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Wednesday, January 9, 2019


The disparity between the filthy rich
and the working poor -
San Francisco has a disparity 
compared to Rwanda - a nation in Central Africa.

On the very first day - the new SF Board of Supervisors - were sworn in - those conducting the process at hand - made a fool of themselves. Buffoonery at its best - was in display - the August Chambers - Room 250 - SF City Hall.

The SF Board of Supervisors - all of them - are full of themselves. 

More so the three new SF Supervisors are NOT educated on issues - they have failed to understand the pertinent issues - facing our City and County of San Francisco.

De Facto these novices - will have a long learning curve - simply because they are NOT prepared to face real issues. The impending RECESSION making the pressing issues worse.

Each of them when given an opportunity to express themselves - and could not articulate well.

Novices - that they are - more progressives - they will fall in line - and fall prey to the MACHINE  - sooner than they believe. This class of 2019 - at this early juncture - must be prepared for the worst - this is a " perfect storm " that these novices are just learning about.

Politics is a cut throat game - with the impending RECESSION these novices - all of them will fall by the way side - their aides better come to their aide - working over time and trying to catch up with precious time - that they have wasted.

None of the three new comers - Supervisors - Class of 2019 - had a viable and sustainable Platform - on which they ran to represent San Francisco - as a Supervisor.

I have read some of the issues they ran on - listened to them - at the debates  - held in the various Districts 10, 6, and 4 - and was NOT impressed with their representation.

Most of their logic was convoluted - and this come - when one is NOT educated on issues.

Two of the novice SF Board of Supervisors - the one from District 10 is the worst - the other from District 6 - both come from the sordid - SFUSD - which now is becoming customary to run for the seat of SF Board of Supervisors.

Both novice - from the Class of 2019 - have come to the August Chamber, Room 250 at City Hall - having failed trying to represent the San Francisco Unified School District. 

You know and recognize - those educated on issues - when they are sensitive to the " First People of San Francisco" - the Muwekma Ohlone. 

Those who disrespect the Muwekma Ohlone by polluting and contaminating the land. Destroying and endorsing the culprits who are adversely impacting San Franciscans - have BLOOD on their hands.

Some three hundreds years ago - what is we call San Francisco was pristine - no more - shame on those who have made San Francisco - and converted San Francisco and the adjacent areas - into a polluted and contaminated cesspool - that includes the Bay - which is now one third what it was - the many wetlands - destroyed. 

Thousands of species eliminated - birds, animals, flora, fauna, more frogs thriving an indicator - that all is well.

I represent the First People of San Francisco on all matters linked to Transportation, Housing, Infrastructure, Health, Education, Child Care, our Elders, Safety - in short Quality of Life issues.

Here is San Francisco - we were lucky to collect the required  taxes - and right now have a surplus - some $160 million.
Our total budget is over $11 Billion.

We have 33,000 City Employees and 20% of these employees make over $250,000 with benefits - and this and more - is a crying shame.

The surplus is evaporating - some $160 million  and Mayor London Breed - who has nothing concrete to show - in terms of any achievement accept - hot air - talking from both sides of her twisted mouth -  now wants a Bond Measure - to address Affordable Housing. 

This must NOT happen. After all this is our tax payers money and too many of our Elders are dying slowly in tents - many living in horrible conditions. 

Worse than any third world nations. This disparity has been announced world wide - the blatant disparity between the filthy rich and the working poor.

Simple put Mayor London Breed wants the $300 million Bond Measure to back her lackeys - the Big Developers.

Fuck  the Big Developers - most of them will fail - most of them are failing - the high cost of steel, concrete - it cost over $1800 per square foot to build a decent building - right now - if not more.

For starters before the RECESSION visits us - all those City Employees making in access of $250,000 with benefits - must have their salaries reduced 30%.

The Mayor's salary too - she now makes over $360,000 a year - and has nothing to show for that salary.

It has become fashionable for those to spend some time at the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) - which is a total mess. 

The worst segment of the population suffering in the SFUSD system - which comes under the State of California - are the Black students.

San Franciscans are astute - so those that have been bluffing their way at the SFUSD - will be held to higher standard - now elected to the SF Board of Supervisors - more acting as a Supervisor at the SF Board of Supervisors - as a whole.

As usual one witnessed the SF Board of Supervisors - those who did not belong to the Class of 2019 - patting their behinds.

