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Sunday, June 10, 2018


The people united -
will never, ever be defeated -
not by the GREEDY -
those that fill their own campaign - coffers.

Given that our San Francisco has a " sordid past " - you may hear the present person in charge -  of our San Francisco Election Department say what he wants to say. That is alright by him and those that pressure him - it is NOT right by us - the people - the voters matter - the other who break the laws - must go to jail.

Mr John Arntz - I know him from day one - many years ago - when he did not know what he was getting into - and got into that cockpit - he seems to have settled down in.

John has seen some - but not all that he needs to know and more to see to believe  - this Primary Elections - will open his eyes and those behind the scenes - who have been wheeling and dealing.

Willie the former " thug" Mayor -
has his finger in every pie -
millions made available to those that
are ready to sell their souls.

Few remember Mr Mandelman senior - if they do they will comprehend exactly what I am saying and more what I am implying. We must go to the year 2000 and a few years after that year - that is 18 years ago.

Mr Mandelman was a person who had the ability - to bring about the results - he wanted at that time - when those that had some decency - could change things for the best.

Today Rank Choice Voting - is NOT what suits San Francisco - more with what is happen on the ground. The voters matter - and given the unique issues we have - Rank Choice Voting - hampers prompt decision - making.

We have candidates who want to genuinely address the raging homeless situation.

The increase in those who are homeless and dying slowly on our streets - many of them - once belonged to the Middle Class. Other contributed so much to our City and County of San Francisco - only to be betrayed by sky rocketing rents - no opportunities given to those that need help - most.

So many have died - that we have become immune to the situation at hand. We once had empathy and compassion - no more.

The great divide - the filthy rich and the very poor. Today if you are poor - the majority of the poor, the indigent - will not be treated as human beings. Hundreds lie in the brand new morgue - paradoxically - those bodies lie in the Bayview - and few know about this.

The United Nations was created and establish in  San Francisco - the main documents signed at the War Memorial Building - not far from SF City Hall.

Few know that - and less know about the Human Rights documents - linked to the United Nations - signed and acknowledged - the world over. It all started in San Franisco.

The United Nations would be ashamed that all those principles it touts - all over the world - Human Rights - other rights - none of them are practiced - right here in San Francisco.

Who are these bastards - who make money and think - they can just use human beings as tools?

Who are these bastard that we have given them free reign - we must take them to task and now it that moment.

This is Ohlone land - all of it was stolen - notice - not once do these thieves - masters who hoodwink the constituents of San Francisco - not once do they - mention nor respect the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone in San Francisco.

It does not matter what system we use to vote - at least let there be some standards, some ethics, and for God's sake some morals. These whoring in broad daylight must STOP.

Willie to the left - Newsom himself in the middle -
and Edwin Mah Lee - who is no more - he passed
away some time ago - in suspicious circumstances.

Going back a long time ago Mark Leno as was Gavin Newsom were brought into SF City Hall - by one of those that still has his finger in every pie - Willie L. Brown Jr. 

Willie is still fucking around - never mind what he does - money is what counts - with him and his "thugs" - many talk the talk but have yet to walk the walk

Anyone who has tainted his or her soul - hanging around Willie L. Brown Jr - especially behind close doors - must be ashamed of themselves - they are the "scum" of the Earth.

As these read the above lines - they must know - what I know -
they have sold their souls - to the highest - bidder. They all will fall flat on their faces - and they make ask for forgiveness - but that will not come to them. Karma.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is following what is going on at ground zero - nothing is lost this time. The millions of dollars linked to behest donation, the millions from Political Action Committees - other tainted money - none of which should factor - in a level playing field - but it does.

San Franciscans are by large measure compassionate and all embracing - these recent happening - wheeling and deal behind the scenes - prompting those they put in place - to do their bidding - with the likes of Scott Wiener, London Breed, Malia Cohen - has tarnished the good name of San Francisco - the details will come out sooner not later.

There is some semblance - that must lead to some - checks and balances - we might know much about checks and balances - more when it comes to our elections.

Today some checks and balances - have been brought to the authorities who must maintain some semblance.

Few have the balls to do the right thing - they talk the talk but cannot find solutions - afraid to challenge the status quo - today in San Francisco.

Those wheeling and dealing -
must be sent to jail - 
so who is ready to deal with these rampant nonsense -
gather in numbers now - and send a strong message.

We ought to know that the Secretary of State from the great State of California - has a lot of power - and in the past - many years ago - I learned that first hand - the role of this important office.

Fiona Ma has won - she will soon be sworn in at the California, State Treasurer - I hope she will stay true to her heart - and deal with the utter nonsense prevailing in our great State of California - the abject corruption the many who look at her in the eye - and lie - one of them Malia Cohen.

