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Tuesday, January 8, 2019


Too much wheeling and dealing -
at City Hall - when will the nonsense STOP?

San Francisco once had " representatives " that were educated on issues -  more consulted and had access to the people at large.

Elected representatives - welcome citizens to their offices - had an open door policy - no more.

Today - at SF City Hall - some of these sordid Supervisors will be sworn in.

Among them are a few - who have taken " dark money " - and feel no remorse.

They have NO conscience - therefore they must be put on notice.

No one should think for a nano second - that if one has been  elected a " Representative " -  that one can fool all the people all the time. 

Say you took money from Lennar Urban aka 5 Points Holdings LLC - took it upon yourself to increase height limits - with having any meaningful discussion.

Then on top of that endorsed " a rogue developer like Lennar to build homes on toxic land " - if you did this with intent - you MF are put on notice.

We have outsiders from Vallejo come to San Francisco and make statements they are from Middle Point at Hunters Point - lived there - when they have NOT. 

They make a right about turn - and declare they are from Visitation Valley - and then  again - at other times they are from Potrero Hill. 

Such a jackass - clearly declares that he is confused.

One such jackass spent some time in jail - there is nothing wrong giving one a second chance - but when someone lies, takes dark money - fails to make restitution - fails to have a change of heart - folks in Sunol have stated facts to me. 

When such a jackass thinks he can play with FIRE - all hell will break loose.

We are watching you.

We are a Nation of Laws - and these outsiders - come to San Francisco because the MACHINE - does not want those from the Community at Large - from San Francisco - to know what is really - happening.

What is really happening the mostly Black sellouts have sold the community - many times over.

No one seems to care - but all that and more - has been visited before - those - " wheeling and dealing " with " dark money " - will be taken to task. Make no bones about it.

This is the Rotunda at SF City Hall -
stranger things have happened before -
this raging corruption is nothing new -
however - we must have checks and balances.

Today much will be made about the majority of the Supervisors seated are men - this means nothing at all.

Having a " penis " - means nothing at all.

We the people want accountability and transparency.

Those days are over - when many of us - in the know - looked the other way.

Jail birds and those that fight to release " jail birds " who have no remorse - must stay put where they will NOT harm others.

When - one goes to jail - most lay folks do not know - some of these monsters come out of jail - worse - and therefore they are put on notice - to not prey on our children and think that we will not confront you. 

It has become fashionable to have workshops and classes only for young boys - sordid men - who have ulterior motives - making hay while the sun shines. 

Check what goes on in your community. 

These funny looking men in suits - pussyfooting around.

This issues becomes more pertinent when these monsters win elections - and purport to the represent the people.

For starters there is one man - who had no clue how to address Quality of Life issues - more in the Southeast Sector - and now acts like Caligula. 

Let the fire works begin.

Thank God here in San Francisco we have advocates like Marc Solomon, Patrick Monette-Shaw, Steve Lawrence, Larry Bush - four of many - from an elite group - who are educated on issues - that can study empirical data - and break it down. 

These are our Special Forces who have collected tons of information - we just have to come out with a Blue Print - complete with time-lines and goals - to bring the crooks to book.

These gimmicks to ask for Bond Measures that come from those that have a sordid past - must be reviewed.

The meat is in the details.

Much like Proposition C - now they say they are against it - then suddenly they are for it.

Makes no sense - STOP giving representatives at City Hall - with a sordid past - a pass. This over request for a Bond Measure - some $300 million - should NOT be endorsed.

Not with a RECESSION looming round the corner - let us cut the Mayor's Salary to $200,000 - she now get over $350,000.

30% of the those in  Management Position in the City and County of San Francisco make over $250,000 with benefits.
Who is fooling whom?

San Francisco is NO more a First Class City - not with the chronic homelessness.

Our Elders dying slowly on the streets of San Francisco. 

These outsides not giving a damn - most of the indigent in District 6 are from District 10.

Our failed San Francisco Unified School District -
that comes under the State of California -
past Presidents of the SFUSD have failed our
San Francisco students - more our Black students -
someone has BLOOD on his hands.

Our SF Unified School District has much to be desired - so watch out for those who served on that board and did a lousy job.

Now - suddenly purport to have the ability to represent - and climb the political ladder - we are fed up - the many professional political pimps and whores.

These so called representatives - have no clue how to handle Transportation issues - have NOT studied the many documents - sitting on shelves - gathering dust. Ask them a questions and they look at you stupid.

One idiot want to build a tunnel - to take the T-Third Light Rail underground all the way down town. Where are you going to get the money.

These so call representatives fail to understand general how a City and  County works - have NOT studied the General Management Documents, the basic plans to improve our City and County of San Francisco. 

These outsiders are vermin - more those that come from Vallejo - which declared bankruptcy - and this was connected with Lennar Urban.

More - Housing, Safety, Education, Child-Care, Workforce, Infrastructure.

Seniors lacking sound Health Care and Housing, and a gamut of other issues - that these jerks think they can talk about in generalities.

There are few who comprehend the issues mentioned about  - some of us who comprehend these issues - will give them a pass - NO MORE!.

Today - many will be listening to the white lies - making merry over a glass of champagne, white or red wine, sparkling soda ( if they have some finesse ) - cheap finger licking snacks - these jerks are into such eating - drab and bland menu and more.

In  many cases frolicking - scantly clad - screwing one another over - in place where they wheel and deal - and when they come to SF City Hall - bring that mentality in our August Chamber - Room 250.

Sulphur spewing from Room 200 at SF City Hall.

Making deals - they think we have NO clue about such clubs and hideouts - where they engage - in such sordid acts and more.

I want to ask everyone - why is life style being used today - to give certain crooks - $300,000 loans - on the Third Street  corridor -  to open restaurants.

 Coffee shops more than four of them, other dubious art stores - and more. 

Community Benefits money - and other money linked to EB-5 Visas.

Wheeling and dealing -
for how long can this nonsense go on ?

We the people united -
 we the people will never, ever - be defeated.

The paradox those doing good work - advocates with a track record - those who are poor and need an opportunity - are treated with disdain - this nonsense must STOP.

Recently we have had advocates killed - and we know who the killers are - and we know who is protecting the killers - and all this in San Francisco.

Right at the top we have folks in authority - without a conscience.

Aiding and abetting the crooks - thugs hired who act as  body guards and pretending they are good at protecting SF City politicians. 

Who is endorsing such nonsense - and for how long must we the hard working tax payers - tolerate the nonsense?.

What do you all think - will come from such - blatant corruption of the highest order. 

Corruption in San Francisco has reached saturation point.

Wake up San Francisco - the time to act is now.

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