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Friday, January 11, 2019


Chief Sitting Bull -
he united the Lakota Nation -
he despised those who are the likes of Donald Trump.

Times have changed - our Federal Government has NOT learned from the past - holding Federal workers hostage - this happened once under Bill Clinton and now under the present - despot - Donald Trump.

Our government continues some of the most primitive ways of operation on Earth - here we have the Senate and the Congress agreeing to open the government.

All who voted in the majority to open the government - they all rejoiced - even sang some carols in unison.

When all thought it was well - and that the U.S. would open the Republicans and the despot - decide not to have the bill - signed - adversely impacting over 800,000 Federal workers.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her team now have an opportunity to introduce legislation - wherein - the Federal workers cannot be held hostage - ever again.

The Federal workers - who are mandated to keep our Nation safe - cannot be held hostage - when they have NO rights. We are a Nation of laws - and every citizen has a right - what is it that these governmental policy makers - do not comprehend?

We have legislation that does not permit the government nor the President to deprive the Department of Defense - deprive them of their appropriations - if the DoD as an agency - can have such a privilege - why not the Federal Workers.

Now if Congress and the House, the Senate and the President, including the Department of Defense have laws that protect them - putting measures to allow them to have their pay and other benefits - why not the Federal workers - who are essential to our safety and well being. 

What is it that the Senate and Congress do not - understand.

Anyway you look at this current mess - it started with the Barack Hussein Obama regime.

The  present leader of the House Nancy Pelosi, folks like Hillary Clinton who was the Secretary of State - and the very corrupt former Democratic Central Committee - were always wheeling and dealing.

The Russians were invited by Donald Trump - who is NOT to be trust - the Russians came in and got interested in messing with our affairs.

The Russians - were given  access to a lot of information - they got some of it from  the careless Hillary Clinton using her Black Berry and her aide who both thought - they had it made - and did not take precaution to use cell phones - with secure firewalls.

Such are the ways of the ignorant. That is why today - Hillary Clinton - who is in hiding  - Hillary Clinton should be ashamed of herself. 

Hillary Clinton - her supporters - who showered her with gifts and money - more, here in San Francisco and California - when she ran for President of the United States and lost to the idiot - Donald Trump.

Today China and Russian who share certain very sensitive information - are out to destroy our way of life.

While we here in the United States have our freedom - there is a big difference between freedom and license.

Abuse of Freedom is License.

You see Donald Trump lie, cheat, deceive, hoodwink - and most thought nothing of the chants  - " Who will build the Wall? Mexico Will ".

Many of us Americans forgot what the past President of Mexico utter - when he heard Donald Trump insisting - that Mexico would pay and build the wall. 

The former President of Mexico - told Donald Trump to go fuck himself.

Further - the President of Mexico - said Mexco would NOT build the wall.

Many of us did not pay attention to that nonsensical talk - more coming from Donald Trump. 

That is how it is in this Nation - when a White person says something - even if it is utter nonsense - they get a pass. This shit must STOP.

Donald Trump is not fit to be the President of the United States - over 30 Phycologists and Psychiatrists signed a document - clearly stating that Donald Trump is not competent to be the President of our Nation. 

The time has come to vett who runs for President - even now we have learned nothing much - we want Biden to run for President - what is it we do not comprehend -  about those who have nothing fresh and wholesome to offer. Away with the stale and rotten. 

We want Bernie Sanders to run for President - why do we have this fascination with senility and those that can lose it - in a jiffy?

Stress - can play havoc with those that have crossed 65 -   today's world is a far cry from the easy going ways and processes of the days gone by.

With the nonsense we have been witnessing both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party - must revisit  standards - linked to - who must really run for Presidentship of this Nation - the United States of America.

More when it comes to sense and sensibilities.

Both the House and the Senate have been playing with rules - rules that have created mechanisms - such as " filler buster " and other mundane rules - that beg the question.

We fully comprehend the role of the Legislative Body, we also recognize the Judicial Branch - more and more the Executive Branch is lacking in standards.

The time has come to bring the Executive Branch to speed - to deal with the pressing issues -  of  our contemporary times.

We simply cannot have a Caligula - a person who is an egoistical maniac - to head the Executive Branch. 

Donald telling the world - in a screwed up manner - the history of the invention of the wheel and the wall - is a far cry from holding our Federal Workers hostage - and adversely impacting the safety and impeding the safety of our Nation.

It is time we STOP having anything to do with Donald Trump - stop giving the idiot any attention - we must isolated the idiot - no buck can stop at the door of an idiot.

I served my Nation as best I could - and I have had patience.

This man is a jerk - firing James Mathis - a stellar and astute General who has the respect of many - more in the military.

Paul Manafort

We must not forget - in jail now - Paul Manafort - he is the cause of most of the on going nonsense - he has deep connection at every level with the Russians.

More people have left the White House - serving many a time - a few months and even weeks.

What is happening with our checks and balances - so that governance matters - to represent and serve the people at large - citizens of the United States of America.

Donald has NO clue what is happening in Syria, less in Turkey - if the Turks are given some lee way - they will start a war with the Kurds - all hell will break loose. 

Of course Russia wants this calamity to take place.

Before Donald came to the White House - Donald and his minions took large sums of money from the Russians - Donald gave his " fiat " and handed huge amount of mega data to the Russians.

Some of us that know - witnessed how platforms were invaded before, during and after General Elections - where Donald Trump was elected - illegally.

Where is our Judicial System on this front - the body that declared: " Corporations are people too " - what has become of our head of the Nation?

Who would ever think - we would have " an idiot " - siting in the the White House that was built by mostly Black.

So was Washington D.C. so were the pyramids - time will tell.

As I often mention to the ignorant - Democracy was practiced by the First People of Turtle Island for thousands of years.

The Founding Fathers favored the Six Nations - and were enamored by the governance of the Six Nation and the Long Cabin - a Matriarchal System - that baffled the Founders of our United States Constitution.

Much before an idiot like Donald Trump and his ilk - came to be in existence here on Turtle Island - the First People lived her for thousands of years.

Those that landed on Turtle Island as strangers - bit the hand that fed them - there is NO difference between Andrew Jackson and the idiot that is in the White House today.

The discrimination, the disdain for the First People, for immigrant who are indigenous and have a better track record than the White polluters, contaminators, scum of this Earth.

As I said I served my Nation - as best I could - and cannot stand this idiot and those in the House who are Democrats - and lack sound leadership - the old ways must go - and we have some fresh faces - we need those bold to wipe out that which stinks to high heaven. Aho.

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