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Friday, April 13, 2018


Black sellouts - on the payroll of Big Developers -
pushing for homes - built on very contaminated ground -
Chernobyl !

It is a shame - when Blacks keep selling out the community - taking bribes, illegal money, using the community as a ploy - more, to better their - evil selves.

Blacks - taking bribes from Big Developers and SF City Hall - dividing the community and causing chronic divisiveness.

Malia Cohen - doing what she does best -
selling out the community - 
Willie L. Brown Jr - the former -
"thug" Mayor of San Francisco - who 
brought Lennar to our Community -
way back in 1998.

Leading the charge Malia Cohen - who never fought in the trenches - came into the community - some 9 years ago.

 Bought a condominium at Executive Park - she went under  - after paying $580,000 - and went to live with her parents - in District 9 - and from that time until now - is the paramount Black sell out - that has destroyed Bayview Hunters Point and the surrounding area.

Walton Shaman thinks he can fool all the people all the time. Those Brothers who think by backing Walton Shaman - are doing us a favor - they will be in for a big shock.

As President of the San Francisco Unified School District
Walton Shaman and nothing much to show -
tons of talk - and very little walk -
good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

As President of the SF Unified School District - Shaman Walton - during his tenure - more, as President of SF USD -  when it comes toBlack youth has nothing  much to show - but very, very, poor grades.

More Black youth - who are put in Special Education classes - promoted with nothing to show - until they reach a point - that they are functional illiterates. How can a man - say he can represent - when he cannot do his job and remedy the situation at hand.

He is the Director of Young Community Developers - in the last two year in has received over $10 million and has nothing to show. No career jobs - and many youth have reported to me about - abject corruption.

Case managers paid a lot of money - and failed our youth - some of them have died - shot and killed - and no one has bothered to investigate and remedy the situation at hand.

The above is one smelt test - and proves to those that know, better - this man is not a leader - he is a panderer.

These Brothers from MODESTO and other areas - including a crook like Dwayne Jones - and others have no shame advertising " pictorial calendars " for sale.

 Posing as salacious "studs " . This type of shit does not fly with the community - many good citizens - who still have values and strive to have character.

Barbara Ockel - a white woman -
pretending to represent people of color -
where is the standard - linked to cultural competency?
Calling Blacks - animals and goons - do you think
such nonsense would be tolerated anywhere?

The Bayview Opera House is run by a White woman - who runs the establishment behaving like a Neo-Nazi.

Every decent rule, regulation, law - even those linked with the Franchise Broad and the Internal Revenue Service have been broken.

Backing this White woman who hails from Germany - are Blacks the likes of Theo Ellington.

Some of us met Theo Ellington - who promised to handle the situation at hand - but in the minutes of the SF Bayview Opera House - that we attain - through the Freedom of Information Act.

Many of his statement are contrary to what he made to us.

We know where his allegiance - lies - right in the bosom of the white woman - who has disdain for people of color. 

Such sells out have no place in our community.

I know those that think that because they are with some crooked Blacks pastors - or belong to the NAACP - that can exercise some authority.

The people united will never - ever be defeated.

The people with their heart in the right place - know better.
The people united - will never, ever be defeated.

There are thousands ready this time - to defend their rights.

Let me tell everyone - plainly, Amos Brown and those that take their dictation from him - have NOT served the best interests - of the Bayview Hunters Point - nor any other part of San Francisco.

The Brothers on the streets are angry - and we know that we cannot play those that have their heart in the right place - saying one thing and doing another -behind the scene.

More those that are "snitches " - the POPOS use you like a used rag - many times over - as a filthy " dirty rag " and discard you - when they feel like it.

Those Brothers and Sisters who have their heart in the right place -  know what is happening - at ground zero. 

They know who is supporting them - Black Brothers and Sister and Polynesian Brothers and Sisters - Latino Sisters and Brothers - Native American Sisters and Brothers - Asian Brothers and Sisters - Black Sisters and Brothers -  those that are decent - work with me - and have for 40 years.

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior -
the Muwekma Ohlone - First People of San Francisco -
lived here in San Francisco for over 19,000 years -
yes nineteen thousands years - all carbon dated -
the recent strangers - turned what was pristine -
into a cesspool - and still have the audacity to
talk from both sides of their dirty mouth.

I also represent the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone. 

Those sell outs that think they can cheat us - hoodwink us in broad daylight - are just hallucinating - may be on something.

When we went before the SF Sunshine Task Force - we followed the process - and proved to the SF Sunshine Task Force - that we still have Black Sisters and Brothers who can take on the authorities - and win.