We have too many crooked and corrupt politicians and one of them is Malia Cohen - another London Breed - they mostly smell of Sulphur.

In the old days - I took the Grey Hound and went to Sacramento alone - learned much about checks and - balances - where the wheeling and dealing goes on.

I met with the then California, Secretary of State - in the year 2004.

The Secretary of State - informed us to form our own teams - and act as monitors - and follow what was happening in the counting of votes - at the then San Francisco - Department of Elections.

We did that and learned too much - what really happens - at the SF Department of Elections. 

My good friend Jim Queen others too that I can mention -  he was one of those that I respect - for standing tall and with me all the way - to fight the then SF Redevelopment Agency that was deactivated - and the now Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure created.

Jim Queen is not a sell out - not as many of those who proclaimed they were for the righteous of the day - but today are wheeling and dealing.

As first mention was made that our 33,000 signatures - that we collected from decent registered voters - all over this City and County of San Francisco - seem not to matter.

It was a Proposition to fight SF Redevelopment Agency - a Proposition that mattered -  Big Developers - thought they could kill our spirit and more destroy our values. It spurred many of us to take on those that try to use money to tarnish morals, standards and ethics.

Nothing could deter us - decent San Franciscans - who did what we did - Majeid Crawford knows that and so does Shannell Williams - who worked with me. 

The man behind the fight - one Brian O'Flynn.

We were a small tight team - and learned a lot about the corruption on our City and County of San Francisco that has reached saturation point.

People may not agree with me - I do my homework - some of the candidates - have sold their souls to the highest bidder - and that is what is at stake - in these Primary Elections of June, 2018 - that has just concluded - but the machinations, ploys and shenanigans - with the counting of the votes - are still going on. 

We the people must set the record straight - and this Primary Elections - must be revisited - to set the record straight - once  and for all.

The chaff removed and more exposed -  only the best  vetted candidates left - candidates vetted who can pass the " smelt test " - we the people know who they are.

When you work in the trenches - you truly know what is happening.

When you have a following and more those that sniff a political whore or pimp from a distance - you truly comprehend what is happening - in sordid - politics.

You can smell a corrupt person from miles away - especially one backed by corrupt Big Developers - this is not the " Run Lee Run " campaign - that disgraced San Francisco.

Going to SF City Hall and following the many sordid actions - makes one connect the dots - these Primary June 5, 2018 Elections - were deeply contested - and rightly so. Behind the scenes - millions of tainted money - were used to buy votes.

The candidates  who cheated must NOT be rewarded. 

Some candidates used strong arm tactics to win votes - broke the laws - less ethics, even less standards and morals.

We the people must gather in the thousands and take control of the situation - if need be - send the bastards packing.

Protest where these sordid candidates live - the businesses that they manage - and watch if the SF Chronicle reports about them - and does sound investigative reporting - which the SF Chronicle lacks.

In these Primary Elections - behest money - millions from Political Action Committees, the millions spent by the SF Democratic Central Committee ( where no cap is set ), the many Slates created - for ulterior motives - to cheat  and hoodwink constituents in broad daylight.

Trying to pursue and entice  - who to vote for - and more the many Propositions written is such a way that you have to be a triple Ph D to comprehend the issues at hand and less understand.

Who are these dastardly bastards who think they can buy anything including our votes - and be tolerated - this nonsense must stop, NOW.

We the people united -
will never, ever be defeated -
we need to join forces - the independents, others -
march and send a strong signal - 
who really is in charge of San Francisco.

These Primary Elections must be revised with a Clean Slate -  time to clean house - and more Room 200 at City Hall - and values that we treasure - fair play and justice -put back where they belong.

For the last 40 years - I have been studying, reviewing, doing due diligence, vetting, collecting empirical data - so that one can connect the dots.

These bastards - Election sponsors, Election Managers, Election Consultants, Elections Gurus (one of a kind)  who 
think that they can manipulate votes - using their tainted  money - must be brought to justice - more, using the RICO ACT.

Many candidates must go to jail for a long time - and that must be executed right now - using the RICO ACT.

Send a strong message - where these scum bags meet behind close doors - talk as if they cannot be touched.

Adversely impacting millions of innocent lives.

The only tool they have is tainted money - tons of it - we can STOP all this and more.

United and with a laser beam focus - standing for principles that have stood the test of time.

We must have the ability to discern - our heart in the right place - educated on issues - have empathy and compassion - actions count. 

Fuck those that intimidate those that cannot standing their ground - those that know me know what I am talking about.

These Primary Election - must be held again - so that the world can experience and more see - the deep penetration of abject corruption of the highest order - at all levels - here in San Francisco - named after Saint Francis of Assisi.

We still have a few - who can stand tall and represent.

Take many to a better place - the corrupt cannot STOP us - now, is OUR time - and time is running out.