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Saturday, January 12, 2019


The sleaze ball -
does not have a conscience -
he is holding 800,000 Federal Workers Hostage -
decent hardworking people - citizens of the United States -
have no money to pay their rent -
to put bread and butter on the table -
what is happening to our Nation?.

Donald Trump is a sleaze ball - the scum of the Earth.  Anyone who has some decency - would care about our Federal Workers - some 800,000 - who work hard - care about the essential services - are proud to serve our Nation - who are now held hostage - by an egoistical, maniac.

It simply makes no sense to appoint a President of the United States - by the authorities that be - who fundamentally -  has failed to protect our Nation.

The security of our Nation is critical to our common well being - and this " mad man " - has created a ruckus and things in his sordid mind - all is well. This man is a traitor - since when has this Nation - failed not to take some urgent action - and remove this man - from taking innocent people - hostage?

I repeat - this man who now is in the White House - is a traitor of the highest order.

Paul Manafort has acted as a double agent -
wheeling and dealing with the Russians -
using our Nation - the United States -
as his illegal headquarters - conducting nefarious activities.

Even before Donald Trump decided to run for President of the White House - Donald Trump - got in touch with Paul Manafort and others - selling out our Nation - the United States of America.

The Russians provided millions to the Trump Election Campaign to do what the Republicans do best - treat our hard working citizens with disdain.

For sure the Republicans have dug their grave - and this coming 2020 Elections - will lay everything bare.

Right now - the Republicans have fully realized we have a chronic " mad man " -  all he cares is about himself - his crazy ideas - hallucinating - making himself - the center of attention - 24/7.

America wake up ?

This person - Donald Trump acts like Caligula - he is a mad man.

Every day - we permit Donald Trump to be in office - having access to sensitive information - we as a Nation will suffer.

Madness of the highest order -
envelopes this crazy man -
who lies, cheat, and hoodwinks.

For the longest time ever - everything this man does -  is suspect.

Few know he does not own the buildings - that bear his name - he used the name TRUMP - to collect money - much like the many " franchise facilities " - be it Burger King, McDonald's and so on.

Donald Trump has not declared his taxes - and comes out with every accuse to tell us - the Internal Revenue Service is still auditing his past taxes.

We know contractors, architects, other Donald Trump owes money to - have taken him to court - and he has paid them less than 10 cents on a dollar. 

The authorities that be - know about this nonsense. 

Yet allowed him to run for President of the United States - the highest position of honor in our Nation. The man is a maniac.

Thank God we have a man in Robert Muller -
who will get to the bottom of this fiasco -
that has made our Nation -
the laughing stock of the world.

Today - January 1, 2019 we have Donald Trump - in the wee hours of the morning - the man does not sleep much - taking on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) - tweeting - nonsense.

Robert Mueller is well known for his investigative work - and will leave leave no stone unturned - to get to the bare truth.

Donald Trump has met his match - and the fireworks will be on display - February 7, 2019 - much after Michael Cohen - Donald Trump former lawyer - will spill on the beans and more - to the Committee in the hearing to held in Congress.

Federal Workers - must never, ever be used
as pawns - enough is enough.

This U.S. Government is a farce -
some maniac playing with lives of decent,
hard working Federal Workers -
who pay they taxes and are loyal to the Nation -
unlike the "traitor " we have in the White House.

Federal Workers must be respected -
decent people who work hard must be respected -
not so the "skunk " who stinks and lives in the
White House.

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