The adjudication pass 9-0 in our favor. A victory for the community at large - the details are astonishing - of the $5.3 million - given the SF Bayview Opera House - only $2.1 can be accounted for - where is the rest of the money?

Those who garner their evil power - to gentrify - and cause our decent, hardworking, tax paying, tax payers - adverse impacts - more impacting thousands - have BLOOD on their hands.

Our youth and young adults -
have stood with us all this time -
we must respect them and their wishes.

I have kept silent - watching the corruption going on in the Bayview Hunters Point - Little Hollywood, Visitation Valley, Potrero Hill. So many hurt, many slowly died - sleeping in tents - crashing under bridges, under bushes - treated with disdain - no one worth the salt help them.

We reached out and help some - but we could not thousands of others - they have left us - never, ever to return to San Francisco again.

A few evil mostly Black sell outs - paid by those in authority - to divide the community -  move people out of the community - mostly people of color - and look the other way.

Karma will get them - good. Here on this Earth.

Shaman Walton, Theo Ellington, others like them - have no clue about our neighborhoods.

They say they are from here - but I have NOT seen them in the trenches - and those that work with me - too do not know them first hand. 

More those that have worked with me for over 40 and 30 years - agree with me.

Anyone can provide some fake address and say they are from the community - we need people who serve the community - actions - not fake addresses and some vague statements that they are from the community.

The youth and young adults from our community  - that matter - will NOT sit down and take all this nonsense going on.

 Making some fake documentaries on violence - and leaving out Latinos, Polynesians, and others that matter - out of the documentary.

More with money provided by the 49ers and others - who have NO clue - what is happening in our community.

These idiots have not participated in the many meaningful meeting on de-escalation, implicit bias - attended the community meeting with Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS).

Never seen them at the SF Police Commission, the SF Planning Commission meeting, Land Use, other committee meetings at City Hall - all these many years

San Francisco's City Hall -
the steps leading to the many dens 
wheeling and dealing in broad daylight.

Never seen them discussing pertinent matters in front of the community and the Chief of Police - I have know personally the last 12 SF Chief of Police.

These politicians have no clue - absolutely no sense of values - they have no empathy, less compassion - they look you in the eye and lie.

When it comes to the Superfund Site and contamination - they are not to be seen.When it comes to the poor health and education imparted to our infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors - those with compromised health they are not to be seen.

We now have  a measly 17 beds for sub-acute care patients - did you see Walton Shaman, Theo Ellington, others who say they want to represent - stand tall and represent. No.

Right now in District 10 - Quality of Life issues are going down the drain - down the drain - into a cesspool created by crooks, people on some pay roll - behest money, illegal money - please do not harm the poor, the indigent, those that need help - with your fucking lies and misdeeds.

Right now these crooks some dressed in suits - are representing " evil ". 

Do  you think they will represent the poor, the indigent, infants, children, youth, young adults, our dear elders, those with compromised health - never, ever.

The Warriors have NOT help our community - not with programs and support that covers a large segment of the population - that needs help most.

Lennar Urban aka 5 Point Holdings LLP - has destroyed our community -  they have not paid our Community Benefits since 2013.

Chosen to given some millions to some in the community - who are buying buildings - the community at large kept in the dark.

The fact is in 2004 we took the evil deeds of Lennar Urban before the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - who fined Lennar Urban $515,000 - that Lennar Urban paid. 

This singular fact and point of action - should be tied with all those that were in the trenches and made this possible.

We know who stood by the people - and who did not.

In later years - some - even  those that stood by us - sold out - that does not faze us at all.

 We few move forward with God has our steadfast core power - to deal with whatever comes in our path - hope, tenacity and fortitude - we will serve the community to the best of our ability.

The recent revelations about how Tetra Tech wasted Millions and before that International Technologies - and others too in smaller and larger proportions - totaling over $1 Billion.

The above pretended to do the abatement or clean up of the many contaminated parcels on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and failed - miserably. 

Dr. Espanola and Francisco Da Costa -
we have fought the good fight -
never seen the sell outs in the trenches -
now looking for stale, bread crumbs - selling out the community.

Lennar has christened the area and calls it The San Francisco Shipyard. 

No one can go to the near by beaches - signs clearly state - stay away from the beach area - these areas are very contaminated - more, with high readings of radioactive elements.

Depleted Uranium was tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - even now when the soil is tested - we get high readings beyond acceptable readings  - cesium, plutonium, high level readings of mercury, lead, asbestos - and the list goes on and on.

Wake up community and do not go with the flow. Do your homework. Be educated on issues. Sharpen your moral compass. Have your heart in the right place - do not have much to do with the weasels - selling out the community - mostly House Negros. Aho.