and Saddam and knew all the time - how evil he was - but, we used him to the hilt.

We gave a hoot when the Shah of Iran that we the United States propped up - who treated his subjects with disdain and was over thrown by the clergy and those that did not approve of his vast spending and also torture of thousands of Iranians - that we the United States - did not say any thing about. Because we want his air space and we have his oil.

When our satellite intelligence showed us Iraq amassing huge troops and heading towards Kuwait for days we did nothing. Then under pressure from Saudi Arabia we acted. Few know this but the fact of the matter is that such ploys and machinations - were known and kept under the rug.

Any one can do the research today as they could have done yesterday - but, many are not educated on issues and even if they wanted to do the research - most folks prefer to stay silent, sit on the fence, and jump on that side that helps them and is green.

We helped Kuwait by forcing the Iraqis to flee and killed thousands of Iraqis - we could have gone all the way and captured Saddam Hussein.

We chose to leave him alone. Thus ended Desert Shield/ Desert Storm. I played a role in this war.

It was only when the President George Bush Sr. went to Kuwait after some years; during peace time - and an Iraqi spy was found to have been sent to kill the President George Bush Sr and captured that we the United States - kept that grudge.

Then when 9/11 happened we just decided to take our revenge on Iraq - rather then Saudi Arabia - judging from those we captured and those involved with 9/11 and the Blue Ribbon Commission revealed a lot - but, came out with NO clear adjudication. YES no clear adjudication.

Hardly anyone has read the report of the Blue Commission created to study the 9/11 episode. The reason most people are into gossip and the Main Media and not into facts and the ploys and machinations created and followed by those that seek Money and foster Greed.

We bombed the living hell of Iraq, " Shock and Awe" haunts us today and has been instrumental in bringing down our Economy.

Billions of dollars that could have been spent at home, here in America - have been wasted in Iraq. Once known as Babylon - the land of the Father of all Nations - Abraham!

President George W. Bush Jr. is a loser, a good for nothing man - with inferior leadership - and a mere mortal who with help from his corrupt Republican Party - stole the Presidential Honor from Al Gore. We seem to forget such small details and remember what the Media and Spin favors.

We really have no right to be in Afghanistan too.

We aid the Mujahadeen to fight the Russians.

We really created the Taliban anyway you look at it.

We went after Al Queda who have fled Afghanistan and are now after the Taliban. The Taliban are from Afghanistan and feel that foreigners must not be bossing anyone in their own country.

No foreign Nation has subdued the Afghan people - ask the British - an entire Regiment was killed by the Afghans - then one last British Officer bloodied and sent across the Kyber Pass - to India to tell the real truth.

That is not to say the Taliban are decent, that they treat women with respect, that some of them are evil. As with every society - nothing is prefect. We have NO right to invade any sovereign country without justification and bomb the living hell and kill their citizens.

Given the facts we have a right to invade Saudi Arabia but for some strange reason we are good friends with the Saudis - makes no sense - but money and oil make sense to those in authority.

Saudis treat their women with disdain, keep women as slaves from other countries, and yet we, the United States of America - treated the Saudis with respect. Why?

Most Americans do not know the difference - and have this idea - if someone; is a Muslim then it does not matter - if we kill a Muslim - because all Muslims are terrorists.

Never mind; there are billions of Muslims in the world - we beg and buy our oil from Muslim countries foremost Saudi Arabia and that we cannot behave in the way we have in the past, the present, and the future - without discerning.

We must learn to fight our wars at home.

Our infrastructure is pathetic, our health programs lagging, our education faltering, our Elders suffering, our economy stagnated, and we can go on - but, it would be better - if we changed our leadership, did not listen much to the Main Media, and took control of our destiny and country.

America is not a Super Power any more - no Nation has survived and lived to brag that it is a Super Power based on killing and warring - no Nation.

There have been a couple of Nations that have brought about PEACE and this fact; the world remembers - PEACE brings about - progress and fosters - civility.

Come August2, 2011 - a decision must be made on our debt ceiling. If we raise it a bit - we can get back on track. If we fail and target the benefits that so many, hard working, decent Americans deserve - we will fail and our failure - will be drastic.

So far; we have encouraged spending for our Defense Industry without any caps - we have done the same - funding certain clandestine operations without any checks and balances.

We have failed to serve those that need our help and bit the hand that fed us the First People - the Native Americans.

Our Presidents pride themselves falsely in being a Super Power.

This Nation, that is a Republic and a Democracy - has failed to cater to its own citizens and failed in recent times to acknowledge and foster the wisdom and pride - stated in Our Constitution.

Most people do not know that our Founding Fathers - learned much from the Six Nations and the Iroquois Nation - language incorporated from these First People - that practiced Democracy for thousands of years. The Long Cabin - the women elders that were in charge - the many good things we could have learned.

Instead we have chosen warring. Stealing from the First People, biting the hand that fed us - feeling good by honoring ourselves with the title Super Power - when in reality we are not.