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Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Salmon on the Tuolumne River

The House of Representatives initiated a bill that would override a federal district court decision - mandating dam operators spill more water over dams to aid imperiled salmon.

Aiding the Republicans - who are adversely impacting Salmon fisherman - who once number over 5000 now a measly 300 hundred - Diane Feinstein who forgets again and again - that she should listen to the tax payers, the constituents, American citizens that she represents.

What makes this situation all the more nauseating the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and one William Carlin - pandering to the " hag" Diane Feinstein - who should step down.

Californians treasure our rivers - among them -
the Tuolumne - the water from this river -
contributes to the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir.

As far as some of us know - the Senate has never before interfered in such decision making - trying to over ride the decision made by a federal judge - mandating dam operators - spill more  was over dams to aid imperiled salmon.

Diane Feintein has no clue -
about representation - less the Salmon Fishermen.

Sunshine requests have revealed the SF Public Utilities Staff - working against the Salmon Fishermen and supporters.

Aiding and supporting Diane Feinstein who suffers from amnesia, keeps her being alive - using  a pace maker - and instead of representing her constituents - wheels and deals - more aiding and abetting her husband Richard Blum - know for his nefarious activities.

Yearly we witness the spawning - the ritual -
that reminds the Native Americans -
who were united by the Salmon and many rituals.

Diane Feinstein is using her fake authority and will pay heavily if she does not do right - allow the dam operators to aid the salmon - increase the spill or more water over dams to aid the imperiled salmon.

I was present at the SF Public Utilities Commission - and witnessed 5 very intelligent men - articulate their case - the SF Public Utilities Commission - dumb as they are on issues - were bewildered and confounded.

More, Harlan Kelly who is loosing his mind - seems he has resigned to fate - the many ploys and machinations - are coming to haunt him.

Harlan Kelley, the Manager of the SF Public Utilities Commission and his second in charge William Carlin - must STOP pandering  and educate themselves on issues.

 Learn to take a stand - representing the wishes of the people - decent San Franciscans - tax payers who pay SFPUC salaries - tax payers money must NOT be wasted.

Missing in this equation is outreach to the Native Americans - who protected and preserved the Tuolumne River and other neighboring rivers for thousands of years.

I met the 5 gentlemen and told them - it is about time - to unite to support the Salmon Fishermen but more to save the Salmon - who have united the Native Americans - not only as a source for food - but in many pertinent and singular rituals - some - common and uniting indigenous people all over the world.

We all know about the Chinook, the Sockeye, the Cotto, the Pink, and the Chum Salmon species - and we value them as a so source of food - however, the every arrival of the Salmon the spewing and dying of thousands of Salmon - remind us of many values - important to the indigenous people.

Damning of our rivers in Northern California - the role of the Corps of Engineers, the role of Department of Fisheries, the role of Congress - both the House and Senate - as we saw with the passing of the Raker Act - have created havoc in many cases.

Mountain Tunnel by Hetch Hetchy Dam -
bring us clean pristine water - using 
gravity and some pumps - only
for us in San Francisco to use clean drinking water -
to flush our toilets.

The damning of the Hetch Hetcy Valley - one of the most beautiful Valleys in the world - still haunts decent Environmentalists and Naturalists. Decent human beings - the likes of John Muir.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission daily wastes millions of gallons of water - sewage water as well as clean drinking water - it sewer pipes some 110 miles - most aged - as old as 90 years and leaking.

It is the same with the clean drinking water pipes - some 120 miles - and growing with all the skyscrapers - the newer accounts - using our clean drinking pristine water - to flush the commodes of the filthy rich - living in condominiums costing anywhere from $5 million to $15 million each.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is rift with corruption of the highest order - documents acquired by the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act - reveal the rampant corruption - millions of dollars - linked to Community Benefits - doled out to crooks and the corrupt.

Juliet Ellis - she wheels and deal -
acts as the conduit of all sort of nefarious activities -
bust doling tax payers - " Community Benefits " -
to corrupt entities that she panders to.

You have upper management - inept, immoral, having no ethics, less standard - wheeling and dealing - leading the pack one Juliet Ellis - who was fined by the Fair Political Practices Commission and the SF Ethics Commission.

Juliet Ellis still holds the position of Chief Strategist/ Assistant General Manager of External Affairs.

Juliet Ellis is unfit to hold this position and was missing in action - on Tuesday June 12, 2018. 

She does as she pleases - immoral to the core - and will do anything to wheel and deal - and acquire money illegally. 

You have upper management making over $250,000 and in one case over $350,000 with perks. This is a shame and a waste of tax payers money.

Assistant General Manager -
William Carlin - has failed to represent -
the tax payers - decent San Franciscans -
yesterday, June 12, 2018 he was lying -
through his teeth.

Time is running out - 
and I know in three years -
Harlan Kelly wants to retire -
will he leave a legacy ?

Harlan Kelly the General Manager has been warned about the millions wasted - the wheeling and dealing - tax payers money - each time a Proposition Passed like Proposition A - Harlan Kelly perks up - for all the wrong reasons.

The SF Public Utilities Commission has a track record - wasting money - at Mountain Tunnel, Irvington Tunnel, Calaveras Dam - the over $10 Billion Sewer System Improvement Project - is rift with problems.

The Digestors initially were price at $2.3 Billion it is now over $3.5 Billion - none of the time lines have been met. No one seems to be considered by the on going nonsense.

William Carlin is busy - bring his lackeys to fill positions - within the SF Public Utilities Commission.

No consideration is given to institutional experience - those that had it - wisdom that went with it - is not considered important by the buffoons - at SFPUC upper management.

Many have left - Tony Flores, Karen Kubick and the idiots think all is fine. 

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