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Monday, June 11, 2018


We the people know our sacrosanct rights -
when it comes to voting -
corrupt forces - wheeling and dealing -
leaking out results - before they are officially declared.

This June Primary elections has open a " big wound " - creating divisiveness - and corrupt politicians the likes of London Breed - thinks she can get away with murder.

Those corrupt are put on notice - you will be held accountable - as we are watching you all - like a hawk.

Corrupt politicians with their " fake ego" - more those that have no manners also known as etiquette.

The corrupt and mannerless  - bring their " thug manners " into City Hall - the wheeling and dealing under London Breed  knows - no bounds.

San Franciscans must NOT trust the current operations at the SF Department of Elections.

 Most of the decent employees - who worked hard  -  long left -  some years ago - the SF Election Department.

John Arntz may say what he wants to say - as the head of the SF Department of the Elections - right now - something stinks in Denmark.

This election is too close to call - on one side candidates with little money - working hard - knocking at each door and these candidates have made great strides.

On the other - corrupt candidates - corrupt to the core - using millions of dollars. Behest money - daily paying for television advertising - more during " prime hours " - taking advantage of the situation. These ads cost $10,000 a pop.

This time the counting at the SF Department of Election - stinks - and for some one to say that the " provisional votes " - will reveal who will be declared the winner - makes NO sense.

The Ranking Choice Voting system - already revealing how tedious the process is - is putting too much faith in the SF Department of the Elections and the final decision made by John Artnz and his core group - who are NOT to be trusted.

 I have know John Arntz from as early as 2002 - and know more about the SF Department of Elections - having monitored the counting of votes - the failed system - understanding every aspect of the operations - the many gray areas - and the most important to note - LEAKS.

The entire Election Process - editing from the SF Department of Elections - has suffered before.

 Years ago - in the 1990s - ballots were found - in the Bay - and little made of this disgraceful incident.

Our votes are sacrosanct - but you would not know that - from the informational leaks - coming out from the SF Department of the Election. 

Much is made of the workers - working long hours - and that is exactly the " crux of the problem ".

Over worked workers - make mistakes - garbage in - garbage out - the machine do what they are told to do.

Remember we had difficulty recruiting constituents to work at the poll stops - even with over $165 offered each day. All this and more - speaks of the mediocre operations - when you have over worked and tired workers - you have a " disaster " in the making.

Remember even before the end of the first day of voting - June 5, 2018 - many machines were not working - true some one says the issue was addressed.

We have NO report that we can read and find out why the machines did not work. In the last 20 years - we have had no hearing on the many gray area within the SF Department of the Elections. Too much talk and absolutely NO - walk.

We have to have a hearing on the many aspects - monitoring the supervisors at the SF Department of the Election - and why is so much information - leaking - out.

You go to the SF Department of Election website and the information does not reflect - real time results.

 The gimmicks - the mockery made - forcing  us to wait for the SF Department of the Election to give a recap - at the end of the day around 4 pm - all these many days - is a JOKE.

You do get other more valuable information from other blogs and sources - which again points to corruption of the worst order.

There is only way to find out if justice was done - fair play and sound justice - cannot be delivered by folks who are corrupt and crooked and many of them are embedded at the SF Department of Elections.

Our City Administrator and our SF Controller have said nothing - even though they play an important part - in the operations daily -maintaining standards, the many leaks coming from the SF Department of Elections - stinks to high heaven.

As I said there is only one way to set this matter to rest - at this date - 7 days after we all voted in good faith - count all the votes again. Have an independent auditor present - independent monitors present  - and this official request must be made - to the Calfornia - Secretary of State - immediately.

This elections is too close to call - and judging from the pact made by Jane Kim and Mark Leno and their faithful supporters - voting the way they did - no way. right now - London Breed should be in the lead.

We the people - more we the advocates that understand SF City Hall - forget - the likes of Willie L. Brown Jr, the other crooks behind the millions - linked to behest money - the Political Action Committees - backing those candidates - who they want to win  - involved in PAY FOR PLAY IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.

London Breed heads the above group of candidates - she is back by crooks - the takes orders and works for the corrupt - she has before and she will not change her evil ways.

This is not public comment - where the President of the SF Board of Supervisors - opens her dirty mouth - and spews diatribe. Belittles those that speak TRUTH to POWER.

This election is sacrosanct to all of us - more those of us who have standard, morals, believe in Ethics -  for sure those of us who believe in sound spiritual values.

This steps all lead to the dens -
at SF City Hall - where the wheeling and dealing 
takes places - all this must STOP - clean up City Hall .

We must not permit - the " thug element " - into our Chambers at City Hall -  Room 250 and for sure not in Room 200 that stinks of Sulphur.

We truly need a Congressional Hearing on this June 5, 2018 - Primary Elections - held right here in San Francisco - where the United Nations was formed.

This is Muwekma Ohlone Land - every inch was stolen.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone and know each and every one of these " thugs " who think they can get away with murder.

I fight for Quality of Life issues - in San Francisco and beyond - it is a shame that so many poor are left to die - on the streets of San Francisco - today.

Here we have crooks talking from both sides of their mouth - waiting to sound their bugles  - to start the game of corruption - " let us begin - let the games - Pay to Play - begin ".

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