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Wednesday, January 2, 2019


The Long Cabin - the Six Nations -
a Matriarchal Society that contributed
to the making of our U.S. Constitution.

There is NO doubt in my mind that " women " - play an important role - at all levels - in contributing their best to Society. That men have to understand this vital role - with justice and fairness to all.

Matriarchal Societies exists all over the world.

In these Matriarchal Societies it is amazing to witness first hand  - how spirituality and wisdom - plays an internal and deep role.

I could mention more factors - but let us stick with these two - wisdom and spirituality.

I have to inject the most important factor that has existed and evolved among the indigenous people - I have studied many of these indigenous cultures - taking into account " spirituality " and "wisdom'.

Here on Turtle Island now known as United States of America - we tend to look at contemporary issue - in a vacuum and more with tunnel vision. Lacking in any equation - spirituality and wisdom.

Our contemporary state of affairs - in the United States - linked to our economy  - is deeply, flawed.

For starters it is about the Almighty Dollar - you invest one dollar and get as much as you can with that investment - never mind the tactic one uses - good, bad, or ugly. 

If it smells of Greed - where there is Greed - there can be not be equality, empathy, compassion, spirituality, anything holistic.

Greedy mongers focus on one thing only - money.

The more one is greedy -  mostly leads to the destruction of all holistic values - empathy, compassion, patience, understanding, peace and tranquility and more.

Again and again studies have been shown us the disparity between women and men. 

For the same type of work, with even better talents - women who produce more - work harder - attain more.

These women are treated with disdain - in most Corporations - Corporations - that have screwed our economy that bite the hand that feeds them.

Turtle Island which today has a population of about 330 million and covers an area of 3,717, 812.8 square miles - is very rich in resources.

Turtle Island - is in the hands of those that stole, cheated, raped, robbed, lied, evil to core - and today try to say something which means nothing.

Those that commit the atrocities - do not take the time to comprehend - that for over 15,000 years indigenous people ruled Turtle Island. 

So who are these strangers - who have not been here for 500 years - have NO authority - to say anything and less do anything. 

Yet these Corporation any way you look at them - are the devil's workshop. All of them without exception.

Indigenous people - the many Tribes who have lived on Turtle Island for thousands of years - all cared for Mother Earth.

And in doing so they took little and kept more for others.

More for their children and generations to come.

Whenever you are with the indigenous people - far away from greed and materialism - the theme resounds in the air - Mother Earth - the Great Spirit - love and peace and caring for the family and loved ones.

All this and more changed when the Strangers set their foot on Turtle Island - and more and more Indigenous People - must speak up and what is more create novel ways and operations - to neutralize - EVIL.

In less than 200 years - those strangers that have come uninvited to Turtle Island have destroyed most of what was once pristine. 

None of them had passports - and none of them were invited.

More the Strangers have spread a virus worldwide - treating women with disdain.

One has just to review the character of Donald Trump - but also of some leading Directors in many Corporations - who for years - felt nothing - forcing women to sleep with them - to get a pay raise - or some slight promotion - looking at women in general with disdain.

With the " Me Too " Movement - some of the evil ways have been exposed - but there is more - under the rug - and more that is exposed - the more one understands - the evil way engrained in the DNA of the monsters - reminiscent of the Barbarians who once lived in caves and slept with animals.

Many never took a bath - even their Kings and Queen took a bath once in five years - if not more.

Measles, small pox, cholera, others dangerous diseases not known to the indigenous people - were brought to Turtle Island and other pristine places - and millions died - falling prey to these strange diseases.

The predominant diseases that is killing us today - is GREED.

Today in the year 2019 - a detail, deep study, lasting 5 years - clearly shows in the Board Rooms - there are very few women.

When it comes to making important decisions - more linked to billions of dollars - women are looked at for input - and doing the heavy lifting- but NOT in the final decision making.

When it comes to women of color more Black - the data is non-existant.

When it comes to critical decision making - White women are found here and there - but as I have said - predominantly White men call the shots - most - lacking spirituality and wisdom.

Here in San Francisco - we have large Corporations - wheeling and dealing - with Billions of assets.

Corporations such as McKesson Pharmaceutical, SalesForce, Google, UC San Francisco, the City and County of San Francisco - all target women - and in many cases promote some women - and pity them against other women.

So does Spirituality and Wisdom matter as part of a unique distinction - and critical elements - in creating women rights ?

What is more important  giving women  "equity" - when it comes to decision making, management, fairness, justice, equal pay, and many other salient and pertinent issues and elements that matter - that having women play second fiddle - all the time.

There is only so much of the Missionary Position anyone can take.

Few of us realize - for all the lies told - that our United States Government  was deeply influenced by the Six Nations - on the East Coast of America.

The Iroquois Tribe - when our Founding Fathers - met the Iroquois and had scheduled meetings at the White House - influenced deeply and incorporated a lot of the Democracy practiced for thousands of years - by the Government of the Six Nations - indigenous Tribes - into our U.S. Constitution.

It was not uncommon to invite the Six Nations and other Native American Chiefs to the White House -  and have deep discussions.

All that came to nought - once Greed, Avarice, and lack of gratitude took hold of those that bit the hand that fed them.
Today - the GREED - knows no bounds and has reached saturation point.

In less than nine months - we will experience a Recession - worse than the one that hit us the last time around - in 2007.

It does not help that our Corporations are cowing down to Donald Trump - who is out to destroy our Nation. 

No one in their wildest dreams - would have imagined having a President that is a disgrace to the human race - such as Donald Trump - an egotistical maniac.

China, Russia, Europe, Canada, Brazil, and many other Nations - will not have anything to do with the United States - because the " Trust " level - is at an - all time - low.

Today, January 2, 2019 - the Democrats will try to negotiate with Donald  Trump - one single FOOL against some Democrats.

Again and again you will hear - Donald Trump - insists that he wants a WALL built.

A primitive notion - that Whites have embraced from day one - and is in their DNA.

This embedded notion of walls, fences, barriers, that is how most of them look at their world. 

Saying and wishing all the time - " this is mine - and I must build - a wall - some security that belongs to me. "

In the indigenous world - such concepts are non-existent and anthropologist, sociologists, theologians, philosophers, others who are educated on issues - all know how the indigenous look at our world - and respect Mother Earth.

Indigenous people took little and kept more for others.

Indigenous people were the keepers of Mother Earth - to this day with all the injustice meted out against the Indigenous People - the Indigenous People - still hold tight to their values - ingrained in the DNA.

Greed destroys, is selfish, propagates his - tory.

The  "he"  is a destructive force.

There is  "fe male"  and male.

There is she and then he.

There is women and  "we men " - and deep within these words  - more etymology - comes out the best or the worst in us humans. 

It is left for us who are educated on issues to teach and for good to prevail. Aho.

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