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Sunday, April 15, 2018


It will be a crime - to raise the 
Shasta Dam - using and abusing the McCloud River -
 that already robbed the 
Winnemem Wintu Tribe of their very existence -
by flooding their ancestral land.

Life is for the living - not the living dead. 

Only those leave a legacy whose heart is in the right place.

We know who are the " palefaces " - and we know those that speak with a " forked tongue " - much like a poisonous snake.

Many of us in California take our rivers - more, the larger ones for granted.

 The creation of the Hetch Hetchy dam - the damming of the McCloud River - and creating the Shasta Dam - is well known to those who heart is in the right place.

This one singular act - brought the demise of the Winnemen Wintu Tribe - flooded their ancestral land.

The Winnemen Wintu Tribe  who once numbered over 14, 000  now number a measly 140. 

Their ancestral land is under water - and their spiritual connection with the Salmon and other species - their inability to be where they lived for thousands of years.

It leaves the Winnemen Wintu Tribe  bankrupt - devoid of the ancestral land - their rich culture -  the land of their ancestors and deep ties to Mothers Earth.

The Winnemen Wintu have no land of their own - and were forced to irk out a living in near by places Sacramento, Folsom, Redding and so on.

Those that are greedy - are now supported by evil people like Diane Feinstein who has joined their ranks - to raise the Shasta Dam and cause more damage to us all - but more to the Winnemen Wintu Tribe - that has been devastated.

Right now we have on our books California laws that protect the Rights of the Winnemen Wintu Tribe - supported by numerous California Environmental Groups - that know better - and have long standing cases adjudicated in our Courts that can come to the rescue of the Winnemen Wintu Tribe.

However, the present White House  - has chosen to defy us Californians - and has decided to challenge the State of California. 

This sordid issue will go to Court - and linger there for a long, long time.

Hopefully in the interim - the Stormy Daniels episode and the devious ploys of Michael Cohen - Donald Trump's fixer lawyer - brings both of them down - good riddance of bad rubbish.

It does not bother those that are " greedy " - to inundate the most " sacred sites " that the Winnemen Wintu have revered for thousands of years. 

More than 19,000  years - all carbon dated - and recorded.

During the Salmon season - especial dance rituals - honoring the Salmon - with fires lit all along the river - have left a deep impression and memories of the past - on the Elders.

The Winnemen Wintu Elders - who relate these stories - at many spiritual meetings - and I have attended many to them.

The greedy farmers from the Central Valley - want clean pristine water for their crops.

In the interim - these greedy farmers - have been wasting water from other resources - tapped into the watershed and cause ever lasting problems.

Never mind they have polluted wells, the watershed, vast areas with pesticides, fertilizers - harmful to insects, frogs, animals, and of course many human beings - many of immigrant workers - that work in the fields - where produce brings in big money to the farmers.

Paradoxically even in the year 2018 - the immigrant workers live in shacks - that the aged Senator Diane Feinstein knows about and has done nothing about these poor souls - who work hard - are treated with disdain and forced to drink water from the many near by well - that are poisoned.

The evil Diane Feinstein -
she will do anything for money -
tainted campaign funds that fill her 
campaign coffers.

Diane Feinstein wants the votes - and she will not get it.

The hag must step down and fade away - enough of her ploys and machinations. Now.

 Recently the California Democratic Central Committee - decided not to endorse - Diane Feinstein - the shameless " hag " still wants to run - for the Senate seat - if though she has not represented her constituents  - now we know why.

Hetch Hetchy Dam

We get our clean drink water -
160 miles away from San Francisco -
many their hearts in the wrong - insensitive -
clean pristine water is used to flush our toilets with glee -
such are the ways of the greedy and devious folks.

For decades the adverse impacts of damming rivers is known to all of us Environmentalists

 Even here in San Francisco - people take it for granted the Hetch Hetchy Resevoir  - from which we receive our clean drinking water.

We in San Francisco - in large measure disrespect the Native American Tribes surrounding the Hetch Hetchy Dam and the Yosemite Area.

 We steal the waters of the Native American Tribes - bring billions of gallons of clean drinking water to San Francisco - some 160 miles away - pristine clean drinking water - and flush our toilets and do not blink an eye.

No one gives a rat ass - when there is no sufficient water - no wet lands to support the migratory birds - the Pacific Flyway birds, the many species of frogs - the many native fish - where is the smelt test that those in power speak off ?

The Untied States - Bureau of Reclamation - much like the Bureau of Indian Affairs - joining them the United States - Corps of Engineers - keep adversely impacting the Native Americans.

They do that in San Francisco too - directly and indirectly -
our Bay has been reduced to 1/3 of its size. The Bay is impacted by run off - from Mercury. 

The Estuary by the Golden Gate Bridge - filled with sediments loaded with pesticides and other toxins - from industries and unchecked farmers - using excess fertilizers - and runoff into the Sacramento Rives - that ultimately lands here by the Golden Gate Bridge - on its way to the Pacific Ocean. 

This nonsense must STOP. Now. When will those who speak with a " forked tongue " - learn to respect Mother Earth ?