More - talking in circles - while our Seniors are slowly dying on the streets of San Francisco.

The congestion on the streets of San Francisco is the worse ever - the worst in our Nation - the United States of America.

The disparity gap in San Francisco - between the filthy rich and the working poor - has been compared to Rwanda -  a third world nation - in Central Africa.

Our City and County of San Francisco - brags about its Carbon Footprint - lying to us - while daily by the hundreds our infants, children, youth, young adults, Elders, those with compromised health - more of mentally and physically challenged - suffered from chronic respiratory diseases.

Add to that one of a kind tumors, cancers of all kinds - God helps us.

The environment is replete with dangerous particulates -
 PM 2.5 and asbestos structures -  our Department of Environment linked to the SF Health Department - failing us all.

To top it all San Francisco Health Department - does not have a Toxicologist on board - this seat has been vacant for ages. Go Figure.

In District 10 which is the Bayview Hunters Point and surrounding area Little Hollywood, Visitation Valley, Dog Patch, Potrero Hill and more - the demographics have changed drastically.

For sure Blacks are not the majority - and therefore we must enquire why are Blacks selling out the community.

Yet all sorts of shenanigans, ploys, and machinations are going on - some crooks mostly Black - are wasting millions of dollars - Community Benefits money - and money tied to the EB-5 Visas.

Why are thousands in District 10 - mostly Blacks living in deplorable conditions. 

No one that I know who has fought in the trenches - knows Shamann Walton.

He keeps sending me invitations to attend this and that - and those that know me - I do not like being near - anyone who smells of Sulphur.

A full 60% of the indigent in District 6 come from District 10.

The blue print to build 30,000 units in the Southeast Sector - is simply unconscionable - Shamann Walton has received millions from Lennar Urban aka 5 Points Holdings LLC - and must return that money. 

In District 10 our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our Elders, those with compromised health - more our physically and mentally challenged - are slowly dying.

Even thought I have written thousands of articles about Depleted Uranium tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - and provided empirical data - first Sophie Maxwell favored Lennar Urban a rogue developer.

Then came Malia Cohen and nothing changed - and now we have this outsider - Shamann Walton who has no engineering know how, less understands norms of sound planning.

Some time ago - we all were shocked at the death of my very good friend Joseph Taeotui - better known as JUNGLE.

Protocol demands a Town Hall meeting be held - this never took place.

The Mayor London Breed and Malia Cohen on the day of his funeral - were busy pussyfooting at the corner of Yosemite Street and Third - at Cafe Envy - at some sordid ribbon cutting.

The SF Police Department knows who the killer is - and so does the authorities that be - yet - under Mayor London Breed such sordid actions - are taking place - and we the advocates are shocked.

In this case the Polynesian Community is adversely impacted - I have worked hard to represent the Polynesian Community - the City and County of San Francisco has chosen to divide the Polynesian Community - offering stale bread crumbs - well we are watching all those - who are involved in this charade.

8 years ago - I came out with the conceptual plan to create a Center to create Career Jobs.

We create the Center at Executive Park - 5 Thomas Mellon - only for Harlan Kelly to name the Center - SF Public Utilities Commission Contracting Center.

As soon as the Center was opened by Edwin Mah Lee - the Center was not used for three whole years.

We took the lead and provide computer classes to our youth and Seniors. We took upon ourselves to work with the Contract Monitoring Division which comes under the City Administrator to certify businesses. 

We went further and provided many small business opportunities - working with companies that we befriended and supported by providing young adults and others - good jobs.

We got NO support from Malia Cohen - and we do not expect to get any help from Shamann Walton. 

Shamann Walton as the Director of Young Community Developers - has received over $ 4 million each year - and has nothing much to show - as far as stellar career jobs are concerned.

We have youth and many adults begging Shamann Walton for opportunities.

To NO avail - and now to think that this jack ass is our Supervisor - the Truth hurts - but someone must speak Truth to Power.

The man is loaded with " dark money " - loves have parties at the Laughing Monk Brewing - the owner Andrew Casteel - whose name shows up - on a list of " slush funds " controlled by Dwayne Jones.

Dwayne Jones who touts himself a Businessman and Philanthropist - I met him 20 years ago - and knew him as a crook - and nothing much has changed. 

Again and again - using tax payers money - community benefits - he brags he is some Philanthropist - he must ask himself - where does he get his money from? 

No one can fool all the people - all the time.

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