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Thursday, January 10, 2019


San Francisco has always been innovative and leaders thinking outside the box more to address Quality of Life issues. 

Our past Elders and leaders - worked hard to address Quality of Life issues - not the present SF Board of Supervisors - most of them clueless - more out of touch with the citizens of San Francisco.

Unbeknown to most San Francisco - from early on - San Francisco from the 1950s to 1980s - created our Neighborhoods - now divided into 11 District,

With each District - an elected District Supervisor - supposedly performing their key responsibilities - representing the needs of the constituents, the tax payers - the citizens of these the United States of America.

Each of our schools that come under the San Francisco Unified School District - were heavily invested by all - you did not have to belong to the district near Balboa High School to support Balboa High School, or Lincoln High, Phillip Burton - or any of the other high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools.

In the past 20 years all this and more has changed - drastically. 

At first those who aspired to run and be elected as a  SF Board of Supervisor - worked for the entire City.

There  were no Districts - then came the Districts - and in many ways the SF Board of Supervisors - became parochial - and this and other selfish ways have - failed San Francisco.

Of all the Districts - District 10 suffers the most - never mind we have a Raw Sewage Treatment Plant that stinks to high heaven. 

Much has been said to reduce the stench - but every year - the stench increases. 

Sophie Maxwell did nothing much about the stench in the two terms - each consisting of 4 years. 

Sophie made sure she amassed a lot of wealth - mostly taking money from Big Developers - leading that charge Lennar Urban - a rogue developer.

Then came Malia Cohen - she did the same and surpassed Sophie Maxwell and when she termed out - we thought we would get a decent person to serve our community - but that has not happened. 

Malia Cohen served her two terms and is history. Good riddance of very bad rubbish.

Shamann Walton is NOT from the community - he lies, hoodwinks, and has done all of the worst things one can do - to boost his chances - to hoodwink the community. He is tied to " dark money " and for sure has taken millions from Lennar Urban - a rogue developer.

Shamann Walton - hangs with the wrong people among them Dwayne Jones - who is NOT from San Francisco.

Dwayne Jones purports to be a business man  and philanthropist. I knew this thug from day one - and nothing much has changed.

District 10 is where the crooks have assembled and do as they please.

Many outsiders receive $300,000 and more to open restaurants, and we have 4 new Coffee Shops - with no one visiting these cafes and all of them have received money - not loans but grants.

We have seen projects come before the SF Board of Supervisors - the empirical data points to liquefaction, flooding, and very contaminated land.

Again and again - the SF Board of Supervisors - have permitted -  units to be built on contaminated land. With intent  the lives and health of decent and innocent people - are put in harms way.

Again and again Advocates have come out in force to speak Truth to Power. Again and again - these fucked up SF Supervisors - for all their smiles, and talking in circles have failed us all - miserably.

When it comes to congestion San Francisco is the worst ever.

Sometimes we have to wait for one hour to cross two blocks.

The congestion can be created - a far off - by an accident on the East Bay Bridge - near by an accident on Mission Street - an accident on Market Street.

The congestion has created " foul air " so foul - that we have an increase by 400% of respiratory diseases - starting 10 years ago. 

We also have an increase of cancer, tumors, and diseases such as Mesothelioma - and our SF Board of Supervisors are pussyfooting and think that I and others like me - will give them a pass.

The paradox the SF City and County  Health Department does not hav a Toxicologist - the seat has been vacant for many years.

We have no land left in San Francisco - for those that are stupid - I am bring it to your attention the land in the Southeast Sector - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point - is all poor, contaminated - landfill. 

It is contaminated land - prone to severe flooding and liquefaction and we have not enforced the Precautionary Principle. The Precautionary Principle is law an ordinance that must be adhered to.

The SF Board of Supervisors talk the talk - but have failed to walk the walk. 

They lack knowledge when it come to sound planning, less engineering, even less maintaining a standard and enforcing - Quality of Life standards.

Child-care in our City and County of San Francisco is very expensive. 

Forcing over 10,000 families to leave San Francisco. 

We have a population of 830,000 and daily families are leaving - and the SF Board of Supervisors are acting like buffoons.

To survive in San Francisco a family of four must make at least $150,000 to survive. 

Cost of living is very high - and if there is no income to maintain a standard and survive - more to maintain Quality of Life issues - which if one is poor - bordering on being indigent - is next to impossible to live. 

Not once have we had the SF Board of Supervisors - have a hearing on what I have stated above - discussing the pertinent and salient factors - that make life viable and sustainable. 

Our transportation in the City has become unbearable - the MUNI Buses filthy - crime on the increase - and no one seem to give a damn.

Our SF Police Chief has NOT addressed - crime as it ought to be addressed - there have been shooting and killings - and those perpetuating the crimes - are walking free on the streets of San Francisco.

We have yet to hear - why the killer and criminal is walking free - the " thug and coward " - who ambushed Joseph Taeotui aka Jungle. 

The authorities know about the facts - but the " thug" is walking free - and is being aided an abetted.

The state of our education and health in San Francisco - has suffered - and the SF Board of Supervisors - cannot do anything about this. 

One has just to witness the parents come to the meetings held by the SF Unified School District and state the sorry state of affairs in most of the SF Unified Schools - elementary, middle and high schools. 

What the fuck is happening? 

Do you think you Supervisors that come from SF Unified School Schools - thinking that we will tolerate the mess and the stench you left behind - and now - will permit us to tolerate you lackeys - without a spine - inept and more having NO standards.

At one time we Advocates and other were given 3 minutes to address the SF Board of Supervisors, the Clerk of the Board, the heads of all the Departments, the City Administrator, the Controller, the City Attorney, the District Attorney - in short al those we pay huge salaries - and get little if nothing in return.

The Mayor makes over $360,000 and she has not achieved anything - except push for Bond Measures that we the tax payers will pay for.

On a War Footing - all those making over $200,000 need to have their pay cut by 20% - we have 34,000 SF City Employees a whole 40% are not needed - you see them walking the halls of City Hall - and wasting time in the field.

Since the 1970s our City Employees have increased by 40% and we must ask ourselves why - have we allow this growth - and if yearly there has been an evaluation of all the employees - and where can we find that information.

The RECESSION is here - and there will be no time to adjust - as and when that time hit us - all those issues linked to Health Benefits and Pensions - will come to the fore - and our SF Board of Supervisors - may think they got a pass in the past - the stellar and astute San Franciscans - more Citizens - who work had and pay our taxes - we are fed up.

Finally the Millennium Building is still sinking - 22 inches. It is tilting 18 inches - North West and there are 8 other building that are facing the same fate.

Our Taxi cabs that once had medallions - now are suffering the medallions are worth nothing - and Lyft, Uber, Sidecar, and other such cab companies are adversely impacting and contributing to congestion - but allow adversely affection those that have medallions once made a living driving cabs - but today make nothing at all. 

To survive many families are working two and three shifts - these shift do not offer - health and other benefits. Such a life is called a " dog's life ".

The SF Board of Supervisor once made $38,000 a year - they now make in access of $180,000 plus benefits. The talk too much and one can talk the talk - now, is the time to walk the walk.

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