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Sunday, January 6, 2019


Dark money and the stench it leaves.

Those of us who have studied and read our United States Constitution know well - that within the U.S. Constitution - the many rights mentioned - do not sit well - with people of color - who are discriminated.

You may say the U.S. Constitution says what it says - but, really how does that - play out in real life?

We all know the utter discrimination - meted out to " people of color " - and nothing much has changed since the Civil Rights days - recently the situation has got - even worse.

In the past Blacks were slaved, the Chinese taken to task just because of the color their skin, the Japanese incarcerated and not compensated, the Native Americans - the indigenous people of the Turtle Island - put on barren land - and called Reservations.

Paradoxically the Founding Fathers - incorporated the wisdom of the Six Nation - more the Iroquois Tribe and others - who they governed for thousands of years - and practices Democracy.

It was not uncommon for the Founding Fathers to invite the Elders from the Six Nations - a Matriarchal Society at that - to converse and our Founding Fathers - appreciate the education they received from the indigenous people - more the Elders.

As history tells us - those that were fed - bit the hand that fed them - those who were educated and learned of the wisdom - shared by the indigenous - were treated with " disdain " - and called Savages.

We can read the history of President Andrew Jackson and compare him to Donald Trump - history they say repeats itself - but, none of us - expected to witness what we see at the White House - today.

Here is San Francisco - we all know - if you are not with the MACHINE - you have to face the hostility of the crooks - mostly Blacks - who are abusing Community Benefits - wasting millions - and there is NO one to - speak Truth to Power.

All the gains made after the 1960s - linked to housing, education, health, sound transportation, safety - however one describes it - other gains - all have been spiraling downwards - and we must take stock of the situation at hand.

In San Francisco we have a Mayor who is Black her name is London Breed.

The City Administrator Naomi Kelly - who is Black and controls over 33,000 employees - we have 300% more employees than we had in the 1970s.

More - burdening our City and County of San Francisco  retirement system.

Our City and County of San Francisco Health System and City and County of San Francisco Employee benefits - playing havoc - adversely impacting the balancing our City and County of San Francisco Budget - which is over $11 Billion and growing.

The Chief of Police who is Black and his name is William Scott - he has been here for sometime now - but has made no progress where it really counts. 

Not with his relations - with the well known Police Officers Association ( which is not an Union ) - nor when it comes with the SF citizens linked to tasers and  the many de -escalation tactics that can be used - to save lives - rather than shoot first and ask questions later.

Best practices do not exist and all this and more has been pointed out in detail by the Blue Panel, the Grand Jury, and the many recommendation some 272 made by the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) - now defunct - that used to work for the United States Department of Justice - its services out sourced and paid by tax payers.

Recently Barbara Garcia who used to be the Head of the SF Health Department - was fired - she helped her wife get contracts - conflict of interests. 

Barbara was a good person - a good friends of mine - for some 35 years.

But,  as we all know - things change - and human that we are - many who talk the talk - fail to walk the walk.

The SF Department of Health - has numerous documents - linked to the contamination and pollution in our communities - the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

Our politicians and heads of SF Department - fail to understand that we cannot over look the health of our community. 

The adverse impacts resulting from contamination and pollution - the slow death of of our infants, children, youth, young adults, Elders, those with compromised health.

The above is linked to WorkForce, it is related to our Hospitals and Health, Child Care, Education, Safety - in short Quality of Life issues - none of which get the required attention.

We had a Black Malia Cohen - a professional political whore - who represented District 10 - recently she was termed out - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

Malia Cohen  will now continue to do what she does best - gravitate towards " dark money " - representing the State of California - holding one of the seats - at the Board of Equalization. Out of sight is out of mind.

Recently there has been hogwash spewed by those who do not have their facts - and more the process of marketing, distribution, and taxation of CANNABIS.

More - the growing, processing, operations, marketing, transportation, manifest preparation, the cloud hanging over the head of the Cannabis Clubs - taxes and the Federal Government.

The many cannabis clubs - and the lack of education at every level.

The word "Equity" has been thrown around - believe me there is no " Equity" when it comes to " people of color ".

For sure when it comes to " Cannabis Clubs " and  " Equity" - we have seen this abject failure - in Oakland.

For one simple reason - most of those who are poor and do not have access to a lot of money - cannot compete with the bigger Corporations - who already have what is needs to market, operate, and distribute.

These large Corporations -  have the money - access to very " dark money " - galore.

Those that are listed " as Equity distributors " - do not have Equity to begin with.

They lack the education to market and operate -  less to be accountable and have full transparency - more, when it comes to the IRS and taxes.

Today those operating "Cannabis Clubs " cannot go to any legal bank and deposit their money - the Federal Laws prohibit - such deposits.

Again we hear of places robbed - the Cannabis Clubs that hoard their money in huge vaults - sometimes millions of dollars - having no way to legalize the money from their cannabis sales.

Today - it is cheaper to access and buy your Cannabis or weed - illegally - it cost 300% more to buy it at a Cannabis Club. 

At the Cannabis Clubs - taxes are added added at every point - and this and other factors - right now make the sale of Cannabis from the Cannabis Clubs - cost prohibitive. Go figure.

So what is really happening?

Few know - why this business is touted so much - and some with ulterior motives - trying to trap the poor under the guise of some title that makes no sense - " Equity ".

No one can talk about Equity in a vacuum - if one is not educated on issues - does not have the layers needed to grow cannabis, operate, market, and more importantly - have access to the profits - in a legal matter - everything that the hype is made to be - is naught. 

For those that are poor, they have had no opportunities in ages not been opportunities in ages.

It is wrong  to just talk about the poor - taunted them with words like Equity - concepts that have not been thought well - all this and more  means nothing to the poor - unless they are respected,  and taught to make money legally.

It is about created jobs that take one to a better place -right now the model being discussed has a dark cloud hanging over the heads of those already involved in larger measure - dealing with Cannabis.

Those really in the market - vying to run the Cannabis Clubs - already have amassed " dark money " - distributing large amounts of Cannabis - tons of it - we know who they are - and those that know who they are - are playing with fire.

Those of us who work with the poor - know that without sound education - the poor are jumping from the frying pan into the inferno - raging fire.

Education is paramount - to uplift our poor from Public Housing - and even as some of us do this - we get NO support form the Mayor's Office of Housing, the Mayor's of Economic Development and Workforce, the Mayor Office for all their vain talk.

The Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (OCII) - now headed by Nadia Sessay - once a Deputy Controller - is a crying - JOKE. 

The OCII has failed miserably at Hunters Point which is a Superfund Site - recently replete with soil manifests changed - and Class I very toxic dirt - sent to our landfills.

We have a raging fire on Parcel E2 - wells at E2 that spew Methane Gas into the air - polluting and contaminating a large area - impacting thousands.

One ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide. So much for the increase in our Carbon Footprint.

The OCII, the City Administrator, the Mayor London Breed and the Chief of Police - have no clue what exactly is happening on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - were over 50 SF Police Department employees are still working - a few hundred feet from Parcel E2.

Equity goes hand in hand with the Precautionary Principle - that is on our books - but never, ever enforced.

These Blacks in authority are used as pawns - I have seen them hire consultants and pay the consultant thousands of dollars - on issues like the Millennium Tower - that is sinking 24 inches and tilting 18 inches - North West - right in the middle of the SF Financial District.

The Southeast Sector has heavily borne the increased pollution, contamination, vast swaths of land prone to liquefaction and flooding, the OCII that was the SF Redevelopment Agency, then call the Succors Agency to the SF Redevelopment - and now a fancy name the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure.

No one should be living at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Parcel A - no one should be living at Candlestick Point - no one should be having anything to do with Lennar Urban, aka 5 Points Holding LLC - same snake different head.

It is a crying shame that Blacks - crooked Black - those belonging to the Tabernacle Group - mostly Poverty Pimp Pastors - other Blacks the likes of Malia Cohen, Shamann Walton, Dwayne Jones, Eloise Patton, Juliet Ellis, Toye Moses, Linda Richardson, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Sophie Maxwell, Veronica Hunnicutt, Tyra Fennel, Shakira Smiley, London Breed, Amos Brown, Doris Vincent - others too many to name - that have been selling out the community.

The BLOOD of those that suffered and died is on your hands - and you will never have peace of mind and enjoy good health.

The Sewer System Improvement Project - started with a budget  of $6 Billion - it now stands at $10 billion.

There are millions of dollars - linked to Community Benefits - that is going to Young Community Developers, Girls 2000, Hunters Point Family, Baycat, other dubious entities -  one worse than the other.

We have NO access to empirical data - how many Career Jobs have been created. We have NO empirical data - where poor people have been trained and given Career Jobs - not only Blacks, but Asian, Latinos, Whites, Native Americans - others - the demographics of the Bayview Hunters Point - the Southeast Sector has changed - dramatically.

The 1800 Building - named the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - was created to bring about " Equity ".
As part of the business plan - plans were laid for Green Houses to accommodate and produce Horticulturists - way back in the 1980s.

At one time one could be educated at do well being certified in the Culinary Field. It was the same one could be certified and hold a certificate as a Registered Nurse - 1800 Oakdale was well know - before the SF Public Utilities Commission destroyed all that and more.

Today the City College courses offered at 1800 Oakdale are a JOKE.  I met with the Dean and his Secretary - and tired to create a program to help our Elders - they seemed not interested - more talk and less walk.

These outsiders - and entity from the Mayor's  Office, the SF Public Utilities Commission - which is an Enterprise Department - and has failed us all.

Dwayne Jones -
wheeling and dealing -
a monster dividing our community.

Its General Manager - Harlan Kelly - who has created a monster - Dwayne Jones -  wheeling and dealing - dividing our community.  Doling out Community Benefits without impunity. Time to stop this nonsense.

Wasting millions - millions set aside as Community Benefits - given on a platter - with much open fun fare - to sordid entities and individuals - that follow a certain life style.

If you meet the norms that I have described above  - money comes your way - millions of dollars given to artists, sculpture - mostly  outsiders - while the infants, children, youth, young adults, our Elders, those with compromised health - more our Mentally and Physically challenged - suffer - and are slowly dying.

The questions we ask those that spew " cliches " like EQUITY - where is the justice and do we really care about the citizen, the tax payer, the community at large - or have we lost control - and are looking the other way - while these demons - fuck us over in broad daylight. 

They are mostly Blacks - who have lost their mind - have no qualms of conscience - in fact they have no morals, less ethics, even less standards. Go Figure!. 